Dr. Tuncay Kaner

Neurologist in Turkey

About Dr. Tuncay Kaner

Dr. Tuncay Kaner has 30 years of experience in Neurological field. Hisarea of interest are:

Spine surgery
Scoliosis kyphosis
Lumbar neck hernia
Canal stenosis in the spine
Waist slip
Spinal fractures
Spinal tumors
Spinal cord tumors

He is a professional membership of below Associations:

  • Scoliosis Research Society (SRS)
  • Turkish Neurosurgery
  • Turkish Neurosurgery Association
  • Surgical Neuroanatomy group
  • International society for Minimal Intervention in Spinal Surgery
  • Teaching and Training Group
  • Turkish Spine Association
  • AO Spine
  • Turkish Neurosurgery Society
  •  Spinal and Peripheral Nerve Surgery Turkish Neurosurgery Association

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Dr. Tuncay Kaner’s  Details

Dr. Tuncay Kaner’s Speciality  Neurology
Dr. Tuncay Kaner’s Address Altınbaş Üniversitesi Medical Park Bahçelivler Hastanesi Bahçelievler Mahallesi, Kültür Sok, E5 No:1 D:34180, 34000 İstanbul, Turkey
Dr. Tuncay Kaner’s Experience 30 years
Consultation Fees 80 – 100 USD
Dr. Tuncay Kaner’s working hour 11 AM- 6PM
Does Dr. Tuncay Kaner’s provide online consultancy Yes

Dr. Tuncay Kaner Reviews

Dr. Tuncay Kaner has received optimistic reviews from the patient. He is calm, polite, and carefully listens to the patient’s problems. Dr. Tuncay Kaner provides knowledge to the patient of the health problem she/he is suffering.

He determines the patient health issue before proceeding with any medical procedure. He informs them all pros and cons of the medical procedure. And also if the patient has undergone surgery, he will inform all the post-operative care info.

What is Dr. Tuncay Kaner’s consulting hour?

Before seeing the doctor, take a prior appointment, and contact him or his attendant for the booking appointment. Dr. Tuncay Kaner   11 am – 8 pm. He is not available on Sunday, so call the doctor/attendant and make an appointment if any exigency occurs.

How does Dr. Tuncay Kaner treat his patient?

Dr. Tuncay Kaner always asks the patient to take a prior appointment, if an emergency calls the doctor.

Firstly, He checks the patient and suggests, to follows a 15-30 days course of medicine. If the recommended medicine is responding well then, He will ask the patient to continue the medicine for a couple of weeks or so.

If no improvement is seen He will suggest the patient follow the next course of action. He may suggest undergoing a couple of tests like MRI, urine test, blood test, etc.

How to Book an Appointment with Dr. Tuncay Kaner?

Before seeing the doctor take an Appointment by contacting the doctor or with the attendant.

You can also contact us to book an appointment.

Is online Consultation being available with Dr. Tuncay Kaner?

Yes, online consultation is available but before that, the patient has to provide his previous medical certificate if any, pay consultation fees, and the doctor’s attendant will book the appointment.

How to take Dr. Tuncay Kaner’s online Appointment?

Nowadays due to COVID19, the online facility is available. Also, it becomes easy for the patient far from the doctor’s center.

Moreover, it is helpful for the patient who needs post-operative care. Dr. Tuncay Kaner provides online consultancy over a video call.

You can also opt for online consultancy with a prior appointment. Book an online appointment with Dr. Tuncay Kaner here.


  • In 1996 Dr. Tuncay Kaner studied at Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital, Neurosurgery Clinic, Neurosurgery Specialization Training, İstanbul.
  • In 1988 he further completed his medical studies at Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty, Medical Education, İstanbul.

Dr. Tuncay Kaner provides Treatment

Acoustic Neuroma
Arteriovenous Malformation
Brain Abscess
Brain Cancers
Brain Cancers- Astrocytoma
Brain Infection
Brain Tumor
Brain Tumor – Glioblastoma
Bulging and tense fontanelle or soft spot
Cerebral Edema
Chronic Depression
Congenital Spine Disorders
Csf Obstruction
Disc Bulge
Disc Degeneration
Disc Dessication
Disc Disease
Disc Herniation
Disc Pain
Downward deviation of eyes or sunset sign
Fractured Vertebra
Headaches, which may be severe and worsen with activity or in the early morning
Herniated Disc
High Intracranial Pressure
Huntington’s Disease
In case your body shows any of the below-given symptoms, go and  heck with a neurosurgeon who will help diagnose the underlying conditions. Some conditions may be mild while others may require immediate attention. Proper diagnosis on time can prevent serious conditions.
Inability to maintain normal posture due to stiffness and/or pain
Memory problems
Mixed Gliomas
Moderate to severe pain in lower back, buttock and down your leg
Multiple Sclerosis
Muscle spasms either with activity or at rest
Nausea or vomiting
Numbness or weakness in your lower back, buttock, leg or feet
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Paget’S Disease
Pain that worsens with movement; loss of movement
Parkinson’s Disease
Pinched Nerve
Pins and needles feeling in your legs, toes or feet
Pituitary Adenoma
Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors
Prominent scalp veins
Rapidly increasing head circumference
restricting range of motion
Signs and symptoms treated by Dr. Tuncay Kaner
Sleep problems
Slip Disc
Spinal Arthritis
Spinal Stenosis
Spinal Tumor
Stiffness in the low back area
Tourette’s Syndrome
Traumatic Head Injury
Unusually large head size
Vertebral Compression Fractures
Vertebral Hemangioma
Vertebral Osteoporosis
Vertebral Tumors

Work Experience

  • From 2008 – 2009 Dr. Tuncay Kaner started his Fellowship in the American Hospital Spine Program in Neurosurgery Department, İstanbul, from Turkey.
  • From 2010 – 2011 he started Visiting Spine Surgeon and Research Fellow, UCLA School of Medicine, Comprehensive Spine Center, Los Angeles, California, in USA.
  • From 2014 he also worked as a Associate Professor in University of Virginia Deparment of Neurosurgery, Spine and Deformity Center, Charlottesville, Virginia , USA

FAQs related to Dr. Tuncay Kaner 

Q. What is the specialty of Dr. Tuncay Kaner?

A. Dr. Tuncay Kaner’s specialty is Neurosurgeon.

Q. What is the overall experience of Dr. Tuncay Kaner?

A. Dr. Tuncay Kaner’s overall experience is 30 years as a Neurosurgeon.

Q. Where does Dr. Tuncay Kaner practice?

A. Tuncay Kaner practices at Medical Park Bahcelievler Hospital , Istanbul, Turkey.

Q. Which tests/ investigations are generally required by the neurosurgeon?

A. The tests include the Blood test, urine test, imaging tests such as an x-ray or MRI, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) test, Biopsy, electroencephalography (EEG), and electromyography (EMG)

Dr. Tuncay Kaner

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