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Bone Marrow Transplant in Turkey

Turkey has become an undisputed center of medical treatment in the Middle East. Similarly, bone marrow transplants, and bone marrow donation, are successfully operating for worldwide patients. You can find the best bone marrow transplant cost in Turkey.

Bone marrow is a softcore part of the bone, especially the human body’s feet, abdomen, and other bones. Bone marrow is also referred to as stem cells transplant.

Bone marrow is essential for red blood cells (which provide oxygen and nutrients in the body), platelets (help in clot formation), and white blood cells (that help to fight infection). Find bone marrow transplant in Istanbul.

Types of Bone Marrow or Stem Cell Transplants

When disease, radiation, or chemotherapy has damaged bone marrow, stem cells are added. Based on where the stem cells are taken from, the transplant process may be called:

  • Bone marrow transplant (BMT)
  • Cord blood transplant
  • Peripheral blood stem cell transplant

These transplant procedures are also called hematopoietic stem cell transplants.

There are two major types of transplants:


Auto refers to self. An autologous stem cell transplant can be a treatment option for creating sufficient healthy bone marrow cells. Those cells can be taken, frozen, and stored for future use.

During the autologous bone marrow transplant, the healthy blood stem cells from a person’s body are taken and added to the damaged part of the same person’s body part. Contact us for the best autologous bone marrow transplant cost in Turkey.


Allo means otherAllogeneic cell transplantation takes the stem cells from a donor and adds them to the patient’s body. Bone marrow donors can be friends, family, or strangers in unmatched conditions.

Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in Turkey

The bone marrow transplant cost in Turkey depends on individual requirements.

Primary Types of Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in Turkey

Autologous transplant costs start from $US 70,000.

Allogeneic transplant cost ranges from $US 40,000 to $US 45,000. 

Bone Marrow Transplant in Turkey Average Cost in USD Average Cost in Turkish Lira
Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant $34,600 ₺6,92,000
Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant $48,000 ₺9,60,000
Umbilical cord Blood Transplant $44,000 ₺8,80,000
Full Match Allogenic BMT $45,400 ₺9,08,000
Half Match Allogenic BMT $65,200 ₺13,04,000

Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant: This transplant uses the patient’s healthy bone marrow to replace damaged bone marrow. The autologous bone marrow transplant average cost $34,600 in Turkey.

Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant: This transplant uses the donor’s healthy bone marrow to replace the diseased bone marrow of a patient. The allogeneic bone marrow transplant average cost $48,000 in Turkey.

Umbilical cord Blood Transplant: In this transplant, the physician uses umbilical cord blood cells, which are collected after the baby’s birth, frozen, and stored. The umbilical cord blood transplant average cost $44,000 in Turkey.

Full Match Allogenic BMT: A 100% bone marrow match from family members like a brother, sister, and other relatives. The Full Match Allogenic BMT average cost $45,400 in Turkey.

Half Match Allogenic BMT: Leukemias are a type of cancer that occurs in cells that grow in different blood cells like white and red. There are many leukemia types, slow growing and fast-growing, whether it begins in the lymphoid or myeloid. The Half Match Allogenic BMT average cost $65,200 in Turkey.

Acute myeloid leukemia starts in the bone marrow but fast moves into the blood. It can spread to different parts of the liver, lymph nodes, central nervous system, lymph nodes, and testicles. 

Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in Turkey for Different Diseases

Bone Marrow Transplant in Turkey Average Cost in USD (Full Match) Average Cost in USD (Half Match)
Acute Myeloid Leukemia – AML $47,040 $63,504
Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia – ALL $47,680 $64,368
Leukemia $48,640 $65,664
Sickle Cell Anemia $48,960 $66,096
Thalassemia $47,200 $63,720
Multiple Myeloma $47,520 $64,152
Paediatric Neuroblastomas $47,520 $64,152
Pediatric Immunodeficiencies $48,160 $65,016
Cancer Cells Solid $48,480 $65,448
Autoimmune diseases $47,120 $63,612
Amyloidosis $47,200 $63,720
Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma $47,440 $64,044


Acute Myeloid Leukemia – AML is a cancer of bone marrow or blood.

It is a cancer of bone marrow and blood that occur inside the bone tissues where blood cells are produced.

Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia – ALL: It is a cancer of bone marrow and blood that occur inside the bone tissues where blood cells are produced.

Leukemia is cancer in blood-creating tissues, including the lymphatic system and bone marrow.

Sickle Cell Anemia is a set of genetic disorders called sickle cell ailment, which affects red blood cells that take oxygen to the body.

Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder that occurs when the body does not create enough protein named hemoglobin.

Multiple Myeloma is a cancer that creates a white blood cell called a plasma cell.

Paediatric Neuroblastomas: A type of pediatric cancer that grows in the nervous system of young children and babies.

Pediatrics Immunodeficiencies: A group of genetic conditions impacting the immune system.

Cancer Cells Solid: It is an abnormal tissue or mass that does not have liquid or cysts, which become cancerous and leads to lymphomas, sarcomas, and carcinomas.

Autoimmune diseases: In this condition, the immune system attacks organs, body parts, and bone marrow.

Amyloidosis is a rare disease that happens when amyloid (abnormal protein) grows in the organ and affects normal functions.

Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a kind of cancer that starts in the lymphatic system, an infection that fights the immune system.

These conditions are related to bone marrow and can cure with bone marrow transplants. Contact us for bone marrow transplant cost in Turkey.

Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in Turkey for Different Cities

Here is the bone marrow surgery cost in different cities of Turkey.

City Minimum Cost Maximum Cost
Istanbul USD 25,150 USD 32,310
Antalya USD 26,700 USD 30,030
Kocaeli USD 25,420 USD 31,200
Ankara USD 25,460 USD 30,310
Konya USD 25150 USD 31170
Bursa USD 27,010 USD 31,230
Trabzon USD 25,080 USD 30,940
Samsun USD 25,440 USD 30,290

Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in Turkey: Cost Comparison

As mentioned above, the bone marrow transplant cost starts from USD 25150; the costs in other countries differ because of their infrastructure facility and the technology they apply.

In the UK, bone marrow transplants cost around £15,000. The donors do not ask for any payment, but the operation of donating bone marrow itself is costly, nearly £10,000 each. This process includes the donor’s travel charges to the hospital, accommodation expenses, insurance, and medical fees. Regarding the USA, the bone marrow transplant cost is $193,000 because it is one of the most expensive treatments related to cancer diseases.

Average Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Cost in Different Countries

India $15,000
Turkey $50,000
Spain $99,000
The US $35,0000

Bone Marrow Transplant Hospitals in Turkey

  • Medicana Camlica Hospital Istanbul, Turkey
  • Hisar Intercontinental Hospital Istanbul, Turkey
  • Medicana Bahcelievler Hospital Istanbul, Turkey
  • Medicana Bursa Hospital Bursa, Turkey
  • Guven Hospital Ankara, Turkey
  • Anadolu Medical Center Kocaeli, Turkey
  • A.U VM Medical Park Florya Hospital Istanbul, Turkey
  • Medical Park Bahcelievler Hospital Istanbul, Turkey
  • Medicana International Samsun Hospital Samsun, Turkey
  • Acibadem Altunizade Hospital Istanbul, Turkey

Bone Marrow Transplant Reviews in Turkey 

  • Excellent and clean hospitals.
  • Organized services worth treatment cost
  • Professional and skilled staff available
  • Doctors are highly professional
  • Nurses are attentive and caring
  • Good paediatric doctors are available
  • Hospital inquiries and admission took quickly and efficiently
  • Successful surgeries for bone marrow

Negative Reviews

  • Low quality and high price mentioned some people about Medipol hospital
  • Need to wait for months to get appointments
  • The hospital is very crowded

Please consult us for the best hospital appointment and Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in Turkey.

Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in Turkey: Insurance Coverage

Turkey provides healthcare through Universal Health Insurance. Therefore, it’s essential to check with the hospital you choose for marrow transplant whether they offer Insurance coverage, bill payments, and other expenses.

Typically, patients with health insurance consist of lab tests, doctor visits, prescription medication co-pays, coinsurance of 10% to 50% for surgery, and other procedure expenses, which can easily reach the yearly out-of-pocket cost.

The bone marrow transplant cost can be expensive medical surgery. The cost of marrow transplant will depend on:

  • the transplant center you select
  • the type of transplant plant a patient needs
  • time of hospital stay
  • complication after surgery expenses.

It is essential to plan how you cover routine and medical expenses during treatment.

Will Insurance Cover Bone Marrow Transplant Costs?

Before your marrow transplant, the transplant center will approach your health insurance to provide a pre-approval request for the bone marrow transplant cost.

You will have the chance to appeal again if the insurance provider denies the coverage.

Many insurance companies need their members to select from a list of pre-approved transplant centers, which may not have the one you prefer.

Bone Marrow Transplant In Turkey Without Insurance

If a person does not have insurance, you may be eligible for a government-sponsored insurance plan. In addition, you can check what options are available in your country and other country’ treatment coverage.

Contact us for bone marrow transplant costs in Turkey and insurance information.

Bone Marrow Transplant in Turkey: Success Rate 

Turkey has reached up to 96% Success Rate for bone marrow transplants because the procedure cost is 50% lower than in other countries. The cost of living and basic needs is also lower than in other countries.

Turkey has successfully done 2630 children’s and 726 adults bone marrow transplants. The number of bone marrow transplants overgrowing each year.

However, according to our research, transplant success depends on the tissue matching between patient and donor. Age and health types also contribute to the success of bone marrow transplants. The success rate of transplants in young people has increased as they can recover more than aged people.

Find out more, have a video consultation for bone marrow transplant cost in Turkey.

Why Choose Bone Marrow Transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is getting famous for bone marrow transplant cost choices. Doing a bone marrow transplant treat the disease, and the patient can continue with everyday life activities after recovery.

Presently Turkey is a valuable medical tourist location worldwide because of top-quality treatments in Istanbul, Izmir, and Antalya. Contact us for bone marrow transplant surgery cost.

Here are some important factors contributing to successful and feasible medical treatment in Turkey.

High-Quality Medical Treatments

  • Turkey provides universal health treatments under the Univeral Health Insurance system.
  • Hospitals in Turkey provide treatments for international patients.
  • There is the best availability of help desk for international patients, currency exchange information, and language speaking help.
  • Also, the Turkish Health Ministry keeps on upgrading the licensing, cleanliness levels, and other factors. Therefore, please consult us for bone marrow treatment cost.

Experienced Bone Marrow Transplant Surgeon:

  • Regarding medical experts, Istanbul and Antalya have well-qualified and highly experienced surgeons who play a significant role in bone marrow transplant success in Turkey.
  • The doctors and surgeons use the latest technologies from the medical world.
  • All doctors have the best qualification, fellowships from prestigious medical institutions, and certifications.

Hospitals & Clinics in Turkey:

  • Turkey has the best hospitals that collaborate with abroad hospitals.
  • All hospitals are well equipped and use advanced technologies
  • Turkey provides tailored treatments according to patients’ need

Visa Process

  • Getting a visa in Turkey for treatment is easy and simple
  • A patient must have a valid passport for travel

The terms and conditions may differ based on the country’s origin

Bone Marrow Transplant Procedure in Turkey 

A patient must follow proper rules and care for bone marrow transplant surgery. Find out more, have a video consultation on bone marrow donor procedure, bone marrow surgery, bone marrow donation surgery, stem cell transplant surgery, and bone marrow transplant cost in Turkey.

When A Person Needs A Bone Marrow Transplant?

A bone marrow transplant is suggested when a person’s marrow is not healthy and not functioning correctly. It could be because of disease, chronic infections, or cancer treatments. Here are some reasons that require a bone marrow transplant:

  • Aplastic Anemia – in this condition marrow stops creating new blood cells
  • Cancers that impact the marrow, such as lymphoma, leukemia, and multiple myeloma
  • Damaged Bone Marrow because of chemotherapy
  • Congenital Neutropenia, this condition is hereditary and leads to recurring infection
  • Sickle Cell Anemia – is a hereditary blood disorder that causes deformed red blood cells
  • Thalassemia – is another genetic blood disorder where the body creates abnormal hemoglobin 

Bone Marrow Transplant Preparation

Your physician will decide if the transplant works for you.

A patient will get tests to check blood, heart, liver, lungs, and other organ’s status.

If the transplant is a suitable option, they will talk to the patient about the type of procedure needed to follow.

Autologous Cell Collection for Bone Marrow Transplant

  • The doctor takes stem cells from the marrow of the hip bone by using a long needle. It is done in the operating room by giving general anesthesia, and the patient will not feel anything.
  • This procedure takes one to two hours, and the patient can go home the same day or the next morning.
  • The patient might feel weak and sore for some days.
  • They may use apheresis to take cells directly from the blood.
  • The patient needs to get a drug named filgrastim, which induces your bone marrow to make and discharge stem cells for some days.
  • The medical team will take blood from the arm vein and check in the machine where the stem cells are separated. Then, the other cells go back into the bloodstream.

Contact us for bone marrow transplant donors and bone marrow transplant cost in Turkey.

Allogeneic Cell Collection for Bone Marrow Transplant

  • Here the doctor will check the donor’s bone marrow with the patient.
  • They will check white blood cells protein called a human leukocyte antigen.
  • The donor has to go through a procedure to collect stem cells.

Contact us for a bone marrow donor procedure, allogeneic stem cell transplantation, or become a bone marrow donor.

Bone Marrow Transplant Procedure

The bone marrow transplant begins with a conditioning process with radiation or chemotherapy for ten days.

This bone marrow transplant process can differ depending on the patient’s needs. Contact us for bone marrow donor procedure.

Conditioning creates space for new cells to develop in the bone marrow. It also weakens the immune system to stop the body from fighting against new cells.

Conditioning process side effects may include:

  • Trouble eating
  • Mouth sores
  • Hair loss
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Premature menopause
  • Fertility problems
  • Lung or breathing problems

After some days of rest, the patients will get new blood stem cells from the central venous catheter. You will possibly remain awake for this, but it should not hurt.

Once the new cells enter the marrow, they will develop into white and red cells and platelets. This method is called engraftment and can take 2-4 weeks.

Bone Marrow Transplant Recovery 

  • Every patient takes a different time to recover after a bone marrow transplant. Contact us for bone marrow treatment, and hematopoietic cell transplantation.
  • A patient needs to spend several weeks in hospital.
  • The patient’s immune system will weaken, so medicine must stop infections.
  • A patient may also need blood transfusions.
  • The physician will often test blood for the initial weeks to inspect for engraftment. They might also take a few samples of bone marrow for this test.
  • A patient can get discharged after completing all criteria, including particular blood cell counts, and you should not have a fever.
  • The patient needs a family member to care for them because recovery may take longer than one year.
  • The patient also needs several doctor visits to prevent infections and diseases because the immune system often attacks new cells.
  • A patient will need a dietitian’s help to remain healthy.
  • Limit sodium, avoid alcohol, and take multivitamins and supplements.
  • Follow healthy diet
  • Avoid smoking
  • Keep home clean

Contact us for the best bone marrow transplant for leukemia.

Bone Marrow Transplant Pros and Cons


  • A successful transplant help patient to become cancer free or delay the cureless cancer progression.
  • Improve health
  • Increase bone strength


  • Bone pain
  • Tingling or dizziness
  • Chemotherapy sides effects include fatigue, pain, and nausea
  • Illness and infection
  • Lung problems, including pneumonia and inflammation

Bone Marrow Transplant Failed, What Next?

Generally, less than 5% of bone marrow transplants fail. If a bone marrow transplant fails, the patient may need a second transplant with the same donor or a new donor because the stem cells need to replace again. Contact us for bone marrow transplant cost in Turkey

Risks and Complications after Bone Marrow Transplants

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Skin rash
  • Low blood cell counts
  • Fertility problems
  • Diarrhea
  • Liver or kidney problems
  • Cataracts
  • leg cramps or Muscle spasms
  • Arms or legs Numbness
  • Painful inflammation in the digestive tract or mouth
  • Organ damage
  • Trouble breathing
  • Blisters or Rashes


According to my research, Turkey is the best and most affordable option for bone marrow transplants. Many types of treatments are available for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, allogeneic bone marrow transplant, autologous bone marrow transplant, and leukemia stem cell transplant. Turkey provides the best surgeons and the latest technologies to succeed in every transplant and give patients new life. Make sure to follow all the above guidelines and live a healthy life.

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