Gastric Balloon Surgery in Turkey

The main reason for high tourist value in Turkey – e.g. location, climate, culture, history, various luxury holidays – as well as the low prices for surgery and medical care overseas. Medical tourism has been expanding in Turkey in recent years. Many folks do not wonder that Turkey is their place of treatment. Turkey’s weight loss surgery is the preferred field picked by patients. With regard to non-surgical weight loss techniques, the gastric ball (called stomach or orber ball) is on the front. Turkish gastric balloon operation is a very effective, non-invasive and safe operation that allows for a quick reduction in weight.

Gastric balloon costs in Turkey are extremely low, so it is a great choice for those who are not able to buy gastric balloons in their nation or the waiting list of the NHS is too long. Gastric balloons are chosen by thousands every year in Turkey and the fascinating fact is that not only the cheaper price of a nation but also the quality of treatments and reputation of physicians are the reason for the choice of a foreign country.

Gastric Balloon cost in Turkey

Gastric Balloon cost in Turkey Average Cost (USD)
Gastric Balloon Surgery 2,800 USD

Average Gastric Balloon Surgery price in Turkey is 2,800 USD.

Why Gastric Balloon Surgery in Turkey?

  • JCI-Certified Hospitals.
  • Highly qualified surgeon.
  • Globally renowned hospitals.
  • World’s best results are obtained here.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Latest technologies used.
  • High Success rate.

Gastric balloon operation in Turkey is one of the most popular procedures for weight loss operations. This bariatric procedure is a popular treatment since it is one of the least intrusive. The gastric balloon is administered endoscopically instead of having to operate and having actual surgery. The gastric balloon procedure in Turkish is just the same as in the UK and elsewhere. The quality of the items is unchanged, as all of them are highly regulated medical standards. In particular in the field of medical tourism, Turkey has very stringent regulations on medical procedures.

Another big thing is that Turkey has some of the greatest surgeons for weight loss. Sometimes they are the world’s most experienced and skilled people who set standards for bariatric surgeries worldwide. A large element of the operation is the stomach balloon procedure and thousands of people travel to Turkey every year for weight loss. Patients who want to lose weight to improve their health and well-being are becoming increasingly popular.


How much does Gastric Balloon Cost in Turkey

Gastric Balloon Surgery Area cost in Turkey Average Cost (US Dollars)
Ankara 2,750
Istanbul 2,800
Antalya 2,850
Izmir 2,700

Average Gastric Balloon Surgery Area Cost is 2,800 USD.

Average Gastric Balloon Surgery Cost in Ankara is 2,750 USD.
Average Gastric Balloon Surgery Cost in Istanbul is 2,800 USD.
Average Gastric Balloon Surgery Cost in Antalya is 2,850 USD.
Average Gastric Balloon Surgery Cost in Izmir is 2,700 USD.

Gastric Balloon Reviews In Turkey

In Turkey, bariatric surgeons are sufficiently experienced to conduct several bariatric operations like as gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, gastric balloon, etc. The finest aspect is weight loss plans offered by clinics in Turkey to help patients keep weight healthy.

In Turkey, bariatric surgery costs 70% lower than in other western countries. In some ways, monitoring of long-term care services is advisable.

Gastric Balloon Surgery in Istanbul

Many people prefer to have Gastric Balloon Surgery in Istanbul because of the following reasons:

  • International flight availability
  • There are numerous Gastric Balloon Surgeons in Istanbul.
  • The cost of Gastric Balloon Surgery in Istanbul is reasonable.
  • In Istanbul, the success rate of Gastric Balloon Surgery are high.

Cost of Gastric Balloon Surgery in Istanbul

Average cost for Gastric Balloon Surgery in Istanbul is 2,800 USD.

What to expect on the day of Gastric Balloon surgery in Turkey?

When you are anesthetized, a soft balloon (about the size of the pulp) is inserted via your mouth with an endoscope by the allocated weight loss specialist. The ball is then filled with saline that allows you to manage your portion sizes. Once filled up, a ball is left in the stomach and the tube is removed softly. 

After 6 months to a year, the balloon is withdrawn as it was inserted using an endoscopy, depending on the specific needs of each patient. Our weight reduction professionals in Turkey will advise you in keeping your nutrition and activity healthy. It’s important to build the weight loss programme to help you conquer the challenge of obtaining your target weight.

Is Gastric Balloon surgery safe in Turkey?

Yes. Turkey has no local or foreign problems and is an extremely safe country. It is common knowledge that a few years ago riots and attacks took place in Turkey and that is why nowadays, on the streets and airports, tourist attractions, galleries, shopping centres and hotels, there is a heavy security presence in Turkey. Turkey was never as safe and safe as it is today. In the preservation of order, both the police and the military are involved. Of course, patients always have to take good care of themselves and their employees, avoid harmful or questionable sites and check the official declarations of a specific country while staying abroad.

Gastric Balloon Surgery recovery time in Turkey

Pain, nausea and vomiting may occur in the first few days after the implantation of the gastric balloon. However, most of your routine tasks, including working the next day, you should be able to go back to (if your job is not physically demanding). Ensure your recuperation schedule is discussed with your doctor.

What should you know before Gastric Balloon surgery in Turkey?

In general, people have already taken the brave decision to have weight loss operation and especially bariatric surgery before patients see that they have a gastric balloon. This approach is vital because the patient has to be prepared to make the necessary changes to achieve the results. These adjustments could be necessary because of health reasons, such as stroke risk and heart attack risk, diabetes and other nutritional conditions. All dangers associated with obesity or being overweight affect the welfare of patients enormously. The problems of wellness are frequently both physical and mental.

We can feel unhappy or depressed for a lot of time due to overweight or fat psychological reasons, like there is no way out or a lost cause. This is why a patient’s biggest initial step is to accept this shift.

Gastric Balloon surgery procedure details in Turkey

You will receive moderate anesthesia and sedative for relaxation while inserting the gastric globes.

Your doctor will put into your neck and stomach a thin tube (catheter) loaded by a silicone ball. Next, your physician will bring your neck and stomach into an endoscope. A thin, flexible tube is an endoscope with a camera and an atmosphere of light. Your physician can obtain a clear image of the inside of your belly, without your abdomen being opened medically. Once you get to your stomach the endoscope and balloon, the balloon is filled with the catheter attached to the ball with sterile saline. The ball is filled until it is too big to cross the bowel.

When the balloon is effectively installed and filled with saline, the ability of your stomach is 700 ml lower.

What after Gastric Balloon Surgery?

The patient may experience symptoms after the gastric balloon treatment, patients should be ready for this.

While some patients’ concerns will disappear within 2-3 days of the gastric balloon operation, the complaints of some individuals may continue up to 10 days.

The structure of the person is effective in this case and patients can be released the same day following the term in the hospital. The more quickly patients adjust, the better.

The body of the patient must lose the ball. This, however, reduces symptoms and allows the patient to return to normal everyday life.

Gastric Balloon surgery Advantages in Turkey

The placement of stomach balloons is minimally invasive, non-operative and ambulatory, and these are also the key advantages.

Long-term loss of weight can arise as soon as a patient is eating healthily. Long-term decrease of weight can improve existing conditions of health, like diabetes connected with obesity, hypertension and sleep apnea.

Do I need a Medical visa for Gastric Balloon surgery in Turkey?

Yes, a Medical Tourist Visa is required for Gastric Balloon surgery in Turkey. Medical visas must be sought for under the category of Non-Immigrant visas. With a valid tourist visa, you can enter the country and obtain medical treatment. Other than Americans, foreign visitors must apply for a tourist or business visa prior to entering the nation. The Consulate of Turkey can be reached by phone or email.

Gastric Balloon Surgery Insurance in Turkey

Gastric Balloon is a very common procedure performed across multiple hospitals or clinics in Turkey. However Gastric Balloon Insurance coverage depends on Insurance policy you have taken. Contact here for Kidney Transplant coverage details in Turkey.

Who is the right candidate for Gastric Balloon Surgery in Turkey?

Intragastric balloon is a weight loss adjunctive procedure. The intragastric balloon placing is eligible for overweight adults with an Index of Body Mass over 25 kg/m2, who have a history of poor attempts at weight loss with diet and workouts and who have lost their motivation for diet or do not favour surgical procedures. Furthermore, this technique can be useful, especially for those who are seen as being too heavy to have significant operations. Using the ball to lose weight before major operation can help reduce overweight surgical risks.

Is Gastric Balloon Surgery results permanent?

A gastric ball is intended to lessen hunger and to increase the impression of stomach fullness. A permanent weight loss technique is not regarded as the intragastric balloon system. The cost of Gastric Balloon in Istanbul, Turkey in comparison with other nations, is very reasonable. This is why Istanbul is preferred by many people for their bariatric procedure.

Best Gastric Balloon Surgeons in Turkey

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FAQs on Gastric Balloon Surgery in Turkey

Who is the Best Gastric Balloon Surgeon in Turkey?

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What is Gastric Balloon cost in Turkey?

Gastric Balloon cost in Turkey depends on multiple factors. Contact here for actual Gastric Balloon price in Turkey.

Which is the best Gastric Balloon Hospital in Turkey?

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Can I get Gastric Balloon feedback and Reviews from past patients?

Yes. Find Gastric Balloon reviews in Turkey here.

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