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Gastric Band Surgery in Turkey

Gastric band surgery is also called ad LAP band surgery. It is a sub-category surgery of Bariatric surgery. Keep reading to find Gastric Band Surgery Cost in Turkey, weight loss band surgery cost, band surgery cost, gastric band private cost,

This surgery uses an adjustable band and a reversible process, which involves placing a silicon band called the Lap-Band around the inner stomach during this surgery. The gastric band lowers the stomach capacity and narrows food passage from the stomach. As a result, it can control your eating less. Keep reading to find gastric lap band cost.

In other words, a gastric band or lap band is an implanted device by surgery to help people suffering from obesity. The Lap band surgery is approved by the FDA in 2001 and is popularly available in Turkey.

Turkey is a top country for best price Gastric band surgery. This surgery is available at a lower cost than the cost functional in the UK, USA, Germany, Canada, and Ireland. The stomach band surgery cost around 5450 USD in Turkey, which is lower than in other countries.

You can find Gastric band weight loss surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, in detail below. We will also provide reviews cost of the lap band in Turkey.

Purpose of Gastric Band

The gastric band is a weight loss method in obese patients who are not getting results from diet, medical approaches, and exercise. This method will help to remove 50% of extra weight in one year. The gastric band is considered suitable for patients who get at least 40 kg of excess weight from their weight. This surgery will compress the upper part of the stomach. This compression process helps to lower stomach volume, suppress appetite and make a patient eat less. This surgery will prevent overeating and promote weight loss.

Gastric Band Surgery Cost in Turkey

The Gastric band surgery cost estimate in Istanbul, Turkey, is $4.700.

Only some top and certified hospitals in Turkey offer Lap Gastric banding at $5000. The weight loss band surgery cost may differ in other cities like Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir.

Gastric Band Surgery in Turkey Average Cost in USD Average Cost in Turkish Lira
Istanbul $3,750 ₺75,000
Antalya $3,800 ₺76,000
Izmir $3,900 ₺78,000

Gastric Band Cost in Turkey Vs. the UK

Gastric Band Surgery Cost Comparison – Lap Band Surgery Costs 2020

Regarding Gastric band surgery Turkey price, Turkey provides the best package compared to Other Countries. Turkey provides discounted hotel accommodations and free transportation between the hospital and the airport.

Gastric Band Surgery Cost Comparison in Turkey

USA $14,500
UK 8.000£,
Turkey 4.470£.

Turkey also provides highly skilled lap band surgery doctors and advanced facilities for different procedures. Additionally, Turkey is home to a faithful abroad patient department. Cities like Antalya, Istanbul, and Izmir in Turkey has the best range of gastric lap band cost and are suitable for tourist attractions for their vibrant nightlife. A patient looking for gastric band turkey price can get a low-cost hotel for accommodation with a stay facility.

Compared to other countries like the UK, the gastric lap band surgery cost is 70% less in Turkey. It is because Turkey provides similar medical equipment and care as the UK, but the adjustable gastric band cost is considerably lower. In addition, Turkey offers different health care packages for patients considering stomach band surgery.

For example, gastric band operation costs in Turkey can be as low as 4.470£. In the UK, the average stomach band cost is around 8.000£, while the gastric band price in the UK is 6.000£

The laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding is performed by well-trained expert surgeons who are also internationally accredited.

Gastric Band Surgery Turkey Package

  • Stay at Hospital – 4 nights.
  • Private room with Bathroom, Wi-Fi, International TV facility
  • VIP shifting from Antalya airport to the Hospital
  • Before surgery, tests like PCR test, Lung x-ray, and blood count
  • Pre-operation diet and instructions
  • Medicine after surgery for a painkiller, a blood thinner, and a stomach protector
  • Protein drinks and Multivitamin supplements for one month
  • Complete diagnosis of Psychiatry, cardiology, Nutrition’s, Anesthesiology,
  • Endoscopy and Radiology

Gastric Band Surgery Hospitals in Turkey

  • Hisar Intercontinental Hospital
  • Erdem Hospital
  • Acibadem Taksim
  • Koc University Hospital
  • Istanbul Bariatric Center
  • Estetiks
  • Gastric Sleeve Clinic
  • Yeditepe University Hospital

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Gastric Band Surgery Reviews in Turkey

  • Fantastic medical team
  • Patients losing weight successfully after surgery
  • Hospitals are excellent and clean
  • Patients have not to regret choosing treatments in Turkey
  • Beginning-to-end procedures are amazing
  • After surgery, care is available
  • Patients find the surgery is life-saving

Gastric Band Surgery Insurance Coverage in Turkey

Well, you will get all insurance coverage available from your Insurance Company. However, health insurance these days covers the Gastric band surgery costs if you are eligible for it.

Generally, a patient must provide proof of all surgery and medical documents.

All bariatric surgery procedures have a waiting time of 2 to 4 years for health insurance. Therefore, if you want to claim gastric band surgery expenses, you can do so after the waiting time after the policy purchase is completed.

Exclusions for Health Insurance for Gastric Surgery

Whether the expenses come under a family health insurance plan or intense illness policy, the following are the exclusions apply for gastric band private cost:

Claims applied within 30 days of policy start are excluded

Pre-existing conditions linked claims are also not provided

aesthetic/cosmetic reasons

Medication-induced obesity, eating disorders, psychiatric problems induced obesity, and hormonal imbalance.

Find suitable Gastric Band Surgery Cost in Turkey.

Gastric Band Surgery Success Rate

The patient may get 30% to 50% of extra weight loss in the initial six months and 78% of their excess weight after 12 months of surgery.

Other research reported that patients do not weight losing 50%-60% of the extra weight till 10-14 years after surgery.

Gastric Band Turkey Death and Life Expectancy

Gastric bypass surgery is permanent, and it cannot be reversible. Patients undergoing gastric band surgery had a one-year case death rate of nearly 1% and a 6%. Lower than 1% of gastric band operation patients died within 30 days after the procedure.

Around 33% of death were reported due to sepsis, followed by pulmonary embolism (17%) and cardiac causes (28%). 

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Gastric Band Surgery Procedures

The gastric band surgery or laparoscopic adjustable gastric band is called the lap band. Let’s find out about the laparoscopic gastric banding procedure. 

Gastric Band Surgery Turkey Requirements

The gastric bypass procedure is used for severe obesity, but it is a necessary process that can cause some risks and side effects. The surgery decision is made after examining the benefit and risks for a particular patient. The obese patient requires to meet some criteria to be eligible for gastric bypass, and these conditions depend on the individual’s body mass index and medical assessments, which include:

  • A BMI of higher than 40 kg/m, whether there is obesity complication or not.
  • A body mass index of 35-40 kg/m with serious obesity complications like sleep disorders, diabetes, coronary artery disease, and high blood pressure
  • A body mass index of 30-35 kg/m cannot control blood glucose or the metabolic syndrome presence.


  • The patients will be given general anesthesia.
  • The patient gets tiny incisions 3 cm long each, and surgical instruments are added from these openings with a camera that provides excellent vision to see on screen.
  • The surgeon divides the stomach’s top part and isolates it from the remaining stomach, leaving a small pocket of around 30 ml in volume, dramatically lowering the amount of food the stomach can manage.
  • Your doctor cuts the middle part of the small intestine and attaches the free bottom end of the cut bowel directly toward the small pocket of the stomach to make food passes from the stomach to the center of the small intestine, passing from the first part of the intestine.

After Surgery

  • The majority of gastric bypass surgeries are laparoscopic.
  • Laparoscopic surgery recovers fast. However, it requires patients to stay in the Hospital for 2-3 days and return to normal daily activities within 3-5 weeks.
  • Generally, a patient is allowed to eat in 1-2 days until the stomach and digestive system recover, and then you will follow a specific diet for some weeks.
  • After gastric bypass surgery, you will be closely followed up by a physician.
  • The patient’s condition is monitored for all pain and nausea and treated.
  • After the surgery, the patient gets a nutritional supplement prescription for fast recovery.

Why are Vitamins Necessary After Every Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgeries change the body’s ability to absorb nutrients; also, the food quantity you eat gets lowered; therefore, taking nutritional supplements is necessary. In addition, taking vitamins and mineral supplements prevent malnutrition. Physicians suggest gastric bypass patients take calcium and vitamins with iron, vitamin D, C, and B12.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Diet

  • Drinking liquid between meals helps to prevent dehydration. Drink as much as is suitable for your health.
  • Chew food to prevent blockage in the small intestine, which is new and narrow. Food blockages have signs of nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.
  • Eat small bits and chew them to make swallowing easy
  • Eat more protein-rich foods
  • Avoid foods containing high sugar and fat
  • Follow doctor’s guidelines for vitamin supplements.

Gastric Bypass Recovery

A regular patient will stay 2-3 days in the Hospital and return to normal activities in 3-5 weeks.

A patient is not allowed to eat solid foods till the stomach wounds heal.

After gastric bypass, the stomach shrinks to a small size and changes how food enters the small intestine. So that’s your doctor will recommend the following things:

  • Eat small meals
  • Take 30 minutes to eat a meal
  • Keep 30 minutes gap before or after a meal for drinking water
  • Eat six small meals daily until you pass the surgery recovery time.
  • After that, switch to regular foods and eating habits. 

Gastric bypass Vs. Gastric Sleeve

All weight loss processes are different and help in weight loss. The weight loss also depends on one’s physiological and anatomical factors that can improve gastric bypass as an option to control obesity, and there are some different factors that experts consider a gastric bypass. Contact us for gastric lap band cost, weight loss band surgery cost, band surgery cost, gastric band private cost

Gastric Band Surgery Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Gastric band surgery is helpful for patients with high BMI as the procedure provides predictable results for weight loss.
  • Hormonal changes from laparoscopic gastric banding surgery immediately lower the diabetic medication or stop the diabetic drug completely.
  • Gastric bypass strongly affects high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity-linked health problems.
  • It does not need any ongoing adjustments, which require different procedures, like gastric bands. However, regular follow-up is necessary to ensure that weight loss is happening correctly and that enough nutrition consumption.
  • Belly band surgery is effective for people who eat high-fat foods or high sugar. Dumping syndrome is directly connected to high sugar and high fat. Dumping symptoms are discomforting and discourage sweet foods or high calories. 


  • It is technically possible to reverse stomach band surgery; this involves gastric banding, and a reversal is possible in some cases.
  • Complications are rare but more severe than other surgeries.
  • There is more risk of nutritional deficiency because of the low absorption of nutrients and vitamins. Therefore, life-long mineral and vitamin supplements must stop deficiency after surgery.

Long-term follow-up with the dietitian and surgeon is necessary to monitor nutritional status.

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Gastric Band Surgery Risk & Complications

  • Some people get reactions from anesthesia, such as blood clots, allergic reactions, breathing problems, blood loss, heart attacks, stroke, and infection.
  • Weight loss may be lower than in other types of surgery.
  • The band can slip or cause mechanical problems, or it may erode into the stomach, needing removal.
  • The port can change, making additional surgery requirements. Between 15% and 60% of people are reported to follow up surgery requirements.

Other Risk Includes:

  • Injury in other organs during surgery
  • Hernia
  • Stomach lining inflammation, stomach ulcers, heartburn
  • Wound infection
  • Poorer nutrition
  • Gastrointestinal scarring that causes bowel blockage

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Gastric band surgery in Turkey is the best option. This surgery is crucial and unsuitable for all people looking for weight loss. The gastric band surgery cost also differs in Turkey and other countries. Make sure to choose which bariatric surgery suits your health needs and follow your doctor’s guidance. Allow surgery to heal and recover in its own time. Follow a particular diet and healthy lifestyle.

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