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Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital

Private Kitelli Bahat Hospital is a popular hospital since 1994, it is part of the Bahat Hospitals group. The hospital is over 7,000 square meters, they have specialised surgeons for each department treating many patients every year, they also has special international unit dealing with medical assistance for foreign patients. They follow all international standards which is the reason for many international patients giving good Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital Reviews for treatment, they provide 24/7 services at very affordable price.

Private Kitelli Bahat Hospital has more than 40 surgeons and more than 300 workers and staff working at hospital. They have 80+ bed capacity, 4 OTs, 5+ ICUs, their staff are well experienced and has very polite and friendly nature. They deal with many medical departments in the hospital such as Gynecology and Obstetrics, Heart Diseases (Cardiology), Ear Nose Throat (ENT), neurology, Neurosurgery (Brain and Nerve Surgery), Orthopedics and Traumatology, Radiology and many more.

Facilities Available in Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital

7,000 square meters 12+ incubator neonatal units
80+ beds 5+ Intensive care unit
40+ doctors 4 operating theaters
340+ employees Well experienced staff

Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital International Patient Facilities

The private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital has numerous sections or departments that deal with international patients; the department is specifically designed to address the needs of international patients from all over the world. The hospital provides treatments to worldwide patients using cutting-edge technology and expert services from their highly skilled and well-trained team. They also assist patients and their families or relatives with medical visas to Turkey and then handle all aspects of their stay in Turkey, including airport pickups and lodging.

The cost of surgeries and treatments at the Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital is also quite low, attracting more international patients. For foreign patients, the hospital also offers a free second opinion and video consultation service so that they may communicate with the doctor before arriving in Turkey and feel at ease.

Why Choose Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital?

Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital is a well-known Turkish hospital that provides healthcare services to a large number of patients each year and achieves the best possible results from treatments and surgeries. The doctors at the Private Ikitelli Bahat Institution use modern technology to provide high-quality healthcare, and the hospital is well-known for meeting worldwide quality standards. The major features of the Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital are the availability of innovative technologies, backed up by substantial experience of hospital doctors, and several scientific research projects that constitute the cornerstone of this medical centre.

List of Treatments in Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital

Gynecology and Obstetrics

The Gynecology and Obstetrics medical unit treats the following by experts in Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital:

Pregnancy Follow -up Menopause
Gynecology Osteoporosis
Family Planning Cancer Screening
Infertility Breast Diseases
IVF Uregynecology
Microinjection Urinary Incontinence

The obstetrics and gynaecology unit, as well as the delivery room, are open 24 hours a day. Hospitals perform colour and four-dimensional ultrasonography.



The Radiology medical unit treats the following by experts in Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital:

Computed Tomography 16 Sections Mammography
1.5 Tesla MR Color Doppler Ultrasonography
Phleroscopy Ultrasonography
Direct X-Ray Interventional Radiology


Ear Nose Throat (ENT)

The Ear Nose Throat (ENT) medical unit treats the following by experts in Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital:

Tonsil and adenoid diseases Middle ear infections
Nasal congestion (Septum deviation and turbinate hypertrophy) Tear gland obstructions
Rhinoplasty (Aesthetic nose surgery) Voice disorders
Nose bleeding Gastroesophageal reflux disease
Chronic sinusitis and endoscopic sinus surgery Benign and malignant tumors of the head and neck region
Allergic rhinitis Snoring and sleep apnea

In outpatient clinic evaluations of the Ear, Nose, and Throat, endoscopic and microscopic procedures are used. The Audiology Department conducts hearing testing. Aesthetic nose surgeries are conducted in our operating rooms in addition to basic surgeries including tonsil, adenoid, ear tube, curvature of the nose, endoscopic sinus surgery, surgeries for eardrum repair and persistent middle ear infections, and interventions for voice abnormalities.

List of Doctors in Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital

Surgeons at the Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital are well-experienced and well-trained professionals who treat their patients with cutting-edge technology and techniques that have proven to be highly successful:

Dr. Mahir Ozmen
Dr. Sedat Kose
Dr. Berat DEMIR
Dr. Muhammed İbrahim AKPINAR
Dr. Melike Ayça KEÇEL
Dr. Cengizhan EKIZCELİ
Dr. M. Ali Serkan ÖZKUL
Dr. Mehmet Timur TOLGAY
Dr. Mucahit ÖZYAZAR

Does Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital provide Second opinion and Video consultation services?

The private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital is a well-known hospital noted for its services and healthcare facilities, and it offers free second views. This service allows their patients to get a second opinion while they are at home, allowing them to make smarter decisions. Opinions from surgeons or hospital experts are vital during the recuperation process, which is why they usually provides this service.

Patients can also use the hospital’s video consultation service, which allows them to contact the hospital at any time in case of an emergency. The video consultation service at the private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital allows patients to call a doctor even before travelling to Turkey for treatment and receive a briefing on the procedure.

Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital Insurance coverage

International patients face higher surgery costs in other countries, but there is a remedy in the form of international insurance coverage. There are numerous companies that offer this type of insurance for other countries. Before travelling to Turkey for treatment, check with your insurance company to see if you have foreign coverage. Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital assists you in lowering your treatment costs in Turkey by assisting you in obtaining reasonable insurance coverage from the top insurance carriers.

Medical Visa Process

A medical visa is required in order to receive treatment in Turkey. Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital assists patients in obtaining medical visas, allowing them to receive treatment. Documents such as recent medical reports, passport copies of patients and attendants are required in order to obtain a medical visa for Turkey. Contact the hospital and give the appropriate documentation, after which a medical visa letter will be mailed to the patient as well as the Turkish embassy. You can contact us for further information, and you can also email us your documents for further assistance in obtaining a medical visa.

Common Questions asked about Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital

How to Book Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital Appointment?

Book Online Appointment with İstinye Üniversite Hospital here

Where can I find Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital Reviews?

Find Rating and Reviews for Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital from past clients here

Can I get Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital Medical Visa?

Yes. Contact here for Turkey Medical Visa support

How to get Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital Cost Estimate for my Surgery?

Provide required surgery details here. You will receive Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital Price.

Private Ikitelli Bahat Hospital Address

Atatürk, 1. İkitelli Cad. No:135, 34307 Küçükçekmece/İstanbul, Turkey

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