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Medicine Hospital

The Atlas University Hospital, the major branch of Medicine Hospital, has been delivering a wide range of healthcare services to its patients with competent medical attention and care since its foundation in 1998.

Clinical trials are conducted by medical specialists in order to develop effective therapeutic therapies. Robotic equipment is available for surgical intervention, minimally invasive operations, and rehabilitation at the institution. Patients are treated in a variety of departments at the hospital, including cardiology, neurology, orthopaedics, ENT, radiology, gynaecology, paediatrics, and others.

It has succeeded to become one of the leading and pioneering institutions in our health system with the services it provides by executing 400 thousand outpatient clinics and more than 30 thousand surgeries each year, with a capacity of 350 beds and 18 operating rooms, one of which is hybrid. In addition, our hospital, which has a conference hall for 250 people and three classrooms, has been carrying out an important mission for many years by providing health education to over 10,000 students through practical training at the high school and university levels, as well as internship opportunities.

Facilities Available in Medicine Hospital

400+ Beds International Patient Center
15+ Operating Theaters Staff available 24/7
75.000 m2 closed area Airport pickup
In-house Pharmacy  

Medicine Hospital Technology


Medicine Hospital International Patient Facilities

Medicine Hospital strives to provide the best healthcare services to all patients, including international patients, and has established a special unit to manage all international patients. The unit handles the patient’s visa process, assisting them in obtaining a Turkey Medical Visa and handling all formalities and documentation. The hospital has set up a special service of video consultation specifically for international patients; before coming for treatment, they can schedule an appointment with hospital specialists, and after returning to their home country, the hospital keeps track of the patients’ recovery process through video consultation.

When patients arrive in Turkey, Medicine Hospital arranges for them to be picked up and accommodated. The hospital also provides language translators to ensure that patients have a positive experience while receiving treatment. Medicine Hospital also provides cost estimation before patients arrive in Turkey through a virtual appointment, when patients provide the most recent reports for treatment.

Why Choose Medicine Hospital?

Medicine Hospital is a well-known hospital that is JCI accredited and employs cutting-edge technologies and methods to treat a wide range of diseases. The hospital’s medical staff is available to patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week; for foreign patients, a language translator is available.

List of Treatments in Medicine Hospital


Endocrinology department of Medicine Hospital treats following diseases:

Deficiencies in vitamin and mineral absorption Obesity and goiter endocrine system diseases
Sexual diseases Endocrinology
Diabetes Metabolism Diseases

Hormones and metabolic illnesses are the focus of the Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases department. Medicine Hospital have all of the necessary facilities and state-of-the-art technology for radiological imaging approaches, particularly hormone assays, as well as all other endocrinology and metabolic illness diagnostic tests.


Mouth and Dental Health

Mouth and Dental Health department of Medicine Hospital provides following:

Preventive dentistry Cyst and tumor operations
Implant treatment Periodontology
Endodontics aesthetic dentistry
Orthodontics Tooth-colored restorations
Oral and maxillofacial surgery Teeth whitening
Impacted tooth extraction operations  

For paediatric and adult patients, the Oral and Dental Health unit provides services for the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses related to oral, dental, and jaw health.

Brain and Nerve Surgery

Brain and Nerve Surgery department of Medicine Hospital offers following treatments: 

Neurovascular surgery Glial tumors
Cerebrovascular diseases Meningiomas
Aneurysms Pituitary gland tumors
Arteriovenous malformations Metastatic brain tumors
Cavernomas Skull base tumors
Neurooncological surgery Pontocerebellar corner tumors
Brain tumors  

List of Doctors in Medicine Hospital

Medicine Hospital employs experts to treat patients and provide the best surgical outcomes possible. Turkey’s specialists perform surgery, satisfy their patients, and guarantee the best results at a very low surgery cost. A few of Medicine Hospital’s specialists are:

  • Dr. Abdulhalim Şenyiğit

Does Medicine Hospital provide Second opinion and Video consultation services?

It is not possible for a foreign patient to travel to Turkey on a regular basis for consultations or opinions. As a result, Medicine Hospital allows international patients to receive video consultations from anywhere in the world. This allows patients to contact hospitals and doctors in the event of an emergency or a question. This also saves money on travel and allows doctors to keep track of their patients’ health.

Medicine Hospital’s doctors also offer a second opinion for any treatment to assist you in making decisions about test results and surgeries. This second opinion allows patients to gain confidence in their treatment and cure more quickly; the consultation can take place via video call. Take hospital appointments and provide them with reports and treatment details.

Medicine Hospital Insurance coverage

International treatment and surgery, particularly for neurology diseases, are slightly more expensive for foreigners, but this can be mitigated by using insurance coverage. Most insurance policies cover neurology treatments; however, check with your insurance company before travelling to Turkey for treatment. Many reputable insurance companies cover the costs of surgeries at Medicine Hospital. Make sure you get your insurance policy before you go; this will help you save money on your surgery in Turkey.

Medical Visa Process

For being treated in treated in Turkey, medical visa is necessary. Medicine Hospital follow along to get medical visa and go to Turkey for treatment. In order to get medical visa for Turkey few documents are required like medical report, passport copy of patient and attendants. For this, one can contact hospital and provide them the documents and thereby, medical visa letter will be provided by email to patient and also Turkish embassy. Thus, in order to get medical visa, you can reach out to us for medical visa assistance and provide us all the necessary documents for the same.

Common Questions asked about Medicine Hospital

How to Book Medicine Hospital Appointment?

Book Online Appointment with İstinye Üniversite Hospital here

Where can I find Medicine Hospital Reviews?

Find Rating and Reviews for Medicine Hospital from past clients here

Can I get Medicine Hospital Medical Visa?

Yes. Contact here for Turkey Medical Visa support

How to get Medicine Hospital Cost Estimate for my Surgery?

Provide required surgery details here. You will receive Medicine Hospital Price.

Medicine Hospital Address

Barbaros, Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Cd. No:149 34203, 34203 Bağcılar/İstanbul, Turkey

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