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Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey

Turkey ranks among the top countries for cosmetic surgeries, including limb lengthening surgery. Turkey offers 90% lower costs than other expensive countries for various treatments for locals and foreigners. Let’s find out limb lengthening surgery cost in turkey, Reviews, and Procedure.

Is Limb Lengthening Surgery Safe?

Limb lengthening surgery can be performed effectively and safely in adults and children, including those in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. 

Other Names for Limb Lengthening Surgery 

  • Height Surgery
  • Leg Lengthening Surgery
  • Height Increase Surgery

What is limb lengthening?

Limb lengthening is a treatment performed with surgery to increase the height, balance, and patient gait required for aesthetic concerns. The limb lengthening process needs patience, time, and precision.

It is achieved with own capacity of a person’s body to restore new bone, ligaments, soft tissues, nerves, and blood vessels that support and surround it.  

Who needs surgery to get taller?

Limb length surgery is often recommended for a person with inconsistence leg length or shorter legs. The height lengthening surgery is also done for straightening bowed legs. 

What Health Condition Needs Limb Lengthening?

Skeletal dysplasia 

These are congenital disabilities leading to disturbances in bone growth, which causes crooked limbs or short stature. In addition, some skeletal dysplasia types are responsible for dwarfism.

Osteogenesis imperfecta

It is a genetic disorder that causes the bone to be more susceptible to fractures and brittle. The condition may be light t severe and can start in infancy.

Lim length discrepancy

Several problems can affect an arm or leg to be longer than others. For example, a growth plate fracture can lead to the fractured bone causing more crooked or shorter than the opposite limb.

Emerging Solutions to Height Enhancing Surgery in Turkey

How tall can Limb Lengthening make you?

Recently Turkey announced a limb lengthening center to increase height up to 3 inches. Turkey has performed 800 surgeries for patients around the world.

Limb lengthening is not new, but it has been practiced since the 1950s. Currently, it has become more popular in the last ten years for cosmetic purposes. The doctors in Turkey use different methods for leg lengthening, such as:


It refers to lengthening over nails. This method is a popular limb lengthening method in the world. However, two devices are added to each leg, one inside and one outside. Therefore, the LON method needs a second surgery to remove the devices after the leg lengthening time.

Precise 2.2

During this method, the physician uses a rod embedded into the patient’s bones, which does not have discomfort and has a low infection risk. Then, the bones are stretched with a removed control unit. This surgical method takes three months or less time for recovery.


It is an upgraded version of the second method. The stride rods are more durable and stronger than the precise 2.2, which can easily bear a patient’s total weight. As a result, after some months of a crutch, the patient will walk without help.

Turkey is a popular destination for cosmetic surgeries due to its low costs, experienced surgeons, and high-tech hospitals.

The surgeons from Turkey aim to provide quality life to patients by using the least invasive and advanced treatment options.

Limb Lengthening Surgery Cost in Turkey

The main aim of limb lengthening surgery is correcting the unequal size of the patient’s leg or arms, including radius/ulna, humerus, tibia, femur, and metatarsals. The limb lengthening surgery cost in Turkey starts from $1000 to $45,000, which is lower than in the US, UK, and Europe.

Limb Lengthening Surgery cost in Turkey Average Cost in USD
“LON” Methodology $14,000
“PRECICE 2.2” Methodology $32,000
“PRECICE STRYDE” Methodology $45,000
Acute limb lengthening $22,000
Gradual Limb Lengthening $24,000
Physeal Distraction $23,000
Distraction Osteogenesis $22,500
Osteotomy Techniques $23,500
Rate of Distraction $21,000
External Fixation $19,000
Combined Internal and External Fixation $19,500
All Internal Lengthening using Intramedullary Nails $20,000

“LON” Methodology

The lengthening over nails is a method of limb lengthening. This method safely lowers the time used in the external fixation and would help to boost patient comfort and tolerance. LON Methodology cost in Turkey is $14,000.


PRECICE 2.2 method has revolutionized the procedure for limb lengthening. During this method, a titanium nail is added to the bone marrow. The lengthening process is performed daily with a remote-control device utilized outside the leg. ” PRECICE 2.2″ Methodology cost in Turkey is $32,000.


It is another method of limb lengthening. This method adds intramedullary nails to the bone marrow, and the incisions are closed and stitched.  PRECICE STRYDE Methodology cost in Turkey is $45,000.

Acute limb lengthening

Acute limb lengthening can be achieved with own capacity of a patient body to recreate new bone, blood vessels, ligaments, tissues, and nerves. This procedure is done with osteotomy, which requires cutting bone for the lengthening process. Acute limb lengthening cost in Turkey is $22,000.

Gradual Limb Lengthening

During this Gradual Limb Lengthening method, the legs or arms are treated with a gradual process so that soft tissue and bone slowly improve in length. Gradual Limb Lengthening cost in Turkey is $24,000.

Physical Distraction

Physical Distraction is a manual distraction, like using both hands on the steering wheel during driving, eating, texting, drinking, or reaching out to the back seat. Physical Distraction cost in Turkey is $23,000.

Distraction Osteogenesis

It is a way to create longer bone from a shorter bone. For example, a distractor device slowly pulls the bone into two pieces after cutting bone during surgery. The patient will not sense pain during stretching bone apart. Distraction Osteogenesis cost in Turkey is $22,500. 

Osteotomy Techniques

This bone-cutting procedure is used to correct the shape and alignment of joints and bones. The standard surgical sites are your elbow, jaw, shoulder, spine, hips, knees, toes, and feet. There are several surgical methods and variations of procedure. Osteotomy Techniques cost in Turkey is $23,500.

External Fixation

It is a majority of external fixators. They are added temporary frames in space for a limited time before a definitive skeletal injury fixation. External Fixation cost in Turkey is $19,000. 

Rate of Distraction

It is another method of limb lengthening. Bone lengthening was successful with distraction at rates of 0.35 mm/12 hours and 0.7 mm/12 hours. The rate of Distraction cost in Turkey is $21,000.

Combined Internal and External Fixation

It is used to treat joint surface injuries or metaphyseal comminution. External fixation helps reduce intraoperatively and provides arthroscopic, open manipulation, or per-cutaneous of the fracture. 

Internal fixation manages the precise decrease of critical anatomy, primarily the contour and direction of the articular joints. Combined Internal and External Fixation cost in Turkey is $19,500.

All Internal Lengthening using Intramedullary Nails

Intramedullary nailing with the internal fixation method is mainly utilized for the surgical management of long bone diaphyseal fractures. All Internal Lengthening using Intramedullary Nails cost in Turkey is $20,000.

Limb Lengthening Surgery Cost in Turkey

Limb Lengthening Surgery Turkey Price in Turkey’s Cities

Limb Lengthening in Turkey Average Cost in USD
Ankara 14,600
Istanbul 15,330
Antalya 16,863
Izmir 18,549

Limb lengthening surgery helps to restore new bone tissues, blood vessels, ligaments, and nerves. Famous cities like Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir in Turkey provide budget-friendly and hygienic treatment for height growth surgery, limb extension surgery, stride nail lengthening, cosmetic limb lengthening, and femur lengthening. For example, you can find leg extension surgery costs different in different cities, which include: Ankara at 14,600, Istanbul at 15,330, Antalya at 16,863, and Izmir at 18,549.

The best airport and hospital transportation, hotel stay, and language translation service are available 24/7 for patients. Furthermore, you can enjoy socializing with infamous Turkish restaurants, such as touristic visitshistorical visits, boat tours, and free meals. Even free consultation with counsellors and doctors is available after the lengthening surgery is completed.

Limb Lengthening Surgery Cost in Turkey

Global Cost of Limb Lengthening Surgery

Courtiers Limb Lengthening Surgery Cost
USA $280,000
UK £57,180 ($75,000)
Germany €60,000 and €160,000
Turkey $15,000 – $16,000
Russia $1000 to $45,000

Find Cheapest Country for Limb Lengthening Surgery

Limb lengthening surgery is often a severe problem for many. Patients who wish to have cosmetic surgery need more detailed information to choose the right surgeon and best hospital.

The leg lengthening surgery costs in turkey depend on many factors, including doctors, the surgery method, postoperative care, physiotherapy, and quality service. As a result, the costs and prices differ accordingly. Thus, a patient needs to understand their particular factors before surgery.

When we observe the limb lengthening surgery cost in turkey, the limb lengthening surgeries worldwide, especially limb lengthening surgery cost in USA, is more than $280,000 in the United States to achieve a maximum height of 6 inches. Limb lengthening surgery cost in Germany is between €60,000 and €160,000, depending on the initial condition, procedure, and extent of lengthening. In the UK, the limb lengthening procedure costs more than £57,180 ($75,000). In comparison, the limb lengthening cost in Russia is $15,000 – $16,000, including hospital charges, which is lower than in the United States. In contrast, the limb lengthening surgery cost in Turkey range from $1000 to $45,000.

Limb Lengthening Insurance in Turkey

Turkey citizens have options of a Universal health insurance coverage scheme for health treatment. All residents registered with social security are covered under the plan (SGK). In an SGK-affiliated hospital, each patient is eligible to get free medical treatment and care, outpatient reimbursement, and prescription drugs from your insurance company. 

Regarding foreign patients for limb lengthening surgery, insurance in Turkey can have options to choose from hospitals and doctors offered by insurers. In addition, several Turkish hospitals employ multi-language-speaking staff to help foreign patients. You can also take help from consulates for insurance in Turkey. 

Best Hospitals for Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey

  • Op. Dr. Mehmet Aydogan
  • Dr Fatih Arslanoglu
  • Dr. Ahmet Turan Aydin
  • Dr. Serdar Zengin
  • Dr Yaman Ege
  • Avcilar Anadolu Hospital, Istanbul
  • Baskent University Istanbul Hospital
  • NpIstanbul Brain Hospital, Istanbul 

All-Inclusive Packages for Lim Lengthening in Turkey

Surgery to get taller is well know the procedure in Turkey. The hospitals in Turkey offer limb lengthening packages inclusive of all facilities and services that need throughout the process. The limb lengthening package facilities include:

  • Airport pickup
  • Hotel and hospital transportation facility
  • Doctor’s visit
  • anaesthesiologist cost
  • Surgery
  • Three meals each day
  • Medical support and medicine
  • Translation and interpreter services

Limb Lengthening Success Rate

Thousands of people visit Turkey for cosmetic and limb lengthening surgery to improve height. This type of surgery is famous among individuals between 18-25 years old. The success rate of limb lengthening surgery in Turkey is 99.6%.  

Is Limb Lengthening Surgery Risky?

Some risk is linked with limb lengthening, including muscle damage, nerve damage, dislocation, joint contracture, and arthritis.

How Long Does Limb Lengthening Surgery Take?

The osteotomy process will take around 2 hours, and the lengthening process may take 2-3 months.

Limb lengthening Procedure

Height lengthening surgery before and after.

Before The Treatment, Limb Lengthening Surgery

  • Patients need to follow some instruction before arriving in Turkey for limb lengthening surgery, which includes:
  • Stop smoking and drinking for at least one month before your Procedure
  • Skip using recreational drugs such as cocaine.
  • Skip consumption of herbal concoctions, medication, and blood thinners like Aspirin
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle and stay active to increase fast recovery chances after surgery.

Arrival in Turkey limb lengthening surgery

  • As you arrive in Turkey for limb lengthening surgery, get a comprehensive analysis from an experienced orthopedic surgeon.
  • The orthopedic surgeon will find the patient’s condition and eligibility for height increase surgery.
  • The patient will be suggested to have some blood tests before cosmetic limb lengthening surgery. Depending on the patient’s preference, these tests can also be conducted before you visit Turkey.
  • Once your doctor confirms you are eligible for the Procedure, the height-enhancing surgery is scheduled.
  • Limb lengthening surgery is done on an inpatient basis and can remain for 2-3 hours, and the process takes around three months.
  • The height lengthening surgery is done in two parts: limb stabilization and osteotomy.
  • The first part of limb extension surgery involves creating a bone cut that requires lengthening. At the same time, the second part of taller surgery balances the limb with an external fixator or an internal lengthening nail. 

After the limb lengthening surgery

  • The patient will require to stay in the hospital for three days after this surgery.
  • The surgeon may also put a cast on the limb to offer additional support in the new surgery part.
  • Patients will get rehabilitation for mobility during a hospital stay.
  • The limb lengthening procedure starts after one week of the surgery, called the latency period.
  • During the latency period, the newly cut bone will produce a callus to stop further damage. 

Limb Lengthening Recovery in Turkey

The limb lengthening surgery recovery time also has two phases:

Distraction Phase

  • The limb lengthening distraction phase starts with a fixation device pulling apart the bone.
  • Next, it boosts osteogenesis to regrow the bone.
  • This development continues as the gap between the two phases of bone enhances by 1/4 mm four times a day. This step is repeated till wished limb length is achieved.
  • The patient can expect around 1 to 2. cm in one month.
  • Patients can use a crutch or walker to move around if they have leg lengthening surgery.
  • Patients are advised to have physical therapy 2-5 times every week.
  • Regular follow-ups with a physician will track the bone healing progress.

Consolidation Phase

  • The consolidation stage is the second phase of recovery.
  • This phase is designed for the healing phase, where the bone starts to get hard and heal completely.
  • The patient feels free to put more weight on the limb and start with normal activities during the consolidation phase.
  • Physical therapy must keep going for the best range of motion, strength, and joint mobility results.
  • The limb lengthening device will remain out of the limb for an entire consolidation phase.
  • The consolidation phase (120) is longer than the distraction phase (60) of limb lengthening. 

Does Limb Lengthening Have Side Effects?

The difficulties during limb lengthening include joint luxation, neurologic injury, axial deviation, premature consolidation, vascular injury, non-union, delayed consolidation, hardware failure, and pin site problems.

Limb lengthening Pros and Cons


  • Height increase and the patient feel rejoice
  • As height increases, self-confidence also boosts your self-esteem.
  • Balanced walk and gait
  • Correct bone structure
  • Improve overall health
  • Improve public image


  • I need to take more calories each day for extra muscle mass fuel.
  • There will be scars left over on the legs, but most patient reports that it does not impact their lives in a significant way.
  • The recovery will take six months to one year of healing time. Remember, your body is growing many new muscles, bones, flesh, and nerves.
  • The pain may increase during healing.

Contact us for limb lengthening surgery, height surgery, leg lengthening surgery, and Limb Lengthening Surgery Cost in Turkey.


Limb lengthening is a procedure to increase bone length in the arms or legs in people who have short legs or short arms by birth. Short height is often considered less valued in society and lowers confidence. Now people with short height can have surgery option of limb lengthening to increase a significant height and feel happy. Contact us to know more about limb lengthening surgeries at top hospitals in Turkey.

Best Surgeons for Limb lengthening Surgery in Turkey

Top Hospitals for Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey

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