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Stem Cell Therapy in Turkey

Stem cell therapy has been used for many decades for haematological conditions. Presently, stem cell treatment has become famous for aesthetic and cosmetic regeneration. Turkey is the top country for finding treatments for stem cell therapy, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, embryonic stem cells, and mesenchymal cells. Let’s find out Stem Cell Therapy Cost in Turkey, Reviews, and the procedure.

Stem cell therapy restores damaged tissue, cells, or organs for everyday functions and boosts healthy life. This therapy is also called regenerative medicine. Cell therapy refers to stimulating the repair mechanism of own body to heal irreversible organs or tissues.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells refer to a cell group responsible for restoration and regeneration activities in the human body. It means the tissues in all organs have the opportunity to regenerate themselves. These stem cells create the original structures in the human body. That is the reason for using stem cells in several diseases. In addition, it helps to produce new cells.

What diseases can be treated with stem cells?

List of Diseases Treated by Stem Cells

  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Heart disease
  • amyotrophic lateral sclerosis stroke
  • Burns
  • Cancer

Types of Stem Cell Transplants

Autologous Stem Cell Transplants

In Autologous stem cell therapy, the physician will extract and collect your cells.

They will take stem cells from blood or bone marrow and freeze them.


Tandem Therapy (double autologous) 

Doing two autologous stem cell therapy, one by one, is called a double autologous transplant or tandem transplant.

During this procedure, the patient gets two courses of high-dose chemo as myeloablative therapy, each continued by a transplant of their stem cells.

All cells need to collect before a first high dose of chemo treatment, and they are used in each transplant.


Allogeneic Stem Cell Therapy

This procedure uses stem cells from a donor. The donor is someone who closely matches your cells.

If you do not find a donor, then there will be an option to choose a Stanger donor from the national registry, also called matched unrelated donor therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy Reviews in Turkey

Why Choose Turkey for Stem Cell Therapy?

Recently Turkey added more credibility to its medical field. As a result, Turkey became a rising star in Europe’s stem cells and cancer treatment and left behind the West.

  • According to the World Apheresis Association president, Turkey provides highly innovative medical services, including stem cell therapy, to millions of people, refugees, and foreigners.
  • The stem cell and cancer treatment research has been successful and has become a reason for pride. It proved the country is fast growing in stem cell transplants, reaching from 200 to 4500 annually.
  • They mentioned that thousands of patients are satisfied with several treatments in Ankara, Istanbul, and Antalya in Turkey.
  • Turkey has also developed a social state and is internationally accredited for stem cell labs.
  • People worldwide prefer Turkey for low-cost and high-quality stem cell treatment compared to Europe and the USA.
  • More than 500,000 donors presently donate stem cells and blood, which helps treat patients from different countries.

Stem Cell Therapy Cost in Turkey 

More advanced and in-depth Stem Cell Therapy Cost in Turkey is between $1000 and $100,000, depending on the surgery.

What Is the Average Cost of Adult Stem Cell Therapy?

The average cost of stem cell treatment starts from $5,000 and increases to $25,000 depending on the type of stem cell sources, medical condition of the patient, and requirement of treatments.

Stem Cell Therapy Cost in Turkey Average Cost in USD
Autism $18,000
Muscular Dystrophy $22,000
Cerebral Palsy $19,000
Intellectual Disability $23,000
Spinal cord Injury $24,000
Traumatic Brain Injury $18,500
Stroke $26,000
Dementia $27,000
Motor Neuron Diseases $25,000

Which Health Conditions Need Stem Cell Therapy


Autism is a growth disability that occurs by differences in the brain. In addition, some people have Autism due to genetic conditions. Stem cell therapy can help to cure Autism by given intravenous to improve the complete regulation of the immune system and brain’s neural connectivity. The Stem Cell Therapy and Autism Cost in Turkey is $18,000.

Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy is multiple diseases that lead to progressive weakness and muscle mass loss. In this disease, abnormal gene interferes with the protein production requirement to create healthy muscles. Stem cell therapy is the potential option for treating muscular dystrophy. The Stem Cell Therapy and Muscular Dystrophy Cost in Turkey is $22,000.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a brain disease accompanied by other disorders that impact the muscles, posture, and movement. This condition occurs due to an immature and slow-growing brain before birth.

The research discovered that stem cell therapy could treat the condition, including restoring nervous tissue and regenerating damaged brain tissue. Cerebral Palsy and Stem Cell Therapy Cost in Turkey are $19,000.

Intellectual Disability

Intellectual Disability is mental abilities problems that affect the functioning of learning, judgment, problem-solving, or independent living and communication.

Stem cell treatment can help to treat intellectual disability. The transplanted stem cell repairs the brain’s damaged tissues.

Stem Cell therapy andIntellectual Disability cost in Turkey is $23,000.

Spinal cord Injury

Spinal cord injury is a traumatic spinal injury that can happen by a sudden blow in your spine that dislocates, fractures, compress, or crushes one or multiple vertebrae. It can also occur from a knife or gunshot wound that cuts the spinal cord.

No treatment is available to cure function loss by injury, but stem cell therapy may support spinal cord repair. The Spinal cord Injury stem cell therapy cost in Turkey is $24,000.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury occurs from a jolt or violent blow to the body or head. An object enters the brain tissue like a shattered piece of skull or bullet. Milk traumatic injury impact brain cells temporarily.

Providing limited endogenous neurogenic stem cells with exogenous neural transplantation to damaged brain cells is a possible treatment for recovering brain cells. Stem cell therapy and Traumatic Brain Injury cost in Turkey is $18,500.


A stroke occurs when an interruption in blood supply to the blood prevents brain tissue from receiving nutrients and oxygen. When the brain does not receive oxygen, it slowly begins to die in a minute. A stroke is a critical medical condition and needs immediate treatment.

Researchers have discovered that stem cells can treat stroke combined with clot-busting and mechanical thrombectomy. The physician will inject stem cells in veins or arteries to send on stroke in the brain to improve repair function. Stroke and stem cell therapy cost in Turkey is $26,000.


It is a mental condition of impaired ability to think, remember or make decisions that affect everyday activities. Alzheimer’s ailment is a common type of dementia. This disease only affects older aged people.

Stem cell therapy helps conditions like dementia by growing brain cells and repairing damaged tissues. Stem Cell therapy cost in Turkey for Dementia is $27,000.

Motor Neuron Diseases

Motor neuron disease is a rare health condition that impacts the nerves and brain. It causes weakness that becomes worse with time. There is no cure for this condition, but stem cell therapy can help to reduce the symptoms in everyday life—Motor Neuron Diseases and Stem Cell therapy cost in Turkey $25,000.

Stem Cell Therapy Cost in Turkey 

Stem Cell Transplant Cost in Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir

Stem Cell Therapy in Turkey Average Cost in USD
Ankara 19,000
Istanbul 19,950
Antalya 21,945
Izmir 24,140

Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, has developed medical technologies. It has become a comfortable place for getting health treatments. Stem cell therapy is a famous treatment method in Ankara. Find Stem Cell Therapy Cost in Ankara 19,000.

A stem cell therapy can increase life expectancy. In some cases, it can cure blood cancers. Around 50,00 transplantation is done yearly, with an increasing number of 10% – 20% every year. As a result, more than 20,000 people lived five years or more after stem cell therapy.

Stem Cells Therapy Hospitals in Ankara

  • Liv Hospital Ankara
  • Medicana International Ankara
  • Memorial Ankara Hastanesi

Istanbul is another famous city in Turkey for stem cell therapy. Here you can find the latest healthcare technologies and infrastructures. Every year several patients visit Istanbul from Europe, the USA, and the middle east for medical treatments. There are the best-accredited hospitals available in Istanbul. Find Parkinson’s stem cells cost, embryonic stem cells, and the mesenchymal price is 19,950 in Istanbul.

Stem cells therapy Hospitals in Istanbul

  • Bakirkoy Pain Center
  • Liv Hospital
  • Mozocare bone marrow transplant Turkey
  • Medicana International Istanbul

Antalya is also an excellent place to get stem cell therapy treatment for various diseases. Foreigners can also visit for treatment at a low cost. Stem Cell therapy Cost in Antalya is 21,945.

Stem cells therapy Hospitals in Antalya

  • Anadolu Sağlık Merkezi
  • Emsey Hastanesi
  • NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital
  • İ.A.Ü. VM Medical Park Florya Hastanesi

Izmir is the most popular city in Turkey for anti-aging stem cell therapy at an affordable cost. You can find the best doctors and well-established clinics. The stem Cell therapy Cost in Izmir is 24,140.

Stem cells therapy Hospitals in Izmir

  • Hermes Clinics
  • Batıgöz Balçova Cerrahi Tıp Merkezi
  • izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center
  • Medipol Mega University Hospital

Stem Cell Therapy Cost in Turkey 

Global Cost Comparison

Country Stem Cell Therapy Cost
UK £2000 to £4000
USA $5,000 to $25,000
Iran $27,000
Germany $27900
South Korea $1061 – $4102
India Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakhs
Turkey $18,000 – $25,000

Let’s find out how different countries offer different costs of similar stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy costs in the UK start from £2000 to £4000. At the same time, the average cost of stem cell therapy in the USA ranges from $5,000 to $25,000, depending on the sources and type of stem cells, number of treatments needed, and medical condition of a patient. In comparison to UK and USA, the average cost of stem cell therapy in Germany is $27900, the minimum cost is $15300, and the maximum cost is $40600. Going ahead with Iran, which had 65 clinical trials of stem cells research, offers stem cell therapy cost in Iran is $27,000, compared to its USA cost of $400,000.

Similarly, South Korea, with 40 clinical stem cell trials, offers stem cell therapy for $2581The cost of stem cells ranges from a minimum of $1061 to the maximum price of $4102.

In India, stem cell therapy costs start from Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakhs, depending on the type of treatment.

In comparison to UK, USA, South Korea, India, Germany, the Turkey offers low cost and high-quality treatment; Stem Cell Therapy Cost in Turkey $18,000 – $25,000. 

Stem Cells Therapy Success Rate in Turkey

Turkey has achieved an 80% to 95% success rate regarding stem cell therapy which has significantly developed. It is a modern regenerative medical treatment that uses unique biological substances called stem cells.

The most typical applications for this therapy include musculoskeletal injuries, chronic illnesses, and heart or lung problems. In addition, new research is continuously investigated and emerging and helping the treatment effectiveness.

Stem Cell Therapy Insurance in Turkey

  • Yes, most stem cell therapies are expensive and covered by insurance plans.
  • You need to check every policy available to you.
  • Best hospitals in Turkey collaborate with insurance companies and pre-approved policies.
  • You need to check whether you apply to any policy.
  • If you are applicable, the insurance company will contact you to verify.
  • If you have a tight budget and cannot afford the cost of a stem cell transplant, check NGO, Transplant programs.
  • Some insurance companies do not provide the total cost of stem cell therapy, but they pay for doctor’ fees.

Contact us for stem cell preservation, stem cell transplant cost.

Stem Cells Therapy Procedure in Turkey

  • Stem cells are immature blood cells produced by the bone marrow.
  • These stem cells grow as different types of blood cells, including white blood cells that help to prevent infection in the body.
  • Red blood cells provide oxygen to the whole body and platelets to avoid blood clots.
  • Stems cells are like a factory, continually producing new blood cells to repair all damaged cells in the body.
  • People who cannot produce enough blood cells may experience cancer or blood diseases.
  • If you have blood disease or cancer, your doctor will suggest chemotherapy to remove damaged and unhealthy cells.
  • If a person is not getting healthy after removing unhealthy cells, they need a stem cell transplant.
  • New and healthy stem cell repair damaged cells and renew all cells.

Contact us for autologous stem cell transplant, allogeneic stem cell transplant.

How to Prepare for Stem Cell Therapy?

Medical Tests

If you are a qualified candidate for stem cell therapy, your physician will recommend the following test to confirm your health is eligible to manage the treatment:

  • Electrocardiogram test for heart rhythm
  • Echocardiogram test for heart pumps
  • Computed tomography scan (CT) test for organs and tissues 3D image
  • Complete blood count (CBC) test for knowing blood cells
  • Your physician may ask for a kidney and liver blood test.
  • Biopsy test for detecting cancer cells.

Social Isolation

  • Many infections spread through regular contact, so the patient should stay away from sick people nearly two weeks before stem cell therapy.
  • If you notice any ailment like fever, cough, or runny nose, check with your doctor as soon as possible.
  • If you are using a donor’s stem cells, the donor must also stay away from sick people. 

How Do I Get a Medical Visa for Turkey?

  • You can visit www.evisa.gov.tr and apply by choosing your country and the type of ID card or passport you need.
  • Once you get approval, you must visit a nearby Turkish embassy in your country.
  • You can plan travel after getting your visa approved.

What is the Eligibility of Medical Visa in Turkey?

  • All country people with valid residency can be eligible for a medical visa in Turkey.
  • Except for countries like India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Philippines, and Bangladesh, all citizens must travel with the airline which signed an agreement with the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • The Applicant must own sufficient financial resources like US$50 per day and hotel reservations.
  • You must have an age between 18 to 35 or more for e-visa eligibility. In other cases, you can get a convention visa.

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During Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

How Stem Cell Transplant Is Done?

  • If you get your stem cells, your doctor will take blood to extract healthy stem cells for therapy.
  • They attach veins in both arms to a cell separator machine. The machine extracts blood from the arm, filters blood, and sends it back from another component.
  • This process does not cause pain.
  • This process may need to repeat till you get enough stem cells for therapy.

Contact us for mesenchymal cells, totipotent, embryonic stem cells.

After Stem Cell Therapy

The new stem cell takes time to create new blood cells.

Getting a donor’s stem cells will replace your unhealthy stem cells and improve the immune system, which is called the engraftment process.

You may also require to stay near the hospital for many months for regular check-ups of progress.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from A Stem Cell Transplant?

Stem cell therapy recovery may take weeks or months.

Therefore, your physician may recommend staying near the hospital for 100 days after the stem cell therapy.

What Happens After 100 Days After a Stem Cell Transplant?

The First 100 days of stem cell therapy have more risks and complications. Therefore, your recovery will be analyzed after 100 days of stem cell therapy.

What Is the Life Expectancy After a Stem Cell Transplant?

Compared to the general population, the life expectancy is 30 years or more after a stem cell transplant.

Contact us for ematopoietic, pluripotent, Stem Cell Therapy Cost in Turkey.

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy

  • Lower pain and inflammation
  • Restore damaged nerves, tissues, muscles, and cartilages
  • Boost functionality
  • Promote flexibility and range of motion
  • Prevent risky complication
  • Prevent other growing diseases
  • Reverse injury

Stem Cell Therapy Disadvantages

  • Weak immune system to save from infection
  • Limited physical activity
  • You will experience nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting can be corrected with medication.
  • You need to take immunosuppressant medicine to prevent donor cell rejection by your own body.
  • They may need blood transfusions to change platelets and red blood cells.

Contact us for embryonic stem, bone marrow transplantation, stem cell transplant.


Stem cell therapy in Turkey will help you have an affordable treatment than in other countries. If you are someone with a blood disease or cancer, stem cell replacement can give you new life. As everyone has a different type of health, some may have successful treatment, and others may face challenging risks. This therapy is suitable for older people, and old age have multiple conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and weakness need to manage while doing this therapy which is why it can be risky for some. Otherwise, stem cell therapy helps to have renewed health.

Best Stem Cell Therapy Surgeons in Turkey

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