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Abdomen / Tummy / Belly Fat Liposuction in Turkey

Some people experience fat bulges around the abdomen, belly, or tummy, which do not go with diet or exercise. When a person tries everything, and the belly fat is not reducing naturally, he/she can choose liposuction. Let us find out everything about Abdomen liposuction cost in Turkey, belly fat removal surgery cost in Turkey, and Tummy Liposuction Cost in Turkey.

Turkey is a central attraction for liposuction procedures. In addition, it offers various cosmetic surgeries, such as abdomen liposuction, Tummy liposuction, and Belly Fat liposuction.

Who Are Eligible Candidates for Abdomen Liposuction?

  • A person without extra skin
  • good skin elasticity
  • good muscle tone
  • Have more fat deposit
  • Have overall good health
  • do not have obese or overweight

Who Is Not a Suitable Candidate for Abdomen Liposuction?

  • Suffering from chronic health issues
  • Experiencing a weak immune system
  • have saggy skin
  • are overweight
  • have problems with deep vein thrombosis, cardiovascular, seizures
  • Taking medications that can increase bleeding, like blood thinners
  • Recently lost weight

Preparation for Abdomen Liposuction in Turkey 2022

  • Practice a healthy lifestyle and avoid unhealthy food
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking
  • Have valid passport
  • Get the medical visa for Turkey
  • Get medical history and all related document
  • Check with the Insurance company if they cover abdomen liposuction costs in Turkey.
  • Pack necessary medicine
  • Keep a record of the medicine that cause allergy

Reviews about Turkey for Abdomen Liposuction

Advanced Technologies

Like every surgery, abdomen liposuction or belly liposuction also has side effects like delayed healing, infection, and asymmetry. However, the advanced technologies in Turkey can lower the possibility of having side effects. Several Turkish cosmetic clinics in Istanbul are called for their latest medical technologies, hygiene, and service quality.

Low-Cost Treatment

For people with a low budget for cosmetic surgeries, the primary reason to choose Turkey may be the affordable cost treatment than other Western and European countries. Turkey’s treatment cost is striking lower than other developed countries. As a result, it provides Turkish hospitals with more competitive benefits and value. Contact us to find best suitable Abdomen Liposuction Cost in Turkey.

Experienced Surgeons

The experience of surgeons in Turkey is a treasure. In Turkey, well-trained and experienced doctors and surgeons qualified from European and American plastic hospitals are very high. Several hospitals received accreditations from the British association of plastic surgery and different recognized institutions. Turkish plastic surgeons have more experience than their European counterparts because of several cases they must deal with daily.

Organized Practice

Turkey’s medical tourism has received special attention from the authorities of Turkey. The sector’s organization level, supervision, and regulation are noticeably high. Regardless of each regulation, Turkish medical tourism is still 60% to 80% cheaper than in the United Kingdom.

Extra Services

Choosing Turkey for abdominal liposuction will get abdomen liposuction in turkey cost with additional services. Turkish clinics commonly provide premium packages that have accommodation and travel services.

Contact us for belly fat surgery cost, stomach fat surgery, abdominal lipo.

Tummy / Belly Fat / Abdomen Liposuction Cost in Turkey 2022

Abdominal liposuction is a very effective procedure for those seeking to remove stubborn fat pockets around the waistline. The average Abdominal liposuction cost in Turkey is $2000 – $7000. The lowest cost of belly fat removal cost in Turkey is €1,710, and the Average tummy liposuction Cost in Turkey is €1,900. The tummy tuck and lipo cost of a Celebrity Surgeon is €2,280 in Turkey.

Abdomen / Tummy / Belly Fat Liposuction Cost in Turkey Average Cost in (Euro)
Low Cost €1,710
Average Cost €1,900
Celebrity Surgeon €2,280

Methods and Abdomen Liposuction Cost in Turkey

Upper Abdominal Liposuction

Upper abdominal liposuction is one different cosmetic surgery process that can help to contour and sculpt the waistline. It is also one of the effective procedures. The procedure involves the extra fatty tissue from the upper abdomen and the side rib cage, which can help to create an extra slim and youthful silhouette. Upper abdominal liposuction can be an excellent way to boost confidence and appearance.

Lower Abdominal Liposuction

If a person is unhappy with the lower abdomen appearance, consider lower abdominal liposuction. This procedure can help contour and shape the area, providing extra shape and a toned look. Lower abdominal liposuction can be done independently or in combination with a different procedure, like upper abdominal liposuction. The exact method will depend on individual preferences and goals.

Stomach Fat Removal Surgery Cost

  • The manual method of abdomen liposuction cost in Turkey is $1,805
  • Ultrasound Assisted method for tummy liposuction before and after cost in Turkey is $1,995
  • Power Assisted method for Abdomen Liposuction Cost in Turkey in Turkey is $1,900
  • Laser Assisted method for belly liposuction cost in Turkey is $2,128
  • The Vaser Liposuction method for Abdomen Liposuction Cost in Turkey is $2,347. 
Abdomen / Tummy / Belly Fat Liposuction in Turkey Average Cost in (USD)
Manual $1,805
Ultrasound Assisted $1,995
Powe Assisted $1,900
Laser Assisted $2,128
Vaser Liposuction $2,347

Contact us for laser belly fat removal, lower belly liposuction, belly fat removal cost.

Medical Facilities in Different Cities of Turkey

Abdomen Liposuction Cost in Turkey

The magnificent city of Istanbul and Ankara, the capital of Turkey, and other beautiful cities like Antalya, Izmir, Bursa, Adana, Gaziantep, and Konya have different methods and different costs for abdomen liposuction which is helpful for neighborhood countries to visit turkey in less time.

A patient can visit the most suitable and less distant city in Turkey for abdomen liposuction. It will make travel easy and affordable.

Abdomen Liposuction Cost in Turkey

  • tummy tuck with lipo on flanks Cost in Ankara is $1,900
  • Abdomen Liposuction Cost in Istanbul is $1,919
  • liposuction belly fat Cost in Antalya is $1,995
  • upper abdomen liposuction Cost in Izmir is $2,033
  • belly fat reduction surgery Cost in Bursa is $2,014
  • laser belly fat removal cost in Adana is $2,005
  • midsection liposuction Cost in Gaziantep is $2,014
  • liposuction belly price in Konya is $2,043

Non-Invasive Stomach Fat Removal Cost

Abdomen Liposuction Cost in Turkey

Abdomen / Tummy / Belly Fat Liposuction in Turkey

Average Cost in (USD)
Ankara $1,900
Istanbul $1,919
Antalya $1,995
Izmir $2,033
Bursa $2,014
Adana $2,005
Gaziantep $2,014
Konya $2,043

Abdominoplasty in Turkey

Abdominoplasty in Turkey is an aesthetic procedure for excess fat removal from the abdomen. This surgery helps to provide tight abdominal muscles and a flat abdomen. However, this surgery is not suitable for weight loss. It is not liposuction, but you can have Abdominoplasty and liposuction simultaneously as a combination for a Tummy tuck and belly fat removal.

Types of Abdominoplasty in Turkey

There are primary types of Abdominoplasty:

Full Abdominoplasty

The surgeon will create an incision from the hipbone to do the complete tummy tuck during this procedure. You may require to use drainage tubes for some days after the surgery.

Mini or Partial Abdominoplasty

This option is best for people seeking to remove fat pockets under the navel part. The surgeon will most likely not move the belly button so that the procedure will complete in less time.

Abdomen Liposuction Cost in Turkey

The average Abdominoplasty cost in Turkey is $4200. 

The lowest Abdominoplasty Cost in Turkey is $1800, and the highest Abdominoplasty Cost in Turkey is $9550, while the average international Abdominoplasty Cost Surgery is around $12,000. 

Abdomen Liposuction Cost in Turkey 2022

International Cost Comparison of Abdomen, Tummy, Belly Fat Liposuction

Tummy, Belly Fat, Abdomen Liposuction cost in the UK range between £2,50 and £4,500.

Tummy, Belly Fat, Abdomen Liposuction cost in the Netherlands range between €1700 to €3000.

Tummy, Belly Fat, Abdomen Liposuction costs in the US range between 3000$ to 6000$.

Tummy, Belly Fat, Abdomen Liposuction cost in Turkey range between €1600 to €2000

Tummy, Belly Fat, Abdomen Liposuction cost in the Philippines is $2,500– $3,800

Tummy, Belly Fat, Abdomen Liposuction cost in Germany is €2800.

Tummy, Belly Fat, Abdomen Liposuction cost in Japan is ¥166,400(Upper part) – ¥193,700 (beneath).

Tummy, Belly Fat, Abdomen Liposuction costs Mexico $2,500-3,000.

Tummy, Belly Fat, Abdomen Liposuction costs Thailand $8210 – $9680.

Tummy, Belly Fat, Abdomen Liposuction costs in Switzerland €3,620


International Cost Comparison & Abdomen Liposuction Cost in Turkey 2022


UK Netherlands US Turkey Philippines
Cost £4,500 €3000 $6000 €2000




Germany Japan Mexico Thailand Switzerland
Cost €2800 ¥193,700 $3,000 $9680 €3,620


Medical Insurance Turkey: Abdomen Liposuction

The liposuction cost varies depending on the surgical procedure, fat suction volume, and the treated area’s size. An initial consultation with an expert allows you an individualized estimate to calculate and compare the cost in Turkey.

Abdomen liposuction cost is not covered by mutual insurance. If you have a general health insurance plan, check if they can cover abdomen liposuction. A patient can ask for insurance, especially for post-surgery complications.

Turkey clinics and hospitals have insurance plans for abroad patients for medical coverage with a wide range of options to fit every individual’s lifestyle.

An abroad patient also has the option to get an insurance policy in Turkey to cover missed flights or cancellation expenses. However, be mindful about including flight delay expenses in the insurance plan to get benefits.

Can I travel to Turkey without Insurance?

Travel insurance is not compulsory, but if you have it, it can help in unforeseen circumstances of loss or delays or seeking medical emergency treatment.

Contact us for abdominal lipo before and after, belly fat reduction surgery, lower stomach lipo.

Best Hospital in Turkey for Abdomen / Tummy / Belly Fat Liposuction in Turkey 2022

The health care system in Turkey has private and public health services. It is a multipurpose country that provides quality medical care and leisure options. Because of the development level in the healthcare field, Turkey is one of the most popular countries treatment of diseases.

JCI-Accredited Hospitals

Global renowned accreditation bodies confirm the quality of several hospitals in Turkey. In addition, more than 50 Turkish clinics are accredited by JCI – Joint commission international.

JCI accreditation assesses a healthcare facility’s submission with introduced and internationally recognized criteria.

The goal is to improve the patient quality of care and medical care. Turkish hospital rank second in the world accredited by this association.

Available Registered Drugs

Patients from the CIS countries often face the issues of necessary medicines in their nearby countries. In Turkey, every medicine is registered. Usually, they are required for targeted and immune therapy to treat rare ailments uncommon in the CIS countries. Specialists have the opportunity to choose a medicine for every patient individually. Similarly, they take every feature of a particular disease.

Innovative Technologies and Modern Equipment for Treatment

Public, private, and university hospitals are equipped with treatment equipment and modern diagnostics, particularly in Istanbul and Ankara. Several clinics in Turkey offer high-tech medical facilities for aesthetic and other procedures.

A Combination of Treatment and Relaxation

Turkey is the best option for health improvement for a pleasant stay. After the necessary treatment course, recovery, and rehabilitation, there is a facility for good rest. In addition, patients can take more excursions to check traditional attractions to spend time.

Contact us to find best hospital for abdomen liposuction in Turkey.

Success Rate of Abdomen / Tummy / Belly Fat Liposuction in Turkey 2022

The liposuction procedure only targets subcutaneous fat under the skin of the tummy, abdomen, and belly muscles. The abdomen is the most common body part of accumulating fat around the internal organs which can be removed with liposuction. During the liposuction surgery, high-volume liposuction is considered to remove five liters of fats equal to 10 pounds. In addition, it can lower fat and slim stomach muscles better than other procedures. Therefore, Turkey has achieved a 98% success rate in abdomen liposuction, Belly fat removal, liposuction, and Tummy liposuction.

5 Years After Liposuction

While considering liposuction, you may wonder if it will be worth 5-10 years. Will it have permanent results? An individual investing money and time in this major surgery needs to accept the extent of their decision entirely and not rush into any surgical procedures.

Most people consider liposuction to remove the fat amount in certain body parts to enhance body shape and contour. However, there is a common misconception that they can continue with the same lifestyle once the surgery is complete. However, there is a requirement to make permanent changes in lifestyle to keep the liposuction results long-lasting. Fat may come back if you need to care more about your eating habits and mobility.

Contact us for stomach fat removal surgery, stomach lipo before and after, abdominal liposuction before and after and Abdomen liposuction cost in Turkey.

Abdomen / Tummy / Belly Fat Liposuction Procedure in Turkey 2022

Before Abdomen Liposuction Procedure

When a patient arrives in Turkey for liposuction, the patient will meet the surgeon to discuss everything about the related procedure.

During the Abdomen Liposuction consultation, the surgeon will:

  • Check the medical history by questioning medical problems, medications, and previous operations (if any).
  • Examine the treated part and may recommend a lab test
  • Explain available techniques, side effects, expected results, and risks of the lipoplasty procedure.
  • Explain every instruction to follow them before and after the procedure.
  • On the other hand, the patient should explain slim body goals.

During Abdomen Liposuction Procedure

  • The patient will get anesthesia in the abdomen part of the body.
  • The surgeon will create an incision and add a cannula and a plastic tube to eliminate bodily fluids.
  • It is moved front and back for liposuction, and a surgical aspirated is connected with a cannula to suction out the fat.
  • Abdomen liposuction procedure will take around 1-2 hours, depending on the fat amount.
  • The patient can go home after abdomen liposuction on the same day.

Abdomen Liposuction Recovery 

  • After the abdomen liposuction surgery, the patient will be shifted to the recovery room for a few hours to examine oxygen levels and blood pressure.
  • If the anesthesia utilized was general, the surgeon would recommend staying for one night at the clinic. If you need to stay in the clinic, having a family member to stay with you would be good.
  • The next day, fluid discharge from the incision with bruising is expected.
  • The patient will feel pain for the next 24 hours but need not worry because the surgeon will provide antibiotics and painkillers.
  • Wear a compression cloth for 24 hours daily for one week.
  • Keep moving after every two hours to prevent blood clots.
  • Then wear a compression cloth for 12 hours every day for two weeks.
  • The swelling may remain for one month.

Benefits of Abdomen / Tummy / Belly Fat Liposuction in Turkey

  • Remove excess fat safely
  • It may lower cellulite or enhance the cellulite appearance
  • Improve overall health
  • Boost self-esteem
  • improve sculpting the body part
  • Increase confidence
  • Lower Blood Fat Levels
  • Prevention of Risky Health Problems

Risk and Complication of Abdomen / Tummy / Belly Fat Liposuction in Turkey

  • Bruising
  • Anesthesia risks
  • Infection
  • The difference in skin sensation that may last
  • Damage to more in-depth structures, such as blood vessels, nerves, and muscles
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Irregular pigmentation
  • Uneven contours or asymmetries
  • Poor wound healing
  • Need for revision surgery
  • Swelling
  • Continued swelling
  • Loose skin, deepening of cellulite

Frequently Asked Question

Do I Need a Visa for Turkey In 2022?

Yes, the visa is necessary for the Turkey visit. Valid passport holders are allowed to stay for 90 days abroad.

Is A European Health Insurance Card Valid in Turkey?

The European health insurance card is not valid in Turkey. Therefore, you need to take enough travel health insurance and accessible amount to manage the cost of medical treatment abroad.

Is Liposuction Give Permanent Results for The Abdomen?

Abdomen / Tummy / Belly Fat Liposuction effectively eliminates extra fat from some body parts. However, a patient needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent fat regain.

Can A Person Have Multiple Liposuctions?

It depends on the health type of a patient. For example, if the surgeon recommends having abdomen liposuction with the back or thigh, a person can have multiple liposuctions.


Abdomen, Tummy, and Belly fat Liposuction is a safe procedure in Turkey because it is performed under expert surgeons only. Based on the present international experience, the harms of liposuction are incredibly low. However, rare problems could happen with any surgical treatment, including bleeding, infection, and nerve injury.

Complications are common in every surgery, but medication can manage mild complications. Therefore, take the necessary steps while planning belly or abdomen liposuction in Turkey.

Contact us for the best surgeons and clinics for liposuction in Turkey.

Best Surgeons for Abdomen / Tummy / Belly Fat Liposuction in Turkey


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