Breast Implants Surgery in Turkey

Breast enlargement is one of the top five most popular cosmetic procedures. Thousands of women from all over the world travel to Turkey, one of the most popular medical vacation destinations, each year to undergo this surgery. A woman’s breasts are a significant element of her overall attractiveness. They can improve the aesthetics of their breasts and get the desired look with this operation.

Breast implant surgery in Turkey is a safe and successful treatment that is carried out by internationally educated doctors in modern facilities. The doctors have performed breast augmentations using a variety of procedures and approaches. They employ the highest-quality implants and recommend the most appropriate procedure and implant based on the patient’s desired outcome.


Breast Implants Summary:

• Procedure Duration : 2 to 4 hours based on required correction.
• Anesthesia: General Anesthesia is preferred
• Pain Experience: After Breast Implants pain level will be there for 1-2 days. Medications can easily control pain.
• Hospital stay: No stay or 1 day required
• Recovery Time: 1 to 2 days post Breast Implants surgery
• Success rate: Very High


Breast Implants Surgery cost in Turkey

Breast Implant Type in Turkey Average Cost (US Dollars)
Saline Breast Implants $2,800
Silicone Gel Filled Breast Implants $2,900
Composite Breast Implants $2,700
Polypropylene Breast Implants $2,650
Gummy bear breast implants $2,950
Round breast implants $2,750
Smooth breast implants $2,850
Textured breast implants $2,800

Average Breast Implants price in Turkey is 2,700 USD.

Breast Implants price varies based on Body area for which Breast Implants surgery is required.

Average Saline Breast Implants price in Turkey is $2,800.
Average Silicone Gel Filled Breast Implants price in Turkey is $2,900.
Average Composite Breast Implants price in Turkey is $2,700.
Average Polypropylene Breast Implants price in Turkey is $2,650.
Average Gummy bear breast implants price in Turkey is $2,950.
Average Round breast implants price in Turkey is $2,750.
Average Smooth breast implants price in Turkey is $2,850.
Average Textured breast implants price in Turkey is $2,800.

Why Breast Implants Surgery in Turkey?

You can have breast Implant surgery in Turkey. Plastic surgery, including breast implant surgery, is widely developed in this country. Other operations, such as breast lipofilling, lift, or reduction, are also performed by the surgeons in this country. Modern implants are used in Turkish plastic surgery clinics. Talented surgeons, whose skills are in high demand all around the world, can be found here. As a result, medical tourism in Turkey is quickly growing. Patients from all over the world are flocking to this country to take advantage of the country’s medical services in the field of plastic surgery.

Although breast augmentation Turkey costs are low when compared to many Western countries, the total cost might vary depending on a number of factors, including:

    • Hospital or clinic is your option.
    • Experience of a surgeon
    • Requires a certain amount of time to stay
    • Whether or not any extra surgery is required
    • Accommodation options
    • The cost of a breast implant in Turkey varies based on the type and quality of the implant utilized.

How much does Breast Implants Cost in Turkey

Breast Implants Area cost in Turkey Average Cost (US Dollars)
Ankara 2610
Istanbul 2900
Antalya 2784
Izmir 2726
Bursa 2581
Adana 2871
Gaziantep 2784
Konya 2726

Average Breast Implants price in Turkey is 2,700 USD.

Average Breast Implant Cost in Ankara is 2610.
Average Breast Implant Cost in Istanbul is 2900.
Average Breast Implant Cost in Antalya is 2784.
Average Breast Implant Cost in Izmir is 2726.
Average Breast Implant Cost in Bursa is 2581.
Average Breast Implant Cost in Adana is 2871.
Average Breast Implant Cost in Gaziantep is 2784.
Average Breast Implant Cost in Konya is 2726.

Breast Implants Reviews in Turkey

Breast Implants surgery reviews in Turkey from past clients is favorable. Most of the clients are happy with Breast Implants surgery outcome.

You can find Breast Implants Surgery reviews for each Plastic surgeon separately here.

You can find Breast Implants Surgery reviews for each Plastic Surgery Hospital separately here.


Top 10 advice given by Breast Implants surgery clients in Turkey are,

Choose the right Plastic Surgeon based on reviews from past clients

Discuss Breast Implants surgery cost in detail before admission

Get Breast Implants Before and After photos from past clients

Visit the facility once and see yourself if everything is fine there

Talk to previous clients in the Hospital

Get detailed Breast Implants cost before surgery including OT Charges, Surgeon fees, drugs, post-operative care, Nursing, etc.

If you are planning to combine Tourism with Breast Implants surgery, better complete tourism activities first. You might not be comfortable roaming around easily after Breast Implants Surgery in Turkey

After Breast Implants surgery Don’t leave Hospital until you are comfortable

Plan for at least 1 day extra from advised number of days in Turkey for Breast Implants surgery

Always Book Hotel near to Hospital where you are getting Breast Implants surgery done

Breast Implants Surgery in Istanbul

Many clients prefer to do Breast Implants surgery in Istanbul because,

  • Availability of International flights
  • Many Breast Implants surgeons in Istanbul
  • Specialist Aesthetic Surgery clinics in Istanbul
  • Breast Implants price in Istanbul is affordable
  • You can easily combine Tourism with Breast Implants in Istanbul
  • Breast Implants Reviews in Istanbul are impressive

Breast Implants Cost in Istanbul

Average Saline Breast Implants price in Istanbul is $2,800.
Average Silicone Gel Filled Breast Implants price in Istanbul is $2,900.
Average Composite Breast Implants price in Istanbul is $2,700.
Average Polypropylene Breast Implants price in Istanbul is $2,650.
Average Gummy bear breast implants price in Istanbul is $2,950.
Average Round breast implants price in Istanbul is $2,750.
Average Smooth breast implants price in Istanbul is $2,850.
Average Textured breast implants price in Istanbul is $2,800.

What to expect on the day of Breast Implants surgery in Turkey?

The procedure to expand the breasts takes roughly 2 hours. General anesthesia is used to put patients to sleep and make it easier for surgeons to operate during operations, which are always under the supervision of anesthesiologists.

  • A doctor incises an incision and stitches it to instal breast implants.
  • The usage of protective clothing may be required.
  • A surgeon may use a drain tube to reduce bruises and swelling following surgery, which can be removed the next day.

Is Breast Implants surgery is safe in Turkey?

Thousands of breast augmentation surgeries are performed in Turkey each year. The procedure is safe in and of itself; however, the ultimate results may differ from one candidate to the next, depending on overall expectations and body type. Breast augmentation in Turkey has a success rate of around 98 %.

Breast Implants Surgery Technologies in Turkey

Turkey provides the following types of breast augmentation:

Periareolar incision (breast augmentation nipple incision)

Halfway around the lower circle of the areola, a periareolar incision is made. The somewhat rough texture and deeper color of the areola edge hide the scar, resulting in a well-concealed scar. If scarring is your main worry, this is the best option. The periareolar incision is also preferable because it allows for easier and more precise implant location because the implants must be inserted directly behind the areola and nipple.

Infra-mammary incision

The infra-mammary fold, which is the horizontal furrow where the breast joins the torso, is the most common incision location (breast fold). The majority of plastic surgeons favor this location because it allows them direct access to the tissue that needs to be changed in order to construct the implant pocket. The surgeon can also see the tissues, which makes the surgery more exact. Furthermore, implant placement is more precise. This incision may accommodate any size implant, and there is a lesser chance of breastfeeding issues and nipple feeling changes.

Transaxillary incision

The armpit is where the transaxillary incision is made. A tunnel to the breast is constructed with this incision, allowing a pocket to be established for implant implantation. An endoscope, a lighted camera, is utilized to assist with this. When employing the transaxillary method, saline implants are often favored since they are smaller (saline implants do not come pre-filled, so only the shell needs to be put), however certain surgeons can also instal silicone implants. Only the armpit has scars; the breasts are scar-free.

TUBA stands for transumbilical incision.

The transumbilical incision, often known as TUBA, is the least popular method. It’s made in the belly button, and the scar is neatly disguised inside the folds. This also necessitates considerable tunneling for indirect access to the breasts, making precise implant placement extremely challenging. Poorly positioned implants and abnormal-looking results are, in fact, one of the most common TUBA problems. I don’t employ this approach because of the significant risk of complications. It’s simply not worth taking the chance.

Breast Implants recovery time in Turkey

After breast enlargement surgery, you should be able to walk around quite quickly.

Because full recovery after surgery can take a few weeks, you should take a week or two off work. You should also refrain from driving for at least one week. For up to three months after breast surgery, some surgeons advocate wearing a sports bra 24 hours a day (check with your surgeon).

For at least a month, avoid hard lifting and intense exercise. Your stitches will be removed after 1 or 2 weeks.

What should you know before Breast Implants surgery in Turkey?

A number of medical evaluations are performed during the preoperative or preparation phase in a hospital or clinic to assess whether breast surgery is an option for the candidate. Once this has been determined that breast augmentation is possible, the plastic surgeons will explain realistic surgical expectations and assist in selecting the optimal breast implant type. Medical examinations may involve the following.

Examination of the candidate’s medical history

  • To design the alterations, a complete physical evaluation of the breasts is required.
  • Tests of the blood and radio-logical studies
  • Anesthesiologist evaluation to evaluate and reduce anesthesia-related hazards

If the patient is a smoker, she will be advised to stop smoking after the surgery is verified and arranged. The doctor will also ask you to stop taking any medications that could make you bleed. The patient must tell the doctor about any prescription and over-the-counter drugs, herbal products, and vitamins that they are using. If necessary, they will have to come to a halt.

Breast Implants procedure details in Turkey

To begin, an incision is made in the skin that covers the breast and the surrounding tissue. To instal the breast implant, a pocket is formed within the tissue region.

The filler material in all types of breast implants is covered by a silicone elastomer outer shell. They come in a variety of shapes, including circular, oval directed projection, and contoured. Anatomic implants are those that have tapered tips and a larger size at the bottom. These implants have a form that nearly resembles the natural shape of a mature woman’s breasts.

  • Silicone gel-filled implants have a movement, weight, and feel that is extremely comparable to real breasts. The cohesive gel of today’s gel-type implants is a thick viscous fluid that keeps the implant in place even if the outer shell is destroyed. Gel implants are pre-filled and sealed, which means they can’t be modified in the operating room.
  • In the operating room, doctors fill silicone rubber shells with sterile salt water or saline. If the implants begin to leak, the saline utilized as a body’s intravenous fluid will be absorbed by the body without causing any harm. They are popular due to their high level of safety. In this approach, the implants are inserted empty through a rather small incision.
  • The implant’s surface might be smooth or textured. Texturing is crucial because it is thought that hardened scarring around the implants can be avoided. Because the textured surface is thicker, there will be fewer risks of implant rupture. Texturing also helps to stabilize the implant, which is useful at times.
  • There are two ways to make a pocket for breast implants. This is in reference to the pectoralis major muscular fascia, which is located deep within the breast tissue. Sub-glandular placement occurs when the pocket is created right behind the breast tissue, on top of the muscular fascia. Controlling the contour of the breast and a speedy post-operative recovery are two advantages of this pocket. However, there is still a potential of seeing the implant’s edge through the skin.
  • When implants are placed sub-muscularly, a pocket is created beneath the chest wall muscles. Because the edges of the implants are hidden by the muscles, the breast contour seems smooth. There will be less of a likelihood of harsh scarring around the implant’s rim. Even the sensation of a nipple is properly preserved.

Breast Implants Advantages in Turkey

The Breast Augmentation’s Advantages

  • A basic procedure that does not necessitate the patients staying overnight.
  • The rates of morbidity and mortality are minimal.
  • Enhances a woman’s overall beauty and look.
  • Enhances self-assurance
  • There are no obvious scars from the incision.

Do I need Medical visa for Breast Implants surgery in Turkey?

Yes, to visit Turkey for Breast Implants surgery, you’ll need a Medical Tourist Visa. Medical visas must be applied for under the Non-Immigrant visa category. You may enter the nation with a valid tourist visa and then receive medical care. Overseas visitors other than Americans, must apply for a tourist or business visa before entering the country. Turkey Consulate can be contacted by phone or email.

Breast Implants Insurance in Turkey

Breast Implants is very common procedure performed across multiple hospitals or clinics in Turkey. However Breast Implants Insurance coverage depends on Insurance policy you have taken. Contact here for Breast Implants coverage details in Turkey.

Who is the right candidate for Breast Implants in Turkey?

If you want to have breast implants, you should consider the following factors:

  • Aren’t happy with the size or form of their breasts.
  • Have lopsided or uneven breasts.
  • Have had changes in the look of their breasts, such as a decrease in size after giving birth to a child.
  • Desire to reconstruct the breast following a medical operation, such as a mastectomy. One or both breasts may be surgically removed and reconstruction is required.
  • Equalize the breasts that have been unevenly shaped as a result of breast surgery for other reasons.
  • Boost your self-esteem and self-image.

Breast Implants Before and After Photos in Turkey

Due to privacy polices of client, before and after photos of Breast Implants Surgery results cannot post publicly. For the photos you can reach out to us.

Is Breast Implants Surgery results permanent?

Breast augmentation is a popular procedure for improving the appearance of your breasts. It is usually believed to be safe and is built to last a long time. Although breast augmentation is a permanent cosmetic treatment, the appearance of the results can be (more or less) changed by removing or replacing the implant.

Best Breast Implants Surgeons in Turkey

Best Breast Implants Hospitals in Turkey

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FAQs on Breast Implants Surgery in Turkey

Who is the Best Breast Implants Surgeon in Turkey?

Find the Best Breast Implants surgeon in Turkey based on Rating and Reviews from past clients here.

What is Breast Implants price in Turkey?

Breast Implants price varies based on multiple factors including technology used. Find Breast Implants cost in Turkey here.

Can I get Breast Implants Surgery before and after photos?

Yes. Contact us here for Breast Implants surgery Before and After photos

Where can I find Reviews for Breast Implants surgery in Turkey?

Find Breast Implants surgery Reviews from past clients here.

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