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CoolSculpting Surgery in Turkey


CoolSculpting Surgery in Turkey is one of the popular Plastic Surgeries of the Country. Tourist From all across the world come here at medical visa to get done CoolSculpting from experts.   CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat removal treatment that does not require anaesthetic, needles, or incisions. It works on the premise of chilling subcutaneous fat to the point where the fat cells are destroyed and absorbed by the body as a result of the cooling process. CoolSculpting is based on cryolipolysis, which breaks down fatty tissue by using the biological response to cold. The mechanism enables fat cells to die gradually by draining energy from fat layers while leaving nearby neurons, muscle, and other tissues intact.

CoolSculpting Surgery cost in Turkey

CoolSculpting cost in Turkey Average Cost (US Dollars)
CoolSculpting 1000

Average CoolSculpting price in Turkey is 1000 USD.


Why CoolSculpting Surgery in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the famous destination for medial tourism, tourist from many countries come here for CoolSculpting Surgery. Turkey provides best CoolSculpting Surgeons with decades of expertise experience in the field. The Turkish medical clinics’ staffs also provide best services before and after services. CoolSculpting Surgery in Turkey are cheapest among other countries.

  • Expert Doctors
  • Hospitals with international accreditation.
  • Quick recovery.
  • Latest CoolSculpting techniques
  • Affordable CoolSculpting cost in Turkey
  • Favorable CoolSculpting reviews from past clients in Turkey

How much does CoolSculpting Cost in Turkey


CoolSculpting cost in Turkey Average Cost (US Dollars)
Ankara 900
Istanbul 1000
Antalya 975
Izmir 850
Bursa 950
Adana 1050
Gaziantep 975
Konya 925


Average CoolSculpting price in Turkey is 1000 USD.


Average CoolSculpting price in Ankara is 900 USD.
Average CoolSculpting price in Istanbul is 1000 USD.
Average CoolSculpting price in Antalya is 975 USD .
Average CoolSculpting price in Izmir is 850 USD.
Average CoolSculpting price in Bursa is 950 USD.
Average CoolSculpting price in Adana is 1050 USD.
Average CoolSculpting price in Gaziantep is 975 USD.
Average CoolSculpting price in Konya is 925 USD.

CoolSculpting Reviews in Turkey

CoolSculpting surgery reviews in Turkey from past clients is favorable. Most of the clients are happy with CoolSculpting surgery outcome.

You can find CoolSculpting Surgery reviews for each Plastic surgeon separately here.

You can find CoolSculpting Surgery reviews for each Plastic Surgery Hospital separately here.


Top 10 advice given by CoolSculpting surgery clients in Turkey are,

Choose the right Plastic Surgeon based on reviews from past clients

Discuss CoolSculpting surgery cost in detail before admission

Get CoolSculpting Before and After photos from past clients

Visit the facility once and see yourself if everything is fine there

Talk to previous clients in the Hospital

Get detailed CoolSculpting cost before surgery including OT Charges, Surgeon fees, drugs, post-operative care, Nursing, etc.

If you are planning to combine Tourism with CoolSculpting surgery, better complete tourism activities first. You might not be comfortable roaming around easily after CoolSculpting Surgery in Turkey

After CoolSculpting surgery Don’t leave Hospital until you are comfortable

Plan for at least 1 day extra from advised number of days in Turkey for CoolSculpting surgery

Always Book Hotel near to Hospital where you are getting CoolSculpting surgery done

CoolSculpting Surgery in Istanbul

Many clients prefer to do CoolSculpting surgery in Istanbul because,

  • Availability of International flights
  • Many CoolSculpting surgeons in Istanbul
  • Specialist Aesthetic Surgery clinics in Istanbul
  • CoolSculpting price in Istanbul is affordable
  • You can easily combine Tourism with CoolSculpting in Istanbul
  • CoolSculpting Reviews in Istanbul are impressive

CoolSculpting Cost in Istanbul

Average CoolSculpting Price In Istanbul Is $1000

What to expect on the day of CoolSculpting surgery in Turkey?

During the consultation, the dermatologist will determine the locations where the operation will be performed, and these places will be covered with a specific protective material to safeguard your skin. CoolSculpting applicators are put in the targeted locations, and the area is vacuumed. During the procedure, CoolSculpting cools the area in a regulated manner, and cryolipolysis technology begins structural changes in the fat cells.

CoolSculpting treatment times vary depending on the region to be treated and the applicator diameter. A single session, however, is sufficient and takes about 30-60 minutes. Controlled low temperatures cause fat cells to crystallize, which is then broken down by the body and eventually removed through the normal way.

Is CoolSculpting surgery is safe in Turkey?

Yes, CoolSculpting Surgery is totally safe in Turkey. CoolSculpting is a technique that is both safe and effective. It is considered to have approximately 96% of Success Rate in Turkey.

According to a study, a single session of CoolSclupting can result in fat loss of 20 percent to 80 percent. While many people can obtain their desired results after just one treatment, others will require multiple treatments to attain their objectives. It’s also worth noting that the outcome isn’t immediate. Four weeks after the surgery, you’ll start to see results, and two months later, you’ll see the most significant ones.

CoolSculpting recovery time in Turkey

After the treatment, you can expect a quick recovery. After the treatment, your doctor may enable you to resume your normal daily activities and return to work practically immediately.

In three weeks, the results of the cool sculpting may be seen. After two to three months, the full effects are visible. After the initial treatment, the fat flushing procedure can last up to 6 months. After a CoolSculpting procedure, there is little to no downtime.

What should you know before CoolSculpting surgery in Turkey?

CoolSculpting does not necessitate extensive preparation. However, it’s critical to ensure that your body is in good health and that you’re close to your target weight. CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss procedure, and persons who are extremely overweight or obese are not good candidates. A good candidate is healthy, fit, and looking for a way to get rid of belly fat.

Although bruising from the applicator’s suction is normal following CoolSculpting, anti-inflammatories like aspirin should be avoided before the operation. This will assist in the reduction of any bruising that may occur.

CoolSculpting procedure details in Turkey

A doctor or a trained healthcare practitioner does CoolSculpting. During the operation, we can anticipate the following:

  • A handheld gadget is used to do the surgery.
  • The applicators on the gadget are similar to those on a vacuum cleaner.
  • The treatment region is covered with a gel pad and an applicator.
  • The applicator cools the targeted fat in a regulated manner.
  • Suction and cooling technologies are then applied to the target location as the device is moved.
  • The treatment is relatively painless.
  • After the treatment, the specialist will massage the area to break down the frozen fat tissues.
  • Each therapy can last anywhere from one to three hours, and patients are frequently awake while reading or listening to music.

After the CoolSculpting surgery

While CoolSculpting treatments will not cause long-term discomfort, you may suffer transient discomforts such as numbness, bruising, redness, soreness, and itching. Within a few days of treatment, all of these adverse effects normally diminish and vanish on their own. Wearing comfortable apparel, such as big shirts, can help to alleviate your discomfort. You could also want to think about wearing Spanx or other compression garments.

To minimize inflammation, it’s also crucial to maintain moving by completing some simple workouts. Massage therapy, deep breathing exercises, meditation, and guided visualization can all help you feel better.

If you’re in pain, your doctor may recommend taking over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers. To relieve pain, you can take acetaminophen (Tylenol) or a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine (NSAID), such as ibuprofen. Before taking any drugs, consult your doctor.

CoolSculpting Advantages in Turkey

  • There is no need for surgery.
  • Applied by a Doctor. – The treatment will be administered by a doctor for optimal effect.
  • One Session Is Enough – Fat reduction of 20% to 40% in each location.
  • Totally Safe – The CE Mark Class IIa and FDA documentation represent the treatment’s safety.
  • There is no need to go on a diet or change your eating habits.

Do I need Medical visa for CoolSculpting surgery in Turkey?

Yes, to visit Turkey for CoolSculpting surgery, you’ll need a Medical Tourist Visa. Medical visas must be applied for under the Non-Immigrant visa category. You may enter the nation with a valid tourist visa and then receive medical care. Overseas visitors other than Americans, must apply for a tourist or business visa before entering the country. Turkey Consulate can be contacted by phone or email.

CoolSculpting Insurance in Turkey

CoolSculpting is very common procedure performed across multiple hospitals or clinics in Turkey. However CoolSculpting Insurance coverage depends on Insurance policy you have taken. Contact here for CoolSculpting coverage details in Turkey.

Who is the right candidate for CoolSculpting Surgery in Turkey?

It is suitable for men and women over the age of 15 who have stubborn fat problems, do not want to undergo a surgical procedure such as liposuction, and are unable to get results through diet and exercise.

Except for pregnant women and those who are allergic to cold, CoolSculpting can be used on anyone, regardless of gender.

CoolSculpting Before and After Photos in Turkey

Due to privacy polices of client, before and after photos of CoolSculpting Surgery results cannot post publicly. For the photos you can reach out to us.

Is CoolSculpting Surgery results permanent?

CoolSculpting, unlike all other fat reduction methods, results in a permanent reduction in the amount of fat cells. As a result, the outcomes are permanent.

Even while lasting results show two months following treatment, the effects of the treatment can be seen as early as the second week. In 1.5 months, you’ll notice a difference in your skin. The removal of fat cells continues for four months after the Coolsculpting process.

Best CoolSculpting Surgeons in Turkey

Dr. Fatma Soysuren – Find Prices, Reviews and Book App Claimed

Dr. Fatma Soysuren Dr. Fatma Soysuren is famous female plastic surgeon. She completed her medical graduation from Ege University Faculty of Medicine and completed her residency specialty in Ear Nose Throat and Head & Neck Surgery at Ege University Medical Faculty.  She has membership of many associations such as European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, Turkish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery and Turkish Society of ENT Surgery.  In numerous hospitals, she worked as a specialist in the departments of Otorhinolaryngology, Nose and Face Aesthetic Surgery. Now, she work in his own clinic in Izmir, representing her expertise and knowledge to her patients. She keeps track on conferences and seminars. She expertise in many surgeries such as Rhinoplasty & Facial Aesthetic Surgeries, Closed Technic Rhinoplasty Surgery and Facial Fillers, Blepharoplasty Surgeries.    [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Dr. Fatma Soysuren Educati

Dr. Omer Polat – Find Prices, Reviews and Book Appoint Claimed

Dr. Omer Polat Dr. Omer Polat is a popular plastic surgeon in Turkey. He completed his Medical graduation from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 2011 and specialization studies in 2018 from Gazi University Faculty of Medicine. He specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgeries such as Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Reduction, Lifting and Non-Surgical/Surgical Face Rejuvenation.  Dr. Polat got his fellowship from Helsinki University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Plastic Surgery, Helsinki, Finland. Between 2011 and 2016, Dr. Polat received various certifications from Turkish and European medical schools.In 2017, he also got Turkish Reconstructive Microsurgery Association Scholarship as an Observership ASAN Medical Centre Seoul Korea.  Then in 2018 he joined Izmir Tepecik Education And Research Hospital as a Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon. And from 2020 he started working as Izmir Ozel Saglik Hospital as Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon.

Dr. Arif Eroglu – Find Prices, Reviews and Book Appoin Claimed

Dr. Arif Eroglu Dr. Arif Eroglu was born on November 28, 1970. He performs plastic surgeries not not for Turkish people but also for people all over the world.  In 1993, he received his medical degree from Ege University's Faculty of Medicine. At Ankara Dş Kap SSK Hospital, he specializes in Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery. He worked as a specialist at Paşabahçe SSK Hospital from 2002 to 2003, and at Kartal Yavuz Selim State Hospital from 2003 to 2006, after which he exclusively served in his private clinic. Dr. Arif Eroglu acquired his medical skin applied training and qualifications after performing the first rejuvenation and Fractional CO2 Laser applications in Rome and Milan. Dr. obtained it from Bonan. Dr. Zerbinati provided Dr. Arif Eroglu with Laser Lipolysis training and certification. Arif Erolu, Op. Dr., was born on November 28, 1970. In 1993, he received his medical degree from Ege University's Faculty of Medicine. At Ankara Dş Kap SSK Hospital, he specializes in Ae

Best CoolSculpting Hospitals in Turkey

No Listings Found

FAQs on CoolSculpting Surgery in Turkey

Who is the Best CoolSculpting Surgeon in Turkey?

Find the Best CoolSculpting surgeon in Turkey based on Rating and Reviews from past clients here.

What is CoolSculpting price in Turkey?

CoolSculpting price varies based on multiple factors including technology used. Find CoolSculpting cost in Turkey here.

Can I get CoolSculpting Surgery before and after photos?

Yes. Contact us here for CoolSculpting surgery Before and After photos

Where can I find Reviews for CoolSculpting surgery in Turkey?

Find CoolSculpting surgery Reviews from past clients here.

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