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Full Body Liposuction in Turkey

Full body liposuction refers to cosmetic surgery for fat removal of body parts that have excess fats. The primary goal of full-body Liposuction is to reshape and rejuvenate your complete body. The liposuction procedure uses laser liposuction, Vaser lipo, lipo sculpt, or nonsurgical Liposuction. Find out Full Body Liposuction Cost in Turkey.

The full-body Liposuction includes Neck, Abdomen, Belly, Chin, Buttocks, Arm, Thigh, Breast, Love handles, Knee, Back, Calf, and Upper Arm.

Essential Things to Remember About Liposuction.

  • The procedure may take more time than regular Liposuction.
  • The procedure may last up to 2 hours or more, depending on the patient’s condition.
  • Liposuction is performed with local anesthesia, and general anesthesia is not required.
  • No requirement for hospitalization, and the patient can go back home after some hours and live a regular life.
  • The patient will get post-surgery care and advice on healthy diet management.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Liposuction?

  • Liposuction is a very individualized procedure. Therefore, you should do it for yourself and not for others. Generally, good candidates for the full body include:
  • Adults within 30% of their ideal weight who have elastic skin, firm skin, and good muscle tone
  • A healthy person without a medical condition that can affect healing
  • Non-smokers
  • Individuals with a positive outlook and particular goals for body contouring.
  • People under 40s

Can You Have Full Body Liposuction In One Day?

Liposuction can be done on different parts of the body with excess fat. But a person should not go for full body liposuction in one Day. Instead, you can have additional body part liposuction one by one for safety.

Full Body Liposuction Safe or Not?

Full body liposuction is safe and good, but not all at once. You can have multiple liposuction sessions with a combination of body parts like thighs and arms, belly and legs, abdomen and neck. Because performing full body liposuction at once or in one Day can cause risk, here are the reasons:

Fat Removal Limitations

The fluid that is eliminated during a liposuction procedure is called lipoaspirate. Lipoaspirate is created from a solution surgeons inject into the body to help with the process, also blood and liquid fat from the patient. Only some amount of lipoaspirate can be removed safely from a person in one session. This amount may differ depending on the patient’s weight, but no more than 5 liters from any patient can safely remove during a procedure.

Anaesthesia Safety

Local and general anesthesia injected versions applied in Liposuction have their limitations, side effects, and risks. Doing a total body liposuction procedure may be harmful because of the extended time the patient would be exposed to the anesthesia.


Liposuction surgery often needs the operating staff to position and reposition the patient so they can access the targeted treatment part. The team also needs time to properly prepare every part before they can safely do the procedure. The time required for these protocols combines the safety concern over anesthesia safety to create a situation that most surgeons disagree.


However, the method used or the targeted part, each finished part must be managed for post-surgery to ensure quality results and patient protection. Compression garments are needed for many weeks to help lower bruising and swelling. Additionally, some liposuction involves sutures that also need post-surgical care. The aftercare need for total body liposuction would be problematic and stressful to a patient. Contact us for vaser lipo, lipo sculpt, vaser lipo suction. Contact us for Full Body Liposuction Cost in Turkey.

Full Body Liposuction Cost in Turkey

There are different options available for full body liposuction cost in Turkey, starting from low-cost € 2,520, an average € 2,800, and a celebrity surgeon’s cost is € 3,360.

Full Body Liposuction Cost in Turkey Average Cost in (Euro)
Low Cost € 2,520
Average Cost € 2,800
Celebrity Surgeon € 3,360

What Comes Under Full Body Liposuction?

Chin/Submental Area/Neck Lipo

Your neck and chin play an essential role in appearance. A slender neck for females and a sculpted neck for make are attractive attributes that contribute to the beauty of a person. However, an element like genetics, age, and weight gain can cause stubborn fat pockets. Otherwise called submental fat, this fat does not respond well to all diets and workouts. For some, submental or chin Liposuction is the only viable option. Neck Liposuction Cost in Turkey is $1,500.

Chin liposuction can provide a lighter appearance and good treatment for jowls, double chin, and neck laxity. In addition, the result of chin liposuction provides a slimmer facial silhouette. Chin Liposuction Cost in Turkey is $1,400.

Contact us for more about chin and neck liposuction costs.

Cheeks Liposuction

Cheek liposuction helps to remove fat cells permanently from the sides of the face. Your surgeon uses cheek liposuction to shape and create contour in the affected part of the face. As your cheeks skin heals, your cheek will mold around the newly shaped part, resulting in a defined profile and a slimmer look. Some liposuction surgeons prefer to use cheek liposuction with a facelift to make a face slimmer. The patent will also have younger-looking skin in a single session.

Contact us for cheek liposuction cost and chubby cheek liposuction.

Chest Liposuction

Males with excess fat on their chests find it challenging to achieve a good shape. Fat build-up on the chest can mimic the appearance of the female body, especially for male breasts. Chest liposuction can provide males suffering from pseudo gyno a slimmer and extra masculine chest.

Liposuction may be used in conjunction with tissue removal for a male with true gyno. While lipo eliminates the extra fat, the tissue removal cuts away the glandular tissue, which is a valid reason for the condition. A consultation with a plastic surgeon can help to determine if you are suffering from pseudogynecomastia or gynecomastia and if you can have Liposuction. Chest Liposuction Cost in Turkey is $2800.

Abdomen/Waist/Hips/Outer Thighs Liposuction in Turkey

Your abdomen, outer thighs, and waist are standard for localized fat gathering. Liposuction treatment along these parts can remove stubborn fat and help you lower those inches that exercise and diet failed to clear. The hips, abdomen, thighs, and waist are the common problem area of the body for people when it comes to fat and improving appearance. Liposuction can make these parts slimmer, which can give you a drastic improvement in body appearance. Abdomen liposuction cost in Turkey is $1,900.

Back Liposuction in Turkey

The back is another wide part of the body for fat storage. An inactive lifestyle and continued sitting on a work chair can contribute to fat accumulating in the back part. It is complicated to lose back fat at some point in life if you are eating unhealthy or not moving much. Even workouts fail to remove back fat. Liposuction can eliminate these pesky parts of fat from the body and make you look slimmer. For men, the results can restore a defined and strong shoulder area. For females, you can get a sexy and trim hourglass shape. Check with your cosmetic surgeon about the results you will likely get based on body type, body contouring goals, and skin elasticity. The back liposuction cost in Turkey is $1,500.

Buttocks Liposuction in Turkey

Buttock liposuction can enhance your back’s size and shape, resulting in smoother and extra contoured results. In addition, Liposuction can lower the bulk of the buttocks. Your cosmetic surgeon can also enhance the body’s symmetry, roundness, and smoothness of the backside, which is a famous request with butt augmentation patients.

Liposuction is also combined with a procedure that is designed to improve buttocks. Instead of removing fat from the gluteal part, your surgeon will remove it from different body parts, such as the abdomen, before injecting it into your backside. As a result, you are unlikely to get adverse reactions to the fat tissues added to the fat part of your body, providing you improve buttocks and long-lasting results. Buttocks liposuction cost in Turkey is $1,600.

Lower Legs/Calf/Thighs/Ankles Liposuction in Turkey

For females more than males, fat can tend to accumulate in the inner thighs, ankles, and calves. That is because hormones in a woman’s body cause fat build-up to gather along with the lower body. Liposuction can give you extra leaner and improve natural legs. In addition, leg lipo can remove fat pockets from your thighs to ankles that do not go with a healthy diet or exercise.

Getting slimmer legs again makes me wear those clothes that fit better. It can also enhance self-esteem, making Liposuction of calves, thighs, and ankles well worth the investment. The Thigh liposuction cost in Turkey is $1,750, the Calf liposuction cost in Turkey is $1,200, the ankle liposuction cost in Turkey is $ 2500, and the Lower leg liposuction cost in Turkey is $ 1,400.

Knees Liposuction in Turkey

There is also an option to remove extra fat from the inner knees. In several cases, your surgeon will combine knee lipo with a combination of thighs to get a sleeker and different contoured look. The results of knee liposuction are long-lasting as you manage your weight and fitness levels. During knee surgery, the surgeon will insert specific areas around the knees from small incisions. Then, the physician will gently suction out the extra fat from the knees. Your surgeon may choose multiple sessions of knee lipo depending on your body contouring goals. The liposuction cost in Turkey is $1,600.

Tummy / Belly Fat Liposuction

Aging and unhealthy excess calories are often a reason for fat accumulation in belly fat, also called tummy fat. If a person tries different diets and gym, then also stubborn fat is not melting from the tummy, then Liposuction is the best choice to remove fat from the belly. Tummy tuck results are permanent and remove fat cells. It will require a specially designed instrument to correct stomach muscles and remove fat. The average cost of a Tummy Tuck in Turkey is $42oo. The minimum price of belly fat in Turkey is $1800, and the maximum cost of a Tummy tuck in Turkey is $9550.

Arm Liposuction

Arm liposuction refers to fat removal from flabby arms or upper arms. The fat cells are extracted during the procedure of Liposuction. However, new cells start to grow if you do not follow a healthy diet and maintain weight. Arm Liposuction cost in Turkey is $1,650.

Breast Liposuction

Since Turkey is the most developed and preferred county for plastic surgery, it provides high-quality treatment at affordable prices. Many women travel to Turkey for breast liposuction. Breast reduction surgeries are performed to lower the size of the breast. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, a woman’s body becomes shapeless if not maintained. Luckily you can get back your shape with Liposuction.

You can also have the option to increase breast size as you like to shape your body. Breast Liposuction cost in Turkey is $1,800.

Love Handles Liposuction

Love handles refer to fat tissue accumulation that lies between the hips, stomach, and back. It can be grasped between the fingers. These fatty love handles can occur in both men and men.

They occur in men and women despite regular diet and exercise. In addition, love handles increase with aging and hormonal variations, especially after menopause.

The surgery procedure starts with skin analysis of fatty masses to be removed. The surgeon then marks the part of the intervention with a surgical felt-tip pen and then adds a solution that liquefies the fatty tissues and removes them easily. Next, small incisions are made in the hip fold, where the surgeon adds fine cannulas with rounded tips and pierces at the ends. The suction system will progressively remove the clusters of adipocytes, helped by the hand of the surgeon, which exerts cross-fan movement, allowing the cellulite’s disappearance. Then incisions are closed using absorbable thread and covered with a bandage. Love Handles Liposuction Cost in Turkey $1,550.

Full Body Liposuction Price

The full-body liposuction cost in Turkey also depends on different methods used during the procedure. For example, manual full-body liposuction cost is $2660; Ultrasound Assisted cost is $2,940, Powe Assisted cost is $2,800, Laser Assisted cost is $3,136, and Vaser Liposuction cost is $3,458. This cost may increase depending on the patient’s height, weight, age, and the fat amount present in the body. The cost may also depend on the other body parts’ fat removal. Contact us for liposuction of the arm, costs liposuction, neck liposuction cost.

Full Body Liposuction Cost in Turkey

Full Body Liposuction Cost in Turkey Average Cost in (USD)
Manual $2,660
Ultrasound Assisted $2,940
Powe Assisted $2,800
Laser Assisted $3,136
Vaser Liposuction $3,458

Full Body Liposuction Cost in Turkey: Cities

Foreigner patients for full body liposuction costs have different choices in different cities. You can choose where you travel and which city in Turkey has less distance from your place so that you can find it easy to travel. You can also see which city has flights to your place to have full body liposuction treatment for shaping your body.

Here are different costs for full body liposuction in other cities of Turkey.

Full body liposuction cost in Istanbul is $2,828, full body liposuction cost in Ankara is $2,800, full body liposuction cos in Antalya is $2,940, full body liposuction cost in Izmir is $2,996.

Full body liposuction cost in Bursa is $2,968, full body liposuction cost in Adana is $2,954, full body liposuction cost in Gaziantep is $2,968, full body liposuction cost in Konya is $3,010. Contact us for non surgical liposuction,

non invasive liposuction. 

Full Body Liposuction Cost in Turkey Average Cost in (USD)
Ankara $2,800
Istanbul $2,828
Antalya $2,940
Izmir $2,996
Bursa $2,968
Adana $2,954
Gaziantep $2,968
Konya $3,010

Full Body Liposuction Cost in Turkey

Global Comparison

As we discussed, full-body Liposuction is not done at once but in different body part combinations. The liposuction cost in USA ranges from $1,000 – $20,000. In the UK, liposuction cost range between £2,000 to £6,000, depending on which hospital you choose and the body part being treated.

In comparison Liposuction Cost in Germany – is 2800 EUR, and the Liposuction cost in Switzerland is CHF 3.500. In contrast

The liposuction cost in South Korea is $6400, the lowest price is $2000, and the highest is $24500. So, looking at these prices, Turkey’s Full Body Liposuction Cost in Turkey is $2,660 – $2,800.

Country Full Body Liposuction Cost
USA $1,000 – $20,000
UK £2,000 to £6,000
Germany 2800 EUR
Turkey $2,660 – $2,800
Switzerland CHF 3.500
South Korea $6400

Full Body Liposuction Insurance in Turkey

Cosmetic surgery insurance for medical tourists may cover under their health insurance policy. However, if the health policy does not cover liposuction insurance, you can have insurance in your chosen hospital in Turkey. Tukey’s hospitals have collaborated with insurance companies and have pre-approved policies.

Abroad medical practitioners and health facilities may be legally responsible if there is medical negligence. It is called medical malpractice. Not every surgery succeeds, but there can be other reasons for medical complications.

So, the medical insurance will cover the complication management cost. Contact us for inner thigh fat removal, full body liposuction, liposuction abdomen.

Do You Need Medical Insurance in Turkey?

Medical insurance is mandatory in Turkey to have medical treatment before visiting Turkey.

What Is the Cost of Medical Insurance in Turkey?

If you have lived in Turkey for one year, you are eligible to apply for Universal health insurance. You can access all the medical care and monthly fee. The monthly premium is ₺850, which changes every year.

Full Body Liposuction Success Rate in Turkey

Liposuction is the third most operated aesthetic surgery in Turkey. With the help of proper follow-up and after-surgery care, the success rate of Liposuction in Turkey is high. According to a patient satisfaction survey, the liposuction success rate in Turkey is 90% to 97%.

Full Body Liposuction in Turkey: Reviews

  • Turkey is an advanced country for Liposuction.
  • Turkey offers the best plastic surgery surgeons and hospitals at a global standard.
  • Affordable treatment costs, short flight distance from western places like USA, Europe, UK, and visa-free entry appeal for visiting Turkey to get a cosmetic procedure done.
  • Turkey has highly qualified doctors, which help with fewer post-surgical complications.
  • Rhinoplasties and Botox treatments are famous procedures most tourists choose for their appearance. 
  • Health facilities are JCI accredited and have the latest infrastructure, advanced technologies, and qualified medical staff.
  • Best Surgeons available for Liposuction, tummy tuck, breast implant, breast lift, rhinoplasty, and facial surgery.
  • Medical visa and E-Visa facility available for forefingers.

Contact us for chest fat removal, buttocks liposuction, under armpit fat removal, nonsurgical liposuction.

Full Body Liposuction Hospitals in Turkey

  • Istanbul Dental and Plastic & Esthetic Group (IPEG), Istanbul
  • Istanbul Aesthetic Center, Sisli
  • Emsey Hospital, Pendik
  • Medistanbul Hospital, Istanbul
  • Kolan International Hospital, Istanbul
  • Hisar Hospital Intercontinental, Istanbul
  • Medical Park Group, İstanbul
  • İstinye Hospital, Bahçeşehir
  • American Hospital, Istanbul
  • Anadolu Medical Center, Kocaeli, Istanbul


Does Istanbul Have Good Healthcare?

In Istanbul, you will get Accredited Medical Centers by the JCI (joint commission international with the most extensive facilities. This ensures medical tourists in Istanbul that their treatments are top quality.


How Many Parts of Body Can be Treated with Lipo at Once?

There is no common opinion about limiting liposuction treatments during one session. Your cosmetic surgeon will analyze your medical history and health to make the right call. Most surgeons limit lipo sessions to -4 treatments to manage safety.

Full-Body Lipo Starts with Consultation

You must schedule a consultation with an experienced cosmetic surgeon before experiencing the fantastic cosmetic procedure. The first meeting will help your physician to know the aesthetic goals.

Liposuction is an effective and safe procedure to improve the overall aesthetic appearance of the body. If you have stubborn fat pockets, that will lead to love handles, a double chin, or saddlebags.

Full Body Liposuction Procedure in Turkey

Full body liposuction, also called large volume liposuction, is the surgical procedure of removing a fat cell from a hollow metal tube called a cannula added under the skin and fatty parts from small incisions.

  • The cannula is linked to a suction pump which sucks out the fatty deposits.
  • There are three different methods of full body, the ultrasonic liposuction procedure, the tumescent liposuction procedure, and the laser liposuction procedure.
  • Tumescent Liposuction involves a combination of vaso-constrictive fluid saline and an anesthetic called tumescent fluid injected into fatty deposits. This unique formula numbs the affected part and limits the blood flow to allow fat removal in large amounts with less blood loss.
  • Ultrasonic Liposuction utilizes a special ultrasonic probe from which ultrasonic waves pass to break down the fat cells, which are then suctioned out. This method is easy for full-body Liposuction but can have side effects like nerve damage, burns, and fluid build-up.
  • Laser liposuction utilizes a laser beam to melt the fatty deposits, which can then be taken out of the body. All full-body or extensive-volume liposuction procedures are gradually done under general anesthesia.

Surgery Recovery Stages

Immediate After Surgery

Your physician will use a compression garment to keep pressure on the part of Liposuction. When we do the surgery, we use a solution that has an anesthetic in it; therefore, initially, it is not that uncomfortable.

Few Hours After Surgery

Once the anesthetic wears off within some hours, mild discomfort usually starts. The level of soreness depends on the part where you get Liposuction. You should stay overnight at the hospital so your physician can observe any dehydration and fluid changes. 

At 3 To 5 Days Post-Surgery

You will go back to your physician to remove the garments, and they will check the cannula incisions.

First Week Of More

After the first week, the physician asks the patient to do a gentle massage to move around the build-up fluid, smoothing over the part. And then, over the next few weeks, one can expect swelling to lower.

Pros And Cons of Full Body Liposuction


  • Liposuction can permanently remove stubborn body fat pockets.
  • A plastic surgeon can eliminate larger volumes of extra fat in a single session than possible using a nonsurgical procedure.
  • Visible liposuction scars are commonly inconspicuous because the incisions for the cannula are very short. Some expert surgeons hide their one cm poke holes in parts like breast wrinkles, armpits, belly buttons, or the top of the buttock cleft.
  • The procedure help surgeon to reshape the body, especially when it is combined with fat transfer to include more fullness to different parts. It can create an hourglass figure in women and improve the muscular body of males.
  • Full-body Liposuction is worth it because it allows fitting into favorite clothes, brings back confidence, and makes one feel younger.  


  • Full body liposuction is surgery, and it needs time to heal. Especially if you have tumescent Liposuction, you will need two weeks to lower bruising, swelling, nerve pain, and numbness.
  • Once the body fat is eliminated, your skin could sag if it does not get enough flexibility to bounce back. Some patients even require to follow lipo with a skin tightening procedure.
  • Dimpling, asymmetry, and other contour irregularities can occur, especially if your surgeon does not have experience. Several cited scarring, disfigurement, and lumpiness as the reason. The surgeon has to know and consider the underlying muscle and skeletal anatomy to have a non-operate look.
  • While Liposuction permanently eliminates fat cells, the remaining fat cells can spread or create new ones if you gain weight.

Contact us liposuction and fat transfer cost, Full Body Liposuction Cost in Turkey.

Risk and Complications

As with any liposuction procedure, complications can occur. While oral antibiotics and right-wound care help to stop infection, this extra complication, although some are rare, could happen:

  • Scarring
  • bruising
  • discoloration or redness
  • sharp pain in nerves
  • skin necrosis
  • reactions to anesthesia or other medication

If you get symptoms, talk with your physician immediately. It is essential to choose an experienced surgeon to do Liposuction, which may help to stop these symptoms.


Liposuction is a technique to remove fat from body parts with extra fat. This medical treatment is suitable for people with excessive body fat or looking to have a slim body shape for the modeling industry. Removing excess fat can be helpful in further preventing obesity-related diseases. Turkey is the best country for low-cost liposuction for the entire body. After the procedure, recovery takes time, depending on your health type. Some people experience immediate healing. After complete body liposuction, the shape and size will change.

Best Plastic Surgeons for Full Body Liposuction in Turkey

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