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Knee Liposuction in Turkey

Knee liposuction is the surgical procedure of small fat removal from the inner knees. Knee liposuction is combined with thigh liposuction to get a more contoured appearance. Find out more about reviews and Knee Liposuction Cost in Turkey.

The knees are complex and the most critical joints in the human body. The knee connects the thigh bone to the shin bone. The smaller bone that runs together with tibia and the kneecap are the different bones that make the knee joint. Tendons connect the knee bone toward the leg muscles that move the knee joint. Ligaments join the knee bones and allow stability to the knee.

What Causes Fat Around the Knees?

The excess knee fat build-up occurs by different factors, which include:

  • Aging
  • Weight gain
  • excessive workout
  • less physical activity
  • Hormonal changes during menopause or pregnancy

Who’s A Suitable Candidate For Knee Liposuction?

A person with good skin elasticity and a healthy body can be suitable for knee liposuction. The knee liposuction procedure is designed for people who already practice a healthy lifestyle but have a fatty deposit in some part of the body.

Who is Not a Suitable Candidate for Knee Liposuction?

A person with weight fluctuations or trying for weight loss is not a suitable candidate for knee liposuction. It is suggested that a person should have 30% of the ideal weight before having liposuction.

Knee liposuction does not remove saggy skin or cellulite. While these skin concerns are common around the thigh, they can sometimes accumulate around the knees. But, again, you can discuss alternative options with a plastic surgeon. Also, liposuction is not suggested for people with severe illnesses or smoking.

Essential Things for Knee Liposuction in Turkey

Booking a Consultation for Knee Liposuction

A knee liposuction consultation provides the best opportunity to speak with an expert for body contouring surgery. If you would like to consult your concerns, contact us.

  • Knee liposuction invitation from the hospital in Turkey
  • Valid passport with an extended period
  • Medical visa
  • Previous and present health information documents

Knee Liposuction Cost in Turkey

The average Knee Liposuction Cost in Turkey is € 1,600. Other cost options depend on the location and provider’s fees. The low cost of knee liposuction is € 1,440, and Celebrity Surgeon’s price is € 1,920 for knee liposuction.

Knee Liposuction in Turkey Average Cost in (Euro)
Low Cost € 1,440
Average Cost € 1,600
Celebrity Surgeon € 1,920

Inner Knee Fat Removal

The thigh is a standard concerned part of women, including the inner thigh gap and inner knees. It sounds very unpleasant when thighs and knees rub together.

The knees and thighs are very hard to slim utilizing diet and exercise. Legs do some continual workouts from walking, but this alone cannot remove fat deposits. The female body is developed to reserve excess fat in the upper thighs. Some females are genetically pre-dispositioned to have large fat deposits.

The knee liposuction and inner liposuction costs vary depending on the amount of fat removal. Turkey provides the latest and traditional methods of liposuction for knee treatment. Your surgeon will recommend the liposuction type after looking at your health analysis.

Inner Knee Liposuction Cost

The different types of knee liposuction include:

  • Manual knee liposuction cost in Turkey is $1,520
  • Ultrasound Assisted knee liposuction cost in Turkey is $1,680
  • Power Assisted knee liposuction cost in Turkey is $1,600
  • Laser Assisted knee liposuction cost in Turkey is $1,792
  • Vaser Liposuction knee liposuction cost in Turkey is $1,976

Knee Liposuction Cost in Turkey

Knee Liposuction in Turkey Average Cost in (USD)
Manual $1,520
Ultrasound Assisted $1,680
Power Assisted $1,600
Laser Assisted $1,792
Vaser Liposuction $1,976

 Is Knee Liposuction Effective?

Most people know that liposuction is famous for treating the thighs. Still, the inner knees are also an area to consider for liposuction—inner thigh and knee liposuction before and after having improved results. Patients should have good skin elasticity and localized fat deposits for the best result. The compression garment that helps to lower the swelling also prevents loose and saggy skin. Each patient heals at different levels, but most patients get excellent results.

Knee Liposuction Cost in Turkey: Cities

Liposuction in Turkey Istanbul

The gap between thighs and knees became more popular on the internet. Liposuction procedures help people to consider unwanted fat from their knees and inner knees. In addition, a thigh lift method like liposuction or cool sculpting can help to reshape the knee’s appearance at its ideal weight.

Cities of Turkey provide a different range of knee liposuction procedures depending on their facilities. Here is the cost of knee liposuction in different cities in Turkey:

  • Ankara: knee liposuction Cost is $1,600 (€1645.52)
  • Istanbul: knee liposuction Cost is $1,616 (€1661.98)
  • Antalya: knee liposuction Cost is $1,680 (€1727.80)
  • Izmir: knee liposuction Cost is $1,712 (€1760.71)
  • Bursa: knee liposuction Cost is $1,696 (€1744.25)
  • Adana: knee liposuction Cost is $1,688 (€1736.02)
  • Gaziantep: knee liposuction Cost is $1,696 (€1744.25)
  • Konya: knee liposuction Cost is $1,720 (€1768.93) 
Knee Liposuction in Turkey Average Cost in (USD)
Ankara $1,600
Istanbul $1,616
Antalya $1,680
Izmir $1,712
Bursa $1,696
Adana $1,688
Gaziantep $1,696
Konya $1,720

Worldwide Comparison and Knee Liposuction Cost in Turkey

Cosmetic knee liposuction is appropriate for people unhappy with the contour of their knees and legs. They seek cheap and suitable procedures because they have tried different exercises and diets which did not result. In these situations, Turkey is one of the less expensive countries for Western and European countries for Liposuction. So, let’s see how Knee liposuction cost is different in countries.

  • Knee liposuction Cost in the US starts from 3000$ to 6000$.
  • Knee liposuction Costs in the UK start from £2,000 to £6,000,
  • Knee Liposuction Cost in Germany $13900
  • The knee liposuction Cost in the Netherlands is 1800€ to 3000€.
  • The knee liposuction Cost in Turkey is 1600€ to 2000€.

Female Knee Liposuction

Several females, after childbirth, will try to get a mummy makeover procedure, which is chosen by people who can afford it and not everyone. There are options for knee fat removal and tummy tuck breast surgery or thigh surgeries. As a result, females can effectively restore their before-pregnancy body shape with a more increase in self-confidence.

People often wonder how to remove knee fat. Healthy lifestyle habits and staying active can help you prevent knee fat.

Staying inactive, genes or health type can indeed cause obesity with time, with knee fat. However, if you are disease free and your doctor allows you, you can choose knee liposuction. Knee liposuction cost is €1,440 to €1,920. Contact us for liposuction above knees, lipo legs, and knees, inner knee liposuction, and knee fat removal.

Turkey Reviews for Knee Liposuction

Turkish Airline Improving Medical Tourism with the US

Recently Turkish Airlines has launched a program to provide weekly medical travels from the US that will cost $5,000. Turkey is trying to become a significant medical destination in worldwide competition. The local medical tourism industry made more than $1 billion in revenues in 2021.

In their efforts to attract US citizens into Turkey, deals have already been signed with several of Istanbul’s private hospitals. However, US citizens find it difficult to pay high costs in the US, which takes months on the waiting list. That’s why they come to Turkey weekly for quick solutions, stated Ahmet Bolat, chairman of Turkish Airlines.

Low Cost

Several patients from the US prefer to have treatment in Turkey because of where they get 35% to 60% low cost. Even people from Europe choose to have treatments in Turkey.

During the 1st quarter of 2022, around 290,000 people visited Turkey to get health treatment, and revenues from medical tourism increased to $332 million from January to March mentioned in the data of International-Health-Service.

During the 2nd quarter of 2022, the number of medical visitors increased to more than 302,000, and the revenue was $436 million.

Accessible Destination for Cosmetic Tourism

In other countries, citizens get attracted to low-cost, superior packages and change to explore the beauty of Turkey.

Another reason for knee liposuction in Turkey is to have excellent standard hospitals and more experienced doctors.

Multiple cosmetic options are available for knee liposuction.

Innovative Treatment Technologies and Modern Equipment

Public and private university hospitals in Istanbul and Ankara are equipped with modern diagnostic and treatment equipment. Different hospitals in Turkey offer high-tech medical services in the field of additional surgeries.

A Combination of Treatment and Relaxation

Turkey is the best option for health improvement and a pleasant stay. After the necessary treatment, recovery, and rehabilitation for good rest. Patients can take a different excursion, see beautiful attractions or spend time by the sea.

Knee Liposuction Success Rate in Turkey

Most patients will have a 90% of knee liposuction success rate within 1-3 months after surgery. The complication rate of knee liposuction in Turkey is 4-5% which is low. The low complication of Liposuction shows a higher success rate and more efficacy.

Does Knee Liposuction Covered by Insurance in Turkey?

As knee liposuction is a cosmetic procedure, knee liposuction is not considered to be medically necessary, so it does not come under insurance. The worldwide average cost for a liposuction procedure is $3,518. Your overall cost will be different according to location and hospital facilities. In addition, there will be the cost of anesthesia, medicines, and surgeon.

Most plastic surgeons provide cost plans, financing options, and discounts. You need to find everything before booking your medical procedure.

Top Hospitals for Knee Liposuction in Turkey

Health has become an emerging industry in Turkey. Over the few years, the number of health tourists and medical visitors has noticeably increased. With the rapid development, legal and ethical problems incidents became the main reasons for disputes. These issues revolve around the consumer, malpractice, privacy protection, cross-border affairs, organ trafficking, accreditation of facilities, and insurance.

Turkey’s hospitals for knee liposuction have received accreditation from Joint Commission International. Foreign patients get the following medical packages and facilities:

  • 30-60% low medical costs than other countries
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Airport pickup and transportation facilities
  • Language translators
  • document preparation assistance

Contact us to find the best suitable hospital and experienced surgeons for knee liposuction in Turkey.

How To Find a Qualified and Experienced Surgeon for Knee Liposuction in Turkey?

Before booking your knee liposuction, you need to consult with a qualified physician. During your initial consultation, your physician will discuss complete goals for leg contouring and underlying health conditions you might get.

It is also good to ask the physician about their credential and check their portfolio of previous work. You can also ask about the side effects or risks of the procedure based on your medical history. Make sure to talk about the supplement and medication. A board-certified cosmetic surgeon should do this procedure. Contact us to find a qualified plastic surgeon.

Knee Liposuction Procedure in Turkey

  • The patient will get anesthesia to stop pain during Liposuction. Physicians will use general anesthesia or local anesthesia that puts you to sleep for the whole procedure.
  • Your physician will create a small incision around the inner knee. Next, they will add a small tube named a cannula, which is designed to lower fatty deposits. An attached vacuum-like device then takes out this extra fat.
  • Once the amount of fat is removed from the knee, your surgeon will close the incisions and cover the part with compression bandages. These are created to manage extra swelling and bleeding during recovery.
  • The knee liposuction procedure is done in an outpatient hospital or another surgical facility.
  • No overnight stay is required, but the patient needs to keep a family member around to help at home.

Knee Liposuction Recovery Tips

Patients have different recovery times after knee liposuction, depending on their age and health. Here are some tips to increase recovery after Liposuction.

  • Keep legs elevated using a pillow for some days after treatment to lower swelling.
  • Use a cane to move around in your initial days of the healing process.
  • Keep the wrappings and bandages clean and change them to skip infection chances.
  • Lightly massage the lower legs from the ankle toward the knee sometimes daily.
  • Do light exercises like heel lifts and calf raises each day.
  • Skip flexing running, knees, and strenuous lower body workouts until you recover completely.
  • Take the prescription on time as recommended by the surgeon.

Benefits of Knee Liposuction

  • Knee liposuction is a simple procedure and provides life-changing results.
  • You will see the best improvement in knees with thinner knees than previous.
  • If knee liposuction is combined with more liposuction, the whole leg looks leaner and toned.
  • You can have the option to combine thigh liposuction with knee liposuction for the best results.
  • Knee liposuction also corrects your asymmetry problem and creates the same shape and size.
  • Aesthetic procedures for knee fat removal help to improve self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Another benefit of knee liposuction is you can wear your favorite clothes more confidently, improving your mental well-being.

Side Effects or Precautions to Care after Knee Liposuction

For healthy candidates, knee liposuction is entirely safe. Swelling is expected and may increase two weeks after the procedure. Compression garments may require around six weeks to prevent swelling.

Other Side Effects:

  • thermal burns
  • bruising
  • irregular pigmentation
  • excess fluid build-up (seromas)
  • loose skin
  • numbness or pain
  • worsened cellulite appearance

Some cases require separate surgery to remove extra skin in the leg after knee liposuction. Talk to your surgeon about the possibility of this situation.

Here is the risk of severe side effects:

  • infections
  • nerve damage
  • excessive bleeding
  • deep vein thrombosis
  • blood vessel damage


Can You Walk After Knee Liposuction?

Because of the less swelling, pain, and inflammation after knee liposuction, patients can return to regular physical activities soon after surgery. In addition, there is no limitation to physical activity.

Does Lipo Leave Scars?

Liposuction scars can happen, but they are commonly less. One of the primary advantages of this fat reduction surgery is that the incisions are small, making liposuction scars tiny. However, the degree of scarring depends on the patient’s scarring movement and the method used by the surgeon.

Is Knee Liposuction Painful?

Knee liposuction can be done under general or local anesthesia. Therefore, you will not feel pain during the liposuction procedure.

Can I have Knee Liposuction After Pregnancy?

If you are healthy enough to handle Liposuction, you can have knee liposuction after six months of pregnancy.


Knee liposuction is safe compared to other liposuction procedures. Although risk and complications occur in rare cases, several people enjoy their slim knees after procedures. Do all the necessary things for Liposuction in Turkey given above. Follow your surgeon’s instructions for fast recovery. Sustain a healthy diet and stay active to prevent regaining fat.

Best Surgeons for Knee Liposuction in Turkey

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