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Love Handles Liposuction in Turkey

Love handles, also called flanks, are major body parts of men and women for fat accumulation. Love handle liposuction is the best option for people seeking to remove extra fat. However, it is essential to learn everything before considering this procedure. Keep reading to learn more about Love Handles Liposuction Cost in Turkey, love handle surgery cost, and Vaser lipo love handles.

What Causes Love Handles?

Love handles fat build-up begins because of hormonal changes, pregnancy, genetic predisposition, and aging. Since we cannot manage several causes of love handles, liposuction offers an elegant solution to remove love handles.

Additionally, after liposuction for love handles, that problem part of fat possibly not come again. It is because liposuction eliminates the fat cells but removes them permanently. If you regain significant weight, however, remaining fat cells increase with time if you do not control your diet and stay inactive. Therefore, liposuction for love handles is not a weight loss or obesity solution—That’s why you should consider liposuction for bulging body parts.

Is Love Handles Liposuction Safe in Turkey?

Liposuction is safe in Turkey. Several patients visited here and were satisfied with the procedure for fat removal. Here are a few tips to ensure the safety of liposuction in Turkey

  • Choose a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with surgical privileges at a reputed hospital.
  • Love-handle surgery is likely to be performed in a surgery center, but hospital privileges offer more surgical experience and skill verification.
  • Have an interview with your prospective surgeon and see if you are comfortable with them.
  • Choose a liposuction surgeon who takes an interest in your health condition and your aim to achieve a slim waist. A good surgeon will explain the whole situation of the patient or family to balance reality and expectation.
  • Be careful about all the instructions your surgeon gives before and after a liposuction procedure.
  • Wear a compression garment as suggested by your surgeon. Stay active to improve circulation, but avoid workout till your surgeon suggest.
  • Avoid smoking as it affects healing.
  • Watch for infection signs, which are not common but include fever. In addition, antibiotic medication and drainage can increase this problem.
  • Always call your surgeon or doctor if you see any symptoms after liposuction.

Love Handle Liposuction – Expectations Vs. Reality

  • An ideal patient for love handle is someone with good health, flexible skin, and distinct excess fat pockets.
  • The patient can expect a quick recovery and a slimmer appearance.
  • You will not get a perfect figure with liposuction
  • Only liposuction cannot remove extra fat.
  • Love handling liposuction will not make others treat you differently.
  • Love handle liposuction will prevent complete fat gaining because fat gaining is a natural process body.

Love Handles Liposuction Cost in Turkey

The average Love Handles Liposuction Cost in Turkey is €1,550 ($1524). Every patient has a different health type and liposuction requirement.

The cost also depends on other case types. The love handles liposuction’s lowest price starts at €1,395($1372) and may increase if required. You will also have an option of a celebrity surgeon, which costs around €1,860($1829).

Love Handles Liposuction in Turkey Average Cost in (Euro)
Low Cost €1,395
Average Cost €1,550
Celebrity Surgeon €1,860

Love Handles Liposuction Cost in Turkey

Flank Liposuction Cost

Love handle cost varies for liposuction with patient size and other factors. However, a reasonable estimate is approximate $1250 – $1870.

The Love Handles Liposuction Cost in Turkey also varies for the method chosen by the surgeon and is suitable to a patient’s health. Here are different ways of liposuction cost for love handle reduction surgery.

  • Manual Love handles lipo cost $1,473 in Turkey
  • Ultrasound Assisted love handle removal cost is $1,628 in Turkey
  • Power Assisted Love handles liposuction prices of $1,550 in Turkey
  • Laser Assisted surgery for Love handles cost $1,736 in Turkey
  • Vaser Liposuction surgery to remove Love handles costs $1,914 in Turkey

Love Handles Liposuction Prices

Love Handles Liposuction Cost in Turkey Average Cost in (USD)
Manual $1,473
Ultrasound Assisted $1,628
Power Assisted $1,550
Laser Assisted $1,736
Vaser Liposuction $1,914

Surgery For Love Handles Cost Varies in Cities of Turkey

Cosmetic surgery like Love handles costs in Turkey starting from $1500. Additionally, follow-up visits, cosmetic surgery treatment, and lodging depend on the surgery type. Depending on the surgeon’s experience and other factors, it differs from clinic to clinic and city to another city in Turkey. On the other hand, aesthetic procedures using surgical procedures cost around 89% lower than in western countries.

  • Love Handles Liposuction Cost Istanbul $1,566
  • Love Handles Liposuction CostAnkara $1,550
  • Love Handles Liposuction Cost Izmir $1,659
  • Love Handles Liposuction Cost Antalya $1,628
  • Love Handles Liposuction Cost Konya $1,666
  • Love Handles Liposuction Cost Bursa $1,643
  • Love Handles Liposuction Cost Adana $1,635
  • Love Handles Liposuction Cost Gaziantep $1,643 

Love Handles Liposuction Cost in Turkey

Love Handles Liposuction Cost in Turkey Average Cost in (USD)
Ankara $1,550
Istanbul $1,566
Antalya $1,628
Izmir $1,659
Bursa $1,643
Adana $1,635
Gaziantep $1,643
Konya $1,666

Love Handles Liposuction Cost in Turkey

Global Cost Comparison

Turkey has several visitors from foreign countries for medical treatments. Love handle liposuction is one of the favored treatments in Turkey.

Abroad citizens consider multiple cosmetic surgeries during the same stay in Turkey. But ensure you are healthy enough to have various liposuctions to prevent risk.

You can combine liposuction for different fatty body parts to take advantage of the total cost.

It includes liposuction of inner thighs and saddle bags with love handle liposuction. You will get excellent quality care while sculpting your body.

Here are different cost comparisons for Love handles liposuction:

The average cost of love handle liposuction in the US is $3000 to $6000. The surgery to remove Love handles costs £2,750, and £3,500 in the UK, Whereas Love handles liposuction prices in the Netherlands are €1800 to €3000. In comparison, Love handles liposuction cost in Turkey is €1600 to €2000.

Love Handle Liposuction Cost Abroad

Country Love Handles Liposuction Cost
US $3000 to $6000
UK £2,750, and £3,500
Netherlands €1800 to €3000
Turkey €1600 to €2000

Medical Insurance and Travelling Abroad

Abroad traveling and medical insurance cover emergency expenses where medical aid is required during a stay abroad. Depending on the insurance cost, some insurers provide additional expenses coverage, such as air tickets, hotel expenses, 24/7 help from telephone connection with the insurer from the patient’s country, consumables, and medicines in emergent situations. Apart from medical expenses, this kind of insurance may also provide luggage loss and legal defense costs.

Love Handle Liposuction Insurance In Turkey

Love handle liposuction is a selective cosmetic procedure. Therefore, it does not come under health policies.

The surgical procedure during the stay in the hospital is guaranteed by the contract you have concluded with the clinic and health care laws applicable in Turkey. After you leave the clinic, just like with other travel abroad, it is suggested that you have medical insurance for the trip itself. Patients will choose the most appropriate insurance company in their original country to provide such insurance.

How To Choose Insurance for Love Handle Liposuction In Turkey?

It is necessary to ensure insurance covers all the following while choosing insurance:

  • the valid territory of Turkey
  • cover medical help offered by private and public clinics
  • To cover risky complication cost
  • Ask your insurer about the trip reasons to offer suitable insurance. The cost of insurance differs in every country depending on the coverage, age of the person, and medical packages. Contact us for Love Handles Liposuction Cost in Turkey.

Turkey Reviews for Love Handle Liposuction

Turkey got popular for cosmetic surgery because of the following factors: 

Cost of Treatment

Turkey offers 90% low costs than other countries for surgical procedures. Patients from the UK, USA, and Europe find medical treatment in Turkey less expensive than in other countries. Contact us for Love Handles Liposuction Cost in Turkey.

Frequent Inspections

Medical bodies like the International medical association and the Turkish society of Aesthetic plastic surgery inspect Turkish clinics and hospitals regularly. These medical groups check clinics regularly for doctor certification, cleanliness, accreditation certification, and other factors.

Food, Lodging, and Other Basic Niceties

The cost of living in Turkey, including food, accommodation, and sightseeing, is deficient for medical tourists. Several restaurants and hotels offer budget-friendly and luxury rooms with multi-cuisine foods that patients prefer. Also, if someone likes to explore the city during treatment waiting time, you will get different and affordable transportation options.

Medical Equipment Made in Turkey

Turkey prefers to manufacture products and goods in the country instead of importing them; this approach results in low surgery and medical care costs.

Turkey sells its products and things at a higher price to balance this ideology. This result in more manufacturing and low imports.

Buying Power Parity Differences

While the United States and Europe each manufacture their medical surgery, surgical costs remain high. One of the things that led to the process was domestic manufacture. The equation is straightforward when selling power parity changes are taken into account. According to PPP, if the manufactured things are the same, the countries’ buying power should be similar also.

Love Handle Liposuction: Success Rate in Turkey

Turkey has considerably emerged in the rank, as it was not in the top 10 countries. Presently it is the preferred country for liposuction, including love handle liposuction. Love handle liposuction in Turkey has achieved a 96% success rate, and the patient satisfaction rate is 98%.

Hospitals in Turkey for Love Handle Liposuction

Turkey provides well-established liposuction clinics specializing in customized fat removal surgeries with limited risk and rare complications. In addition, abroad, patients visit Turkey for custom-made slimming procedures as desired by patients. Furthermore, Turkey’s many cities own advanced technologies and the latest methods for cosmetic surgeries. The infrastructure and medical staff facility are also designed for patient ease and comfort.

Love Handle Liposuction Package in Turkey

  • Open 24 hours
  • Open weekends
  • Airport Pick-up
  • Emergency services
  • Hotel Pick-up
  • Hotel Booking
  • Local Guide
  • Tours and vacation services
  • Local travel
  • Translation Services
  • Health insurance coordination
  • Online doctor consultation
  • Visa/Travel Office
  • Car hire
  • Private driver service

Love Handle Liposuction Procedure

Who Can Be A Suitable Candidate For Love Handle Liposuction?

A healthy person without significant health problems can be suitable for liposuction of the love handle or waist.

CoolSculpting Alternative for Love Handle Liposuction

If you are unsure about liposuction, you should consider cool sculpting. CoolSculoting can help to lower love handles without surgery.

Does Turkey Have The Best Plastic Surgeons?

Yes, Turkey is one of the five countries in the world for aesthetic and cosmetic procedures. You will find certified and the best surgeons in Turkey.

Are Love Handles Genetic?

Although genetics are essential in susceptibility to having love handles, which is still not the primary cause. Most people do not have a genetic reason for growing love handles because they are related to hormonal changes or weight gain.

A person may still have love handles after following a healthy diet with regular exercise, which could be partially responsible for fat accumulation. Whatever the cause, the Liposuction procedure will permanently remove fat in healthy people—a person needs to maintain diet and health to stop the significant growth of fat growth.

Love Handle Liposuction Procedure

  • The love handle procedure is similar to traditional liposuction, or your surgeon will recommend which method to use.
  • Like other liposuction, love handle surgery starts with local sedation, and fluid is injected at the site to remove fat cells.
  • Surgical incisions are created on the top or under the love handles.
  • The surgeon inserts a cannula into the areas of the cuts. By thrusting smoothly, the swollen fat cells are broken down.
  • After this process, the fat is eliminated from the body by using a suction device. Then the incisions are closed, and bandages are done at the region to boost healing.
  • After the recovery time, you can observe the good results of this cosmetic surgery.

Love Handle Liposuction Recovery Time

  • The patient needs to take 2-10 days of rest.
  • The patient can attend normal activities which do not involve lifting heavy weights or other strenuous activities. The complete recovery may take around two months, and you observe better results after this process.

Love Handle Liposuction: Benefits

Love-handle liposuction surgery can offer you numerous benefits.

  • You are tension free from ugly flaps at the sides of your body.
  • You will look normal without any pain or unpleasant personality.
  • The stubborn fat, which causes you to think that it is impossible to treat, is removed from the body, and the structure at the part is sculpted to deliver an excellent appearance to you.
  • You look better after liposuction surgery since the ugly flaps are lowered to nothing. In addition, females will observe the beautiful S-shaped curves on the sides of their bodies, while men can notice the masculine V-shaped bodies.
  • You will get a compliment from everyone due to a positive appearance change. Those will be the most memorable moments of my life.
  • You can wear different types of attire and look fantastic.
  • It will make you more confident in public.

Risks or Complications of Love Handle Liposuction

Every procedure has some good and bad. Here are some complications that may occur with love handle liposuction:

  • Blood clots or bleeding
  • Asymmetry
  • Damage to blood vessels, nerves, organs, or muscles
  • anesthesia Complications such as trouble waking up, or vomiting
  • Hair loss near incisions
  • delay in incisions healing
  • Hematoma (a sag of blood beneath the skin), which may require to drained
  • Infection
  • Pain or swelling
  • heart or lungs problems
  • Nerve injury could cause numbness, weakness, or changes in the skin’s feelings.
  • Skin discoloration and irregularities

Nonsurgical risks may include:

  • Pain or soreness
  • Hives or rash
  • Swelling
  • Red skin


Love handle liposuction can help to remove fat from the body and shape your body when diet and workout are not working. Your ideal weight improves the quality of the results and causes fewer complications. Liposuction helps to remove the fat and sculpt your body, like skin tightening, bringing smoothness, and preventing wrinkling skin.

Best Plastic Surgeons for Love Handles Liposuction in Turkey

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