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Thigh Liposuction Cost Turkey

Thigh liposuction is cosmetic or plastic surgery. This liposuction surgery helps to remove fat build-up permanently from the thighs. Naturally, body fat builds up in different body parts, including thighs. Weight gain and your gender is responsible for the percentage of fat distribution in thighs and other body parts. Genetics are also responsible for fat deposition in specific body parts. Let’s find out everything about thigh liposuction and Thigh Liposuction Cost Turkey.

Essential Things You Need to Know About Thigh Liposuction

The Best Candidates for Liposuction Have Fat Pockets

Liposuction of thighs can be performed on the outer thighs, inner thighs, or both. Your body may be predisposed to storing fat in a particular part. Liposuction is the best option in these cases as it can permanently eliminate the fat cells, which will change the body’s overall shape whether you lower weight or gain back.

Consider Liposuction for Yourself

Liposuction should always be something to choose for yourself to get a good body shape. For example, thigh gaps may be desirable, and you will not like chafing.

The best thing about lipo is that it makes you keep curved what you desire while removing fat parts. However, liposuction is permanent, so ensure you are motivated by your wish and do not choose liposuction for social acceptance.

Staying Lightly Active, Like Walking, Is Essential For The Proper Recovery

Liposuction recovery typically takes two weeks before the patient can return to high-impact workouts. While you mustn’t engage in high-impact activities like jumping or running while recovering from thigh lipo, you must stay active during recovery. Patients should try to start walking immediately after the procedure.

You are walking after liposuction increases blood flow, which increases the speed and the healing process and prevents blood clots. If you get a sedentary lifestyle or work on a desk job, it is necessary to consider this as you will require to work in short walks during recovery. You can take pain medication according to the prescription if you feel discomfort or pain.

Thigh Liposuction Is Not For Removing Cellulite Or Stretch Marks

The exact reasons some females grow cellulite have not been researched thoroughly, though hormones and genetic factors play a role. Cellulite is a problem that combines fat cells, muscles, and fibrous connective tissues in the skin. Because of this, simply removing fat cells in part through liposuction will not improve the cottage cheese or dimpling effect, and in some cases, it can make it very apparent. However, laser treatments to enhance collagen formation in the skin can be combined with liposuction. These treatments help to improve skin tightness, even if it takes six months to get complete results. However, these treatments can increase the cellulite appearance and may be suggested by the surgeon.

You Can Also Choose Cool sculpting

Liposuction can remove 70-80% of fat in affected parts. For some thigh cases, that is precisely what is needed. However, cool sculpting may also be one option for the female who gets a specific part they wish to slim down. One session of cool-sculpting treatment can remove 20% to 25% of the fat cells in the treated area. However, cool sculpting is an ideal solution for thighs sliming.

Thigh Liposuction Cost Turkey

The average thigh liposuction cost in Turkey is $2350. Therefore, a person looking for thigh liposuction in Turkey will get options ranging from minimum cost to $1100 and a maximum cost of $5000. Similarly, here are some options for this liposuction cost in Turkey:

Thigh Liposuction in Turkey Average Cost in (USD)
Manual $1,663
Ultrasound Assisted $1,838
Power Assisted $1,750
Laser Assisted $1,960
Vaser Liposuction $2,161

Manual Thigh Liposuction Cost in Turkey Is $1,663

Manual thigh liposuction refers to breaking down fat cells forcefully in fat layers of the thigh by moving the cannula back and forth and turning it.

Ultrasound-Assisted Thigh Liposuction Cost in Turkey Is $1,838

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction is also called ultrasonic liposuction. It uses sound waves to form fat cells into liquid gently. The ultrasound energy help to melt fat and can be removed using a thin tube called a cannula.

Power Assisted Thigh Liposuction Cost in Turkey Is $1,750

Power-assisted thigh liposuction uses a specialized instrument with a mechanized system to move back and forth rapidly over an area of 3-5 millimeters. It can remove around 40% of extra fat each minute compared to manual liposuction. In addition, this method works faster than other methods.

Laser-Assisted Thigh Liposuction Cost Is $1,960

Laser-assisted thigh liposuction is also called laser-guided lipo. This method uses technology and power with a medical laser beam to dissolve fat cells. It combines laser beam with adipocyte disruption and removes the dissolved fat with the help of the different types of cannula.

Vaser Liposuction Thigh Liposuction Cost Is $2,161

Vaser thigh liposuction is the 4th generation UAL technology. This method uses energy to tissues in nearly one quarter and provides both pulsed and continuous modes. Its lower heat generation also.

Thigh Liposuction Cost Turkey

Thigh Liposuction in Turkey Average Cost in (Euro)
Low Cost € 1,575
Average Cost € 1,750
Celebrity Surgeon € 2,100

The best plastic surgeon for thigh liposuction in Istanbul, Turkey, offers thigh liposuction at a low cost of €1,575 and the average cost of €1,750. There is also some more expensive option available, that is a celebrity surgeon €2,100.

Thigh Liposuction Turkey Price in Cities

Thigh Liposuction Turkey Price varies depending on certain conditions. The essential thing is the method used for a thigh liposuction procedure. Additionally, the anesthesia method preferred for the procedure impacts the pricing. Finally, the patient’s thigh structure of the patient affects the prices. You may contact us for details prices for thigh liposuction procedures. For your reference, here is the list of Turkey’s different city prices for thigh liposuction.

Thigh Liposuction in Turkey Average Cost in (USD)
Ankara $1,750
Istanbul $1,768
Antalya $1,838
Izmir $1,873
Bursa $1,855
Adana $1,846
Gaziantep $1,855
Konya $1,881

Thigh Liposuction Cost Turkey: Global Comparison

Country Cost
Thigh Liposuction Costs in The US $$3000 to $6000
Thigh Liposuction Cost in The UK £3015
Thigh Liposuction in The Philippines ₱180000
Thigh Liposuction in Canada $7,300
Thigh Liposuction Cost Turkey  $2350

Thigh liposuction costs in the US start from $3000 to $6000. In comparison, thigh liposuction cost in the UK is £3015. In contrast, the same treatment of thigh liposuction in the Philippines is ₱180000. The average cost of liposuction in Canada is $7,300. Thigh Liposuction Cost Turkey is $2350.

Thigh Liposuction Insurance in Turkey

The foreigner must be covered by health insurance during their stay in Turkey. This insurance is created to protect 100% emergency according to article 5 of foreigners and international protection law of no.6458. Therefore, medical insurance will cover the policy covers 80%, and the patient pays 20% fees.

Private health insurance Thigh liposuction in Turkey covers the cost of private hospitals, where most tourists will have increased costs. Therefore, healthcare insurance is a better choice. A foreigner can apply for SGK public health insurance. Contact us for Vaser lipo thighs, inner thigh liposuction cost, and leg liposuction cost.

Thigh liposuction Success Rate in Turkey

Thigh liposuction in Turkey is popular among men and women. The success rate of thigh liposuction is exceptionally high.

The procedure’s preferred doctor and recovery process are also essential for the success of this surgery. According to the hospital date, the success rate of thigh liposuction is 90%, and the satisfaction rate of patients reached 92%.

Thigh Liposuction Review in Turkey

  • Good quality Treatment at a low cost
  • The high success rate of surgery and patient satisfaction with results
  • Laser liposuction and Vaser liposuction are available
  • Good hospitals with skilled staff and highly qualified doctors with international standards.
  • Fast medical services and finest treatments available
  • Special Medical Visa facilities for treatments.

Thigh Liposuction Hospitals in Turkey

You can find several hospitals and medical centers in every city in Turkey. These are available to help local and international citizens to provide the best facilities to ensure quality treatment. Significant and major cities like Izmir, Istanbul, Kusadasi, and Ankara have all hospitals with internationally trained physicians and the latest technologies who can speak and understand English well. Language is necessary for handling other countries’ patients in Turkey.

How To Find The Best Hospital For Thigh Liposuction In Turkey?

Turkey offers similar treatment to abroad medical centers. They have excellent health care assistance for medical tourists. Every month, thousands of patients abroad from European countries and neighboring countries get efficient treatment from hospitals in Turkey.

Turkey has around 60 internationally recognized medical faculties, which are best in educating and training thousands of Turkish medical students. Contact us for thigh liposuction cost, inner thigh lipo, thigh lipo, and leg liposuction.

Top hospitals for Thigh liposuction

  • Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center
  • Dr. Selcuk Aytac’s Private Practice
  • Medical Promise Hospital
  • Memorial Şişli Hospital
  • Kucukcekmece Hospital

Thigh Lift vs. Thigh Liposuction

Difference Between Thigh Liposuction and Thigh Plasty

Thigh lift surgery is a procedure that helps remove extra fat and extra skin from the thigh part. Your physician may choose the spare part of tissues with accumulated fat; they can be eliminated from the outer or inner thighs. If a patient is getting minor issues with her inner thighs, then a minimally invasive and mini thigh lift is a patient need.

The thigh lift is done to correct the sagging of thigh skin from the surgical excision of extra skin and tighten the remaining skin.

Thigh liposuction does not involve excess skin removal or lax skin tightening. Instead, it addresses only the isolated build-up of fat on the thighs. A device named cannula help to break fat cells and safely suction them out without affecting nearby healthy tissues. Thigh liposuction is commonly reserved for a patient with ideal weight or good skin elasticity but with more fat deposits on thighs that do not go with exercise or diet.

Smart Lipo Thighs

SmatLipo thighs is a minimally invasive tumescent liposuction surgery. The physician uses local anesthesia and a smart lipo laser tool to melt fat cells before suctioning. Melting the fat cells makes an easy suctioning process. However, it stimulates the skin in part by boosting new collagen growth. The result is firmer and tightened skin patient gets the result instantly.

SmartLipo is the best way to get smoother, smaller, and more contoured thighs. However, intelligent lips do not remove cellulite from thighs but can dramatically remove the appearance. Maintaining an exercise habit and a healthy diet is the best way to get permanent results from SmarLipo.

What’s the difference between lipo and intelligent lipo?

General liposuction uses physical manipulation and a cannula to suction fat under the skin.

SmartLipo uses laser heat to soften or melt the fat, making it easier to eliminate with the cannula, typically leading to less bruising.

Types of Thigh Liposuction

Anterior Thigh Liposuction

The anterior thigh liposuction refers to fat storage in the top front of the thigh. This part is often the thickest part of the thigh. Although some females’ thickness extends to the outer or lateral part of the thigh. This problem occurs due to hormones and genetics; fat does not go with exercise and diet. Anterior thigh liposuction is the best option for female looking to slim down front thighs, which help to get the following things:

  • Natural thigh look
  • Trim thighs and have a more youthful appearance
  • Wear favorite clothes, shorts, slacks or dresses

Posterior or Lateral Thigh Liposuction

The localized fat accumulation on the lateral thighs is difficult to remove. Many females call this part saddle bags. This thick fatty tissue part can make it essential to wear large dresses or slacks to help thighs. With dieting and workout alone, the fat may not dissolve in this part. This fat also accumulates because of hormones and genetics. The posterior thigh liposuction help to have the following:

  • Have more natural looks
  • Feel more confident in wearing cloths
  • Remove shopping needs and clothing frustration
  • Get back to work fast
  • No scarring with virtually painless and minimally invasive surgery.

Inner Thigh Liposuction

When someone feels their thighs rubbing together and become prickly and sweaty, that is inner thigh fat gain. Liposuction can remove inner thigh fat if the inner thigh does not go with diet and exercise. For example, a patient will get the following benefits:

  • Improve self-esteem, physical comfort, and positive self-image.
  • Feel happy to wear different cloths
  •  Fit in favorite pain-off jeans and remove shopping need
  • Remove uneven shape of inner thigh
  • Get smooth sexy legs.

Thigh Liposuction Procedure in Turkey

All liposuction procedures need to follow some important instructions. From beginning to completion, a thigh liposuction procedure for the thighs resembles other standard liposuction treatments. Here are the details about the thigh liposuction procedure.


You will need a consultation appointment to help us determine if this treatment is suitable for you. During the consultation, your physician will get your health information and determine the medical issues, medication, surgery, and post-operation care. Then the physician will discuss your aesthetic goals and expectations for treatment. The consultation will also have a thigh examination, skin elasticity, and fat amount present in the thigh.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

Leg Liposuction Before And After

As liposuction is a surgical treatment, there are some essential things to prepare for surgery. First, before your procedure, you need to follow the instructions one week before treatment. These instructions will help to lower unwanted side effects from the treatment. Some pre-treatment instructions may include:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol and tobacco products
  • Do not take blood-thinning medications
  • Adjust herbal supplements
  • Do not eat spicy food
  • Drink more water
  • Take 8 hours of sleep before surgery
  • Bath with antibacterial soap before surgery

Contact us for inner thigh fat removal and thigh fat removal.

Step 1: Anaesthesia

The physician will give general anesthesia before the surgical procedure to sedate patients. There will be a certified anesthesiologist to monitor the anesthesia during a course at the hospital.  

Step 2: Incisions

Thigh liposuction begins with making a small incision, usually smaller than one inch, which is kept at a particular part of the thighs. Next, they mark the incision sites with a marker to help the surgery planning. Finally, the incisions will be enough for the surgical device to use. Incisions are created on the inner or outer thighs or the top part of the thigh near the knees.

Step 3: Liposuction

Liposuction is a standard surgical procedure that removes the fat from the body using a suction device. In addition, liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that can remove both small and significant amounts of unwanted fat in the body. For this procedure, we typically target the liposuction in part of the thigh with the fat, such as the sides of the thighs and the top part of the inner thighs.

Step 4: Closing

After the liposuction portion of this procedure is done, the physician will close the incisions. Incisions are closed with different methods, like surgical glue or sutures. They will also bandage the incisions for immediate recovery time.

During thigh Liposuction Procedure

This procedure treats both the outer and inner thighs. The most common part treated by this type of liposuction is the inner thigh, where fat deposits tend to build up fast and are hard to remove. However, it is also common to utilize this procedure on the outer thighs, especially the back of the thighs near the butt and sides.

Post-Treatment Instructions

After thigh liposuction surgery, there will be instructions to follow for recovery. These instructions help to make the liposuction recovery comfortable. The instruction includes:

  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol products
  • Avoid blood thinning medications
  • skip herbal supplements
  • Use compression garment
  • Take necessary medicines as advised by the doctor

How Much Fat Can Be Removed While Thighs Liposuction?

Inner thigh liposuction treatment is one part of the body, so it won’t mean losing more fat. Usually, thigh liposuction is combined with other body parts like the buttocks or back.

The amount of fat differs considerably between patients. Some may only wish half a cup removed, while others may be good candidates for slightly more volume liposuction. Most of the 5 liters of fat can be removed in one procedure. As far as specific parts are concerned, if you can pinch it, you can liposuction it.

What Happens If You Gain Weight After Thigh Liposuction?

The way fat cells work is that once you eliminate them, it is gone for good and will not be changed by another. Fat cells shrink and develop with the fat molecules they are storing. A fat piece is a small molecule that gets stored in the fat cell, like a balloon full of sugar. Your body utilizes energy from fat cells by returning the fat molecules to the blood. It does not take the complete cell.

It means that your surgeon must leave sufficient fat in part being treated so that if you gain weight, the weight is separated evenly in the whole body, and the look is natural.

You will get fat in one specific part of your body, or if you do not have a stable weight or your surgeon eliminate more fat from one amount of fat, molecules find a different cell to make a home, which could be anywhere else in the body. Therefore, a healthy diet and workout regimen are necessary before liposuction.

Still, it depends on your surgeon’s experience and strategy to remove enough fat from your body to make better shape but not ridiculous if you gain weight later.

Benefits of Thigh Liposuction

Why Do You Need to Consider Thigh Liposuction?

There are many reasons to consider thigh liposuction, which include:


Thigh liposuction will help to shape up body contouring and thighs. It is a slimming procedure that can achieve the ideal shape when a regular lifestyle is not working effectively. Having a slimmer shape can promote overall confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, slimming the thigh shape can make it easier to tone legs with regular exercise.

Reduced Chafing

This procedure can create extra space between the inner thighs, lowering the skin irritation and rubbing occurred by chafing. Depending on the skin sensitivity, Chafing can be very painful and causes welts, sores, and other skin problems. Lowering the fat amount on the thighs can remove chafing completely.

More Clothing Choices

Many people choose thigh liposuction to get slim just because they want to fit better in their favorite clothes. However, weight and undesirable body shape make it difficult to fit in various dresses. When the shape and size of the thighs are lowered, it is straightforward to fit in the desired cloth.

Contact us for thigh fat removal surgery cost, leg lipo, and inner thigh fat removal surgery.

Side Effects after Thigh Liposuction

  • Swelling and bruising, which may last up to 6 months
  • Numbness, which goes in 6-8 weeks
  • Scars on the treated part
  • Inflammation of the treated part or the veins under them
  • Fluid leakage from cuts made by a physician
  • Swollen ankles

What Can Go Wrong with Thigh Liposuction?

  • Uneven and lumpy results
  • Bleeding under the skin is called a hematoma
  • Continued numbness
  • Treated part skin color change
  • Fluid accumulation in the lungs because of fluid injected into the body
  • Blood clots in the lungs
  • Damage to internal organs during the procedure

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Liposuction Remove Fat from Thighs?

Liposuction is the best way to lower thigh fat. This surgery can help to reduce fat and sculpt the legs for slimming and attractive results. Laser liposuction is a safe and highly effective method on any body part to get the patient’s desired appearance.

How Many Inches Can Liposuction Remove from Thighs?

Most people can expect to lower weight between 1-2 inches from their waist with liposuction treatment. Treating thighs or upper arms, you can expect to lower around one inch from these parts.

Can You Walk After Thigh Lipo?

In the initial days after the treatment, you can have soreness in the thighs. You may get temporary side effects such as bruising, but this will go on within 3-5 days after treatment. You can continue light activities like walking for 15-30 minutes during your recovery time.

Can Liposuction of The Thighs Be Done on The Inner Thigh?

Liposuction of the thighs can be performed on the inner and outer thighs. The body may be predisposed to accumulating fat in a specific part, which makes a woman get saddlebags on the outer thighs or chub rub on the inner thighs.

Is Thigh liposuction Remove Chafing?

Excess fat can cause Chafing, leading to discomfort during regular exercise. The thigh liposuction can ease the Chafing of the thighs. When a person undergoes thigh liposuction, thighs may get slimmer and prevent chafing.

Best Thigh Liposuction Surgeon in Turkey

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