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Upper Arm Liposuction in Turkey

Arms liposuction refers to removing extra fat while restoring a well-toned shape of arms. Males and females can choose this cosmetic procedure to remove excess accumulated fat in the upper arms. Let’s find out everything about Upper Arm Liposuction Cost in Turkey.

Liposuction Is a Trending Cosmetic Surgery In Turkey

The trendy cosmetic surgery focuses on removing excess fat from certain parts of the patient’s body. This surgery suits healthy patients with a body mass index lower than 30. The best thing about upper arm lipo is you will see visible results fast and need not torture yourself with a strict diet. Liposuction is one of the most famous plastic surgeries in the world. Plastic surgeons around the globe perform 1,700,000 liposuction surgeries each year.

Turkey is one of the most preferred and affordable destinations for this surgery. Contact us for liposuction of arm costs in Turkey.

Fast Facts of Liposuction

  • Lipo is the second most desired cosmetic surgery worldwide
  • More than 1,700,000 liposuctions are done each year all over the world.
  • An expert surgeon with more experience can remove up to 5 liters of fat at once
  • The average cost of lipo starts from $1,500 in Turkey
  • The patient can enjoy long-lasting and fast results
  • Liposuction procedure is suitable for non-smokers
  • The recovery time lasts up to 1-2 weeks
  • The success rate is 98%

How Can You Make an Appointment for Lipo in Turkey?

  • Submit an online application specifying your cosmetic or medical problem in your chosen hospital.
  • You can contact us for a medical coordinator in Turkey.
  • Choose the most suitable Turkish medical surgeon or center to resolve your medical case.
  • After getting medical program approval, prepare for your trip
  • Keep in touch with the Expert Chikitsa platform, share your experience, and get help for any problem.

Upper Arm Liposuction Cost in Turkey 

There are several reasons why people choose Turkey for arm liposuction surgery. However, the affordable cost is the main reason to choose Turkey for upper arm fat removal.

Upper Arm Liposuction Cost in Turkey is $2050 – the minimum cost starts from $1000, and the maximum cost is $ 3900.

Upper Arm Liposuction Cost in Turkey Average Cost in (Euro)
Low Cost € 1,215
Average Cost € 1,350
Celebrity Surgeon € 1,620

Different hospitals and types of upper arms liposuction in Turkey start with a cost of € 1,215. Apart from the low cost, the average cost is € 1,350. If you can afford more, then there is also Celebrity Surgeon liposuction cost is € 1,620.

Average Cost of Upper Arm Liposuction

Upper Arm Liposuction Cost in Turkey Average Cost in (USD)
Manual $1,283
Ultrasound Assisted $1,418
Power Assisted $1,350
Laser Assisted $1,512
Vaser Liposuction $1,667

 Types of Upper Arm Liposuction

Manual Upper Arm Liposuction in Turkey

Manual liposuction for upper arm procedure uses traditional liposuction manually using a cannula back and forth. This method is often used for large body parts to remove fat. Manual Upper Arm Liposuction Cost is $1,283.

Ultrasound Assisted Upper Arm Liposuction in Turkey

This method uses ultrasound waves to loosen ups and liquidity fat cells for easy removal with the extra benefits of slight skin tightening. Ultrasound Assisted Upper Arm Liposuction Cost is $1,418.

Power-Assisted Upper Arm Liposuction in Turkey

Power-assisted liposuction is a faster way to remove extra fat from the upper arms. It uses an advanced device to dissolve fat cells and suck them out. Power Assisted Upper Arm Liposuction Cost is $1,350.

Laser-Assisted Upper Arm Liposuction in Turkey

Laser-assisted upper arm liposuction uses laser light to destroy the fat cells to tighten the skin. Laser Assisted Upper Arm Liposuction cost is $1,512.

Vaser Liposuction Upper Arm Liposuction in Turkey

During Vaser liposuction for the upper arm, the fat is liquid from small probes emitting ultrasound energy, which helps to suck. Vaser Liposuction Upper Arm Liposuction costs $1,667.

Upper Arm Liposuction Cost in Turkey: Cities

Upper Arm Liposuction in Turkey Average Cost in (USD)
Ankara $1,350
Istanbul $1,364
Antalya $1,418
Izmir $1,445
Bursa $1,431
Adana $1,424
Gaziantep $1,431
Konya $1,451


Turkey is the main attraction for liposuction for flabby arms. According to data, around 500,000 individuals come to Turkey for medical treatments, including cosmetic surgeries and liposuction. But there are important reasons why people choose Turkey. Turkey’s clinics and hospitals provide modern relaxation facilities in the best locations. You will find different upper arm lipo cost in other cities in Turkey, which includes:

  • Ankara: Upper Arm Liposuction Cost is $1,350
  • Istanbul: Upper Arm Liposuction Cost is $1,364
  • Antalya: Upper Arm Liposuction Cost is $1,418
  • Izmir: Upper Arm Liposuction Cost is $1,445
  • Bursa: Upper: Arm Liposuction Cost is $1,431
  • Adana:Upper Arm Liposuction Cost is $1,424
  • Gaziantep: Upper Arm Liposuction Cost is $1,431
  • Konya: Upper Arm Liposuction Cost is $1,451

Upper Arm Liposuction Cost in Turkey

Global Comparison

Turkey ranks among the top countries for cosmetic surgeries and liposuction. The upper arm liposuction treats hanging skin developed with aging or weight gain.

Country Upper Arm Liposuction Cost
USA $3000 to $6000
Turkey 1600€ to 2000€
UK £3000
Germany $1,355
Brazil $1,436
Mexico $2,500-3,000
Australia $3,950


The average upper arm liposuction cost is $3000 to $6000 in the USA. In comparison, the upper arm liposuction cost in Turkey is 1600€ to 2000€. At the same time, the UK offers around £3000 per arm liposuction with general anesthetic. Liposuction helps remove flabby arms, make your arms thinner, and tone the arm muscles.

Germany offers the lowest price at $1,355 for upper arm liposuction. Another country, Brazil, participates in liposuction, and several citizens choose body shaping. The lowest cost of upper am liposuction in Brazil is $1,436. Arm liposuction cost in Mexico is $2,500-3,000. Australia offers a fixed price of $3,950, including GST for upper arm liposuction.

Best Liposuction Hospital in Turkey

  • Luna Clinic Turkey
  • Istanbul Aesthetic Center
  • Estethica Atasehir
  • Memorial Sisli Hospital
  • Medical Park Gaziosmanpasa Hospital
  • Erdem Hospital
  • Medco HealthCo
  • Esteworld
  • Acibadem Taksim
  • Dr. Habib Baskurt Clinic
  • Medipol Mega University Hospital
  • Asya Hospital
  • Dr. Hakki Izmirli Clinic
  • Vanity Aesthetics
  • Ethica Incirli Hospital
  • Clinicana Hair Transplant and Esthetic Center 

Hospital Packages in Turkey

  • Online doctor consultation
  • Open 24 hours
  • Car hire
  • Emergency services
  • Airport Pick-up
  • Hotel Booking
  • Hotel Pick-up
  • Translation Services
  • Local travel
  • Local Guide
  • Private driver service
  • Health insurance coordination
  • Visa/Travel Office
  • Tours and vacation services
  • Anesthesia Physician examination
  • Preoperative examination
  • General anesthesia
  • Liposuction surgery by the surgeon
  • Tests: routine blood work & lab studies
  • Latest Technology with Operating Room Supplies
  • Lifelong Patient Care after Procedure

Upper Arm Liposuction Review in Turkey

Upper Arms Liposuction is Cheaper than the Other Countries

Upper arm fat removal surgeries are satisfying and cheaper in Turkey. Several people think that plastic surgery is only for celebrities and is very expensive. But recently, Turkey has made every suitable and healthy candidate have unwanted fat removal surgery and look better. In Turkey, a person can get the same quality and standard as the USA and UK for treatments. 

Leading Expert Doctors

Turkey is a top country with 80 million people of all time. The main reason is that Turkey can provide incredible, well-trained surgeons and doctors with good healthcare facilities.  Health is an excellent wealth in Turkey.

Turkey owns several liposuction specialists who have performed more than 600 lipo procedures. These surgeons are experts in removing extra fatty tissues. 

Affordable Prices

The average lipo in turkey prices is 2-5 times lower than Canadian, British, or American plastic surgery clinics. For example, you can find the best hospital in Turkey, where a liposuction surgery costs around $900-$1,500, while in the UK or USA, you will get charged $6,000 for every single part. 

Internationally-certified Surgeons

Despite affordable costs for lipo surgery in Turkey, the professionalism level of local surgeons is very high. All specialists are motivated to grow their medical skills and remain updated with the latest technologies and advanced methods. Therefore, they take training overseas for the sake of experience.

Upper Arm Liposuction Insurance in Turkey

Health insurance does not cover arm liposuction as these policies are not designed for particular cosmetic surgeries. However, there are some cases where you can apply for a health insurance policy to cover liposuction costs.

In some cases, the number of grafts increases, which could be the reason and is not covered by insurance providers. But there are some plastic surgery insurance providers where you can upgrade your current health insurance plan to cover cosmetic surgeries. In Turkey, you can get pre-approved insurance plans in the selected hospital. 

Upper Arm Liposuction Success Rate in Turkey

Generally, the liposuction success rate achieved 90% in Turkey, including females and males with successful arm fat removal.

Removing loose skin from upper arms can give you a toned appearance. Arm lift results remain long-lasting. Remember, aging will cause you to lose your skin’s natural firmness and sag. Maintaining a healthy and stable weight can help to retain the results.

Why is Upper Arm Fat in More Problem in Women?

Women vs. Men

Women, on average, get 6-11% more body fat than male. The likely reason behind this is an exceptional a female body for childbearing, but it also means that women will find it very challenging to lower fat in parts where stubborn fat accumulates in arms. When it comes to fat gain, you can gain fat in the body where fat cells are grown.

Testosterone Factor

The testosterone hormone may be more commonly linked with males, but females also have them. It supports the ability of the body to grow energy and muscle, among others. When testosterone level drops, your body may be extra inclined to store fat while resisting the requirement to build muscles, and this excess fat will appear in part arms. In addition, lack of sleep, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle habits contribute to plummeting testosterone levels.

Your Foods

The food you eat is not enough but also what is present in your food matters. High sugar and refined grains can quickly increase your calorie need. High sugar consumption can cause a spike in insulin, and when the body’s insulin level is high, the calories are accumulated as fat instead of using it as energy. Where extra fat start to accumulate. It also depends on your body type. If the arms are one of the problem parts, it will show up there. Contact us for Upper Arm Liposuction cost in Turkey, laser lipo for upper arms, liposuction for upper arm fat.

Upper Arm Liposuction Procedure in Turkey

Who Can Have Upper Arm Liposuction?

An overweight or extra body mass that looks baggy is suitable for the treatment. Also, a person is above 18 and in good health.

Who are Not Suitable for Upper Arm Liposuction?

  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding female
  • Individuals with health problems or diseases
  • People who cannot manage anesthesia
  • People with a skin infection

Before Upper Arm Liposuction

  • This procedure is done when it is difficult to remove the fat in the arms through diet or exercise.
  • You cannot choose liposuction for weight loss. Therefore, you need to be realistic.
  • The physician should tell the patient about the procedure details and results of this surgery and what are the achievable results.
  • Before the operation, the physician will determine the liposuction part depending on the patient’s desires and then choose the procedure.
  • There are a few vital things to review before the surgery:
  • Stop taking blood transfusions like aspirin
  • Avoid smoking ten days before the surgery
  • Tell your doctor about your current medication before the surgery.

During Upper Liposuction

  • The arm fat is taken from two parts, either the back of the arm or under the armpit, by a 0.5 mm incision.
  • It takes around 1-2 hours, depending on the extracted amount of fat.
  • The anesthesia type is selected depending on the doctor’s opinion; it might be general or local anesthesia.
  • Even with some liposuction methods, the tumescent technique is very popular.
  • This technique will have two stages:
  • First, the surgeon injects a liquid of some chemicals into part of suctioned fat, and the fat is melted and sucked from a 3 mm tube. The fat amount that will be suctioned differs from person to person.
  • Arm liposuction can be performed with arm lifting same time. After removing the extra fat, skin is removed, like this arm gets tighter. The duration increases if both surgeries are done together. Contact us for Upper Arm Liposuction cost in Turkey.

After Upper Arm Liposuction

  • In a normal situation, the patient leaves the hospital on the same day of surgery, and the healing process starts in one day or two. Then, after two weeks, the patient can return to everyday life.
  • The healing process ends fast because there will be no incision. Additionally, there are no scars after the operation.
  • You should wear a medical corset during the prescribed time to get good results. This time is between 7-15 days, and this corset will not be visible inside the clothes.
  • Maintain hygiene in the body part of liposuction to stop infections
  • Avoid taking a shower during the first three days after liposuction. After this time, you can take a shower when the doctor allows.
  • After liposuction, you should save your arm from sunlight to increase the healing process.
  • Skip workouts and heavy sports during the prescribed time by a doctor after the surgery, and do not lift heavy things.
  • Avoid moving arms more than necessary.
  • Drink more water

Benefits of Upper Arm Liposuction

You Will Feel More Confident

Upper-arm liposuction gives you more confidence to walk freely in society, take pictures, and feel self-motivated. In addition, you will love your slimmer-looking arms.

More Tones Arms

After having upper arm liposuction, the excess fat or skin gets removed. You will look more contoured as you lose flabby and saggy skin hanging under your arm. Since the doctor removes the extra fat from targeted parts, it will be easier to have muscle definition like post-workout.

Arms Look More Proportioned To The Remaining Body

In some circumstances, patients who have fluctuation with weight gain, weight loss, or lost extra skin. If you desire skin toning and making your upper arm look proportionate to your whole body. Suppose they can do it immediately after the liposuction surgery. This procedure uses radio frequency technology, which can help to tighten sagging and loose skin and improve the arm’s elasticity and shape.

Boost Better Lifestyle Habits

Managing a healthy lifestyle, such as the proper diet and regular workout, is a must even after liposuction. Through this, you can maintain results from the surgery and continue to enhance the arms definition.

The Long-Lasting Effect Of Upper Arm Liposuction

Getting arm liposuction can improve the contour and shape of arms. As long as your weight remains firm and does not grow drastically after the liposuction, you should be able to enjoy the fabulous arms and boost your confidence for several years.

Possible Side effects of  Liposuction

  • Fluid accumulation
  • Numbness
  • Fat embolism
  • Infection
  • Internal puncture
  • Kidney and heart problems
  • Lidocaine toxicity
  • Contour irregularities
  • Bruising and swelling

Contact us for Upper Arm Liposuction cost in Turkey, upper arm fat removal, liposuction for flabby arms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Successful Are Arm Lifts?

Removing loose skins helps to lift upper arms and have a well-shaped appearance.

How Long Do Arm Lift Results Last?

While every patient has different skin and different health, most females and males will see that their arms lift scars have gone after 12 months of surgery.

How To Get Rid Of Bat Wings Without Surgery?

The upper arm loses skin or fat, sometimes called bat wings. Targeted exercise and total body workouts may help to remove excess fat. If exercise and diet do not remove bat wings, you can go for liposuction or plastic surgery. 

How Much Does Arm Fat Removal Cost?

The flabby arms or bat wings fat removal cost around $1800 – $2500. Price may vary for each person.

Can You Get Rid Of Your Flabby Arms?

Although there is no fast treatment that mainly targets arm fat, it is feasible to suddenly improve the flabby arm appearance by combining muscle-building exercise and arm toning with a cardiovascular workout and a good diet.

How Much Fat Can Be Removed with Lipo in Turkey?

A maximum of 4-5 liters of fat can be removed in one liposuction session. The removal of more amount of fat endangers health. Liposuction is a minimal surgical technique. Fat removal surgery can also be performed under local anesthesia.

Is Turkey Suitable for Plastic Surgery?

Turkey is desired for plastic surgery is that the country has several well-educated, experienced, and skilled plastic surgeons who perform these procedures at a more affordable cost.


Several people find liposuction as a life-changing option. It is the best method to boost your confidence and make you look better. In addition, learning more about liposuction will help you understand better the surgery results. Make sure to take all necessary precautions before and after arm liposuction to enjoy toned arms.

Best Surgeons for Upper Arm Liposuction In Turkey

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