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Neck Liposuction in Turkey

 Having a graceful neckline and contoured body enhances a person’s total appearance. Unfortunately, neck fat and double chin combinations hide your beautiful neck, but presently, it is possible to remove that unnecessary fat with liposuction in Turkey. Because Turkey is the most preferred cosmetic and plastic surgery destination for people worldwide, let’s find out more about Neck Liposuction Cost in Turkey.

Causes of Neck Fat

  • Several factors cause neck fat. Obesity and excess body weight are the main reason for neck fat.
  • The fatty neck is often accompanied by shoulder fat and a double chin.
  • The neck is a vulnerable part of emotions. There is more grief hiding behind the neck fat cells.
  • The underlying cause of obesity or weight gain can be disease genetics, poor eating habits inactivity. Fortunately, a healthy person can have the option to remove neck fat.

Who can be a Suitable Candidate for Neck Liposuction?

  • Patient with extra skin on Neck
  • Patient with double chin
  • Sagging skin and weight loss
  • Aging facial skin

Difference Between a Neck Liposuction and Neck Lift

Aging is the main reason that reduces skin elasticity and brings an older look. However, regardless of age, neck fat and a double chin cause you look older than your actual age. Cosmetic surgery is a better way to bring back younger-looking skin and remove fat.

Neck Liposuction

Some people get a double chin or full chin that does not go with exercise or diet. In cases where the extra skin is not an issue, fatty tissue removal under the skin can be achieved through neck liposuction. An expert surgeon uses anesthesia, makes small incisions, and removes fat with a tiny cannula to sculpt and graceful Neck.

Neck Lift

Neck lifts involve removing sagging skin and making neck skin smoother and tighter under the chin. A neck lift is a procedure for an outpatient and is performed under intravenous sedation and anesthesia. A cosmetic surgeon will create incisions under the chin or behind the ear to tighten the tissues and muscles of the neck muscles.

After this, Neck’s extra sagging skin will be removed to enhance a more youthful and contoured jawline. Finally, the neck lift procedure is suitable for turkey neck and owling to create a firmer, smooth, and younger-looking neckline.

Turkey Reviews of Neck Liposuction

Convenient Location

Because of its convenient and unique location, Turkey is the crossroads of two. Turkey is between the two most developed continents, such as Asia and Europe, which have direct flights in a short time. Turkey provides quick E-Visa for people from around the world for medical treatment, which makes Turkey famous for its medical treatments.

Affordable Cost

Turkey offers 30% to 40% lower medical costs than the USA and Europe. Same time the quality of medical care remains more.

There are suitable medical packages and convenient cost offers. Package discounts are available for patients with all except flight tickets.

Experienced Medical Staff

The best hospital in Turkey provides medical specialists and staff who have done several surgeries. All physicians have professional liability insurance. The Ministry of Health controls all procedures and facilities linked with health tourism following the law.

Several leading doctors have work experience in the USA and Europe. Specialists in the most popular part of Turkey, such as plastic surgery, radiology, oncology, and aesthetic medicine, are famous for their professionalism beyond the country’s borders.

Patient Satisfaction

A patient’s satisfaction with any treatment is a necessary measure for quality service in the health care system. Turkey’s healthcare system has more qualified surgeons and medical teams who help patients understand their situation and what they can expect after choosing a particular medical procedure. As a result, Turkey’s patients get motivated and feel confident about themselves. Good aftercare for recovery and facilities for a stay in the hospital is also available.

Neck Liposuction Cost in Turkey

The Neck liposuction cost in Turkey is much lower than UK, USA, France, and Germany. Turkey offers an overall liposuction package at $1300 (€1071) at reputable clinics. The Low Cost for neck liposuctions starts from €1,350($1,341) for minor surgeries.

The average cost of neck liposuction in Turkey is €1,500 ($1,490). If you wish to have liposuction from Celebrity Surgeon, that cost around €1,800 (1,788).

Neck Fat Removal Cost

Neck Liposuction Cost in Turkey Average Cost in (Euro)
Low Cost € 1,350
Average Cost € 1,500
Celebrity Surgeon € 1,800

Neck Liposuction Cost in Turkey

Different Methods and Neck Liposuction Cost in Turkey

Every individual has an additional amount of fat in the body. The latest technologies in Turkey offer another method for neck fat liposuction. Therefore, the liposuction cost also depends on other methods. Here are the liposuction methods and techniques available in Turkey:

  • Manual Neck Liposuction Cost in Turkey: $1,425 (€1438)
  • Ultrasound Assisted Neck Liposuction Cost in Turkey: $1,575 (€1589)
  • Power Assisted Neck Liposuction Cost in Turkey: $1,500 (€1514)
  • Laser Assisted Neck Liposuction Cost in Turkey: $1,680 (€1695)
  • Vaser Liposuction Neck Liposuction Cost in Turkey: $1,853 (€1870)

Neck Fat Reduction Surgery Cost

Neck Liposuction Cost in Turkey Average Cost in (USD) Average Cost in (€)
Manual $1,425 €1438
Ultrasound Assisted $1,575 €1589
Powe Assisted $1,500 €1514
Laser Assisted $1,680 €1695
Vaser Liposuction $1,853 €1870

How Neck Liposuction Cost in Turkey is Different in Cities?

Apart from the lowest and highest cost for neck liposuction, and methods of liposuction, the cost is also different in the cities of Turkey. Furthermore, because the distance between turkey’s particular cities like Istanbul or Ankara may be short or long to surrounding countries, the clinic cost varies in the different cities according to infrastructures and availability of medical essentials.

Neck Liposuction Price

Neck Liposuction Cost in Istanbul, Turkey: $1,515

Neck Liposuction Cost in Ankara, Turkey: $1,500

Neck Liposuction Cost in Bursa, Turkey: $1,590

Neck Liposuction Cost in Antalya, Turkey: $1,575

Neck Liposuction Cost in Izmir, Turkey: $1,605

Neck Liposuction Cost in Konya, Turkey: $1,613

Neck Liposuction Cost in Adana, Turkey: $1,583

Neck Liposuction Cost in Gaziantep, Turkey: $1,590

Neck Liposuction Cost in Turkey Average Cost in (USD)
Ankara $1,500
Istanbul $1,515
Antalya $1,575
Izmir $1,605
Bursa $1,590
Adana $1,583
Gaziantep $1,590
Konya $1,613

How Much Does a Mini Neck Lift Cost 2022

The mini neck lift surgery helps to tighten skin and remove sagging skin under the chin and neck area. In addition, this surgery aims to reposition the Neck’s soft tissues and redefine the jawline by contouring a smooth and youthful neck appearance. The mini neck lift cost is $6,500.

International Cost Comparison

Neck Liposuction Cost in Turkey 2022

Turkey is one of the leading destinations for medical tourism. High-quality facilities and medical tourism can have liposuctions with additional accommodation packages. Turkey has become a destination for medical tourism for citizens from American countries, European countries, Ukraine, Russia, England, Germany, Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Romania.

Turkey’s Ministry of Health monitors the quality of medical equipment and services.

In the USA, full neck liposuction costs range between $1000 – $9,500. Neck Liposuction prices start from £2480 in the UK. In comparison, the average cost of neck liposuction in Mexico is $1300, the lowest cost is $1200, and the highest cost is $1350.

In contrast, the cost of neck liposuction in Thailand starts from $1200 and

The average cost of neck Liposuction in Switzerland starts from $8000. Similar medical facilities and neck liposuction cost around $2,500 in Colombia. Neck Liposuction cost in Turkey is €1200 – €1,800.


International Price Comparison and Neck Liposuction Price in Turkey 2022

Country USA UK Mexico Thailand Switzerland Colombia Turkey
Cost $1000 – $9,500 £2480 $1300 $1200 $8000 $2,500 €1200 – €1,800

Average Estimated Travel Hours to Turkey

Turkey is more accessible by airlines for European citizens. There are more than 300 flights available for people abroad.

From/To Turkey (Istanbul)
UK (London) 4 hours
USA (Los Angeles) 14 hours
Mexico City 3 hours
Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) 13 hours
Colombia (Bogota) 14 hours
South America (Buenos Aires) 15.5 hours
Chile (Santiago) 16.5 hours

Neck Liposuction Insurance Turkey

Neck liposuction is a cosmetic procedure in Turkey. Insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures. It is necessary to ask the insurance company if they provide international medical insurance or special cosmetic surgery insurance.

There is also an option to check insurance policies with the chosen clinic and hospital. Several hospitals have pre-approved insurance plans and procedures in collaboration with private clinic insurance or Universal health insurance in Turkey.

Hospitals and Clinics Facilities for Neck Liposuction in Turkey

Hospitals in Turkey have standard JCI-accredited health facilities. They provide high-quality infrastructure and professional medical staff. Only experienced surgeons are allowed to perform surgeries. The number of successful surgeries is essential to assign any medical surgery to surgeons.

The competitive cost in Turkey is less than in Western countries and European countries, which makes their citizens have treatment in Turkey with the same standard and quality.


Liposuction Surgery Consultation

Every patient gets an invitation to have completely free consultation process for their chosen cosmetic procedure. A patient will have options such as:

Video call consultation: You have the best option for a video call with a completely qualified medical expert from everywhere. People should have privacy and maintain a busy schedule.

Phone Call: A patient can have the option to request a call back with a contact form. You can contact us too to fix a consultation meeting with the expert surgeon.

WhatsApp or Email: Other options include chatting with the medical customer team and booking your preferred location for consultation and treatments.


Medical Packages Turkey

The medical package for neck liposuction in Turkey includes the following facilities:

  • Airport pickup facilities
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Surgeon Cost
  • Language Translator
  • Lab test facilities
  • 24/7 service available
  • After care follow up

Neck Liposuction Success Rate in Turkey

Turkey is a world attraction for plastic surgeries and cosmetic surgeries. Every year medical tourism attracted around 600,000 patients worldwide in half of 2022.

Turkey has achieved a 95% success rate with neck liposuction and other surgeries. It ranks among the top cosmetic surgery countries by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Neck Liposuction Procedure in Turkey

Before Neck Liposuction Procedure

  • The patient will have a complete health check-up and medical analysis.
  • Afterward, you will get a recommendation from an expert surgeon for neck liposuction.
  • The neck liposuction is done in combination with jowls or chin for a more youthful neckline.
  • Only neck liposuction takes a short time which is less than an hour.
  • The procedure is done safely and comfortably at the clinic.

Neck liposuction Combination

When you consider neck liposuction procedures, you need more than neck fat removal to give the desired result. Most neck lipo surgeries are combined with a facelift, nose job, or chin augmentation. You can do some, but you have a facelift or chin with a Neck to improve the general appearance of the face.

During the Neck Liposuction

  • The surgeon will give anesthesia to the patient and create three hidden skin openings.
  • The skin opening will remain hidden for two weeks.
  • After that, the tiny scars get invisible after healing.
  • Laser lipolysis is safely applied to melt the fat and boost skin tightening.
  • The excess fat is removed with microcannulas.
  • When there is a case of skin tightening, the surgeon will use subdermal radiofrequency from the part where the fat was eliminated.

After Neck Liposuction Procedure

  • After surgery, you will see results in 48 hours, but it may take around two weeks to improve sculpting visibility. You will see shrinkage and tightening after three months.
  • The healing process depends on the health type; you can often see models and celebrities who get liposuction work on screen after some days. That’s why to keep realistic expectations and stay positive.

Neck Liposuction Recovery

  • Everyone has a different recovery process because of varying health types.
  • For fast recovery, the patient needs to avoid heavy lifting.
  • Do not go to work.
  • Take enough rest
  • If there is no severe complication, you can continue your regular life.
  • Your physician will review the surgery recovery progress and provide specific instructions.
  • Follow a healthy diet full of nutrition and gentle exercise like walking.

Benefits of a Neck Liposuction

  • Remove extra fat deposits and sculpt your Neck to the extra-defined structure
  • Best and less invasive procedure
  • less scarring because of small incisions as compared to other surgical procedures
  • It provides an instant youthful appearance
  • The fat removed will not come back
  • Improve skin and muscles tightness

Neck Liposuction Risk and complications

  • Contour irregularities
  • Lidocaine toxicity
  • Infection
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Numbness
  • Fat embolism
  • Internal puncture
  • heart problems
  • Kidney problems


Neck liposuction in Turkey helps to remove excess fat from the neck part. It is a very straightforward cosmetic procedure that can be done at any typical liposuction and cosmetic clinic. In most cases, this surgery can be performed on an outpatient with local anesthesia. The low cost and surgeon experience make Turkey more valuable for patients abroad.

Some patients experience natural complications that depend on how their health copes with cosmetic surgery. Therefore, keep realistic expectations for neck liposuction.

Best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon for Neck Liposuction in Turkey

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